How To Level Up Fast (1-50) In Diablo 4 

Knowing how to level up fast in Diablo 4 is crucial knowledge. It will save you needless grind, effort and time. Here is how you can do it!

Learning to level up fast is one of the key elements of your Diablo 4 experience. Other than the campaign, there is a ton of stuff that is locked behind higher levels that you need to reach.

However, that can take a long while. But thanks to the way level scaling works and a unique power-leveling mechanic in the game, you can reduce the time to level up considerably.

In order to do this, you must have completed the story campaign mode once in Diablo 4. Once you have that done, you will have the “Skip Campaign” option when you create your new character.

Let’s look at the various ways through which you can level up fast in D4.

Power leveling explained in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, the story campaign mode needs to be done only once. You can play it again, but you don’t need to if you want to level up fast.

If you create a new character, you can just skip the campaign and won’t have to complete the quests again. If you skip, you can just jump to the higher world tiers in an instant.  


You can also take advantage of the co-op feature and have a higher leveled friend help you out. They will take care of the harder fights making the process easier. You’ll get the full XP for different encounters, dungeons, etc.

How to power level to level 50 in Diablo 4

There are a few steps to power level in Diablo 4. They are explained below. 

Unlock World Tier 3 

When you create a new character, click on the option “Skip Campaign”. Then start your game in World Tier 2.

Now make your way to Kyovashad and enter the Cathedral of Light Capstone dungeon. Have a friend to accompany you in this endeavor. 

Now comes the funny part, let your friend go inside the dungeon and clear out all the enemies, and earn the XP. You will stay at the entrance and wait for them to do so. You’ll both get equal XP so don’t worry about missing out.

After the dungeon is completed, just inspect the statue in Kyovashad and turn your quest in. You can then change the difficulty level to World Tier 3

Unlock World Tier 4

The process stays the same here except for the dungeon. Make your way to Dry Steppes and enter the Fallen Temple capstone dungeon.

A more efficient way to travel is to let your more experienced friend go there first and teleport to him.  

Once again, wait at the entrance while he clears the dungeon. Then go to Kyovashad and turn in the quest and change the difficulty level to World Tier 4. 

Grind through the dungeons

Playing on World Tier 4 earns you more XP so you will end at level 50 in no time. You can choose any dungeon or favor for this purpose.

Dungeons are perfect for XP farming in Diablo 4, but Favors have more resources in them. So there are options to consider.

If your friend doesn’t accompany you on these, don’t worry. You can do all of this on your own as well but it might be a bit slow.

If your friend is clearing the dungeon for you, you can still get Legendary and Unique items. They will be sent to your stash where you can easily collect them.

Dungeons refresh after a few minutes so you can pick an easy dungeon and repeat it ad nauseam.

This will save you some time. Rest assured that if everything goes well, you will power-level your character in an hour! 

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