Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Ranged Weapons

Having a list of the best ranged weapons in Baldur's Gate 3 can certainly come in handy if your class prefers bows or crossbows.

Ranged weapons, as the name suggests, in Baldur’s Gate 3 that allow you to fire projectiles at enemies from a distance. Ranged weapons typically come in the form of bows and crossbows. While every class in BG3 can use ranged weapons, they might not all benefit from them in the same way. If you prefer a ranged class, our selection of Baldur’s Gate 3 best Ranged weapons will get you started with some really nice equipment.

1. Fabricated Arbalest

The Heavy Crossbow is also included in the list of ranged weapons in BG3 and Fabricated Arbalest is among them. This is a Very Rare bow and only lucky people get their hands on it. With the immense amount of damage, this bow stands atop the best-ranged weapons of the game.

Fabricated Arbalest can provide 1d10+2 Piercing base damage to the opponents. Along with the range, it also possesses the Two-Handed weapon property allowing it to operate and hit from around 18 meters distance. You can get a chance to acquire this bow while going through the Get Gortash’s Netherstone quest in the Wyrm’s Rock Fortress.

Fabricated Arbalest has +2 Weapon Enchantment. It also performs the Illuminating Shot and Dazzling Ray effects as well along with helping in the Brace ranged proficiency unlock. You need to master Martial proficiency first before you can make proper use of it.

2. The Joltshooter

The Joltshooter belongs to the Longbows class of weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3. Like the other weapons on this list, it is also rare in terms of being found. With the requirement of Martial proficiency in order to use it, the Two-Handed Joltshooter can also attack enemies up to 18 meters away.

It can provide 1d8 Piercing base damage. The Joltshooter is one of the weapons having the Electric Blood that allows you to generate Lightning Charges as well. So dealing damage with this bow will let you gain 2 Lightning Charges. You can also have the Brace ranged action in play if you hold it in your main hand only. You can get this longbow as a reward after completing the Rescue the Grand Duke quest.


3. Dart +1

Darts might be the most commonly available ranged weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 but the upgraded version, Dart +1 isn’t that easy to find. Being an uncommon weapon, Dart +1 does not require any proficiency requirements for usage just like the parent Dart.

This Two-handed ranged weapon can attack enemies as far as 18 meters of distance. It can provide 1d4+1 Piercing damage to the enemies while being in a safe range. Along with the Range, Dart +1 also possesses Ammunition, Finesse, Two-Handed, and Dippable weapon characteristics as well. Having a +1 Weapon Enchantment, this weapon also has the Brace Ranged weapon action but is limited to the main hand only.

4. Ne’er Misser

Ne’er Misser belongs to the Hand Crossbows class in BG3. This weapon is extremely rare because of the stats it possesses. It is also a ranged weapon but unlike the darts, this bow has 15 meters of effective range. This makes it a little low on the attack distance scale but this shortcoming can be compensated due to the 1d6+4 Force damage of it.

The Ne’er Misser hand crossbow also lets you gain and use the Magic Missile spell. With this spell in hand, you can hit your opponents with a stream of 3 magical darts providing additional Force damage. One good thing about these darts is their accuracy because this spell always makes them hit their target.

Along with these specifications, this unique bow allows you to use the Piercing shot and the Mobile Shot actions as well. They will help you provide the target with a gaping wound even attacking them while on the move. But to use this weapon, first, you need to have Martial weapon proficiency.

5. Sling

Well, the next member on the list of some best-ranged weapons in BG3 is the Sling. Although it is a very common weapon in the game this does not let its significance go down. It can provide the opponents with 1d4 Bludgeoning damage which makes the use of blunt weapons pretty handy. The good thing is it does not require mastery in any proficiency to use it. It possesses the Headcrack weapon skill along with 18 meters of attacking range.

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