Where To Use Flowery Key In Baldur’s Gate 3

Flowery Key is required to solve not one but two main quests in Baldur’s Gate 3. It allows you to access a hidden chamber in Fraygo's Floph..

Flowery Key is one of the key items that you will need to solve not one but two main quests in Baldur’s Gate 3. Flower Key allows you to access a hidden chamber with some dark secrets. Only with those clues can only you confront Inspector Valeria (Solve Open Hand Temple Murders) and finally meet Gauntlet Devalla (Investigate the Muders) to aid you in saving innocent lives. 

Before we proceed, we like to remind you that this item is a part of the quests mentioned above. You won’t be able to complete any quest without finding the Flowery Key in BG3. As both parties will refuse to listen to you without enough evidence. Below is a detailed guide on how to find this elusive key and where to use it in BG3.

How to get key with Flower motif in BG3

The Flowery Key can be found as a part of the quest “Solve Open hand Temple Murders” inside Revington in BG3. Go to the temple and talk to sister Yannis. Once you get enough clues from Father Lorgan’s body with “Speak with the dead” spell, find a hatch in the kitchen area of the temple. Drop down the hatch to enter the tunnels. 

Press two buttons on the walls to the right and left of the bloody altar. Enter the newly opened tunnel location and kill all the enemies there. One of the enemies is carrying the key. Obtain the flowery key by looting its body in BG3.

Where to use Flowery Key in Baldur’s Gate 3

Flowery Key in BG3 can only be used on a certain locked wardrobe, present on the third floor of Fraygo’s Flophouse. This location is to the North of Open Hand temple and is marked on the map. Once you reach the house, simply use the front door to enter it. Climb the stairs to the right to reach the second floor.  

There are foldable stairs on the opposite wall leading to the third floor. Use the ladder and find the locked wardrobe on the third floor. Open it with the help of Flowery Key to gain access to the hidden room. There are two major clues hiding inside this room. 


First investigate the Bloodstained Parchment on the table to the right. It contains the list of potential victims. This paper also confirms a much larger theory about a cult who are sacrificing people to earn Bhaal’s favour. On the opposite side, pass the perception check to find a pool of blood. 

Investigate the pool of blood with a successful roll to find another body beneath the bed. She is Ffion, one of the victims mentioned on the parchment paper. She is also carrying another Flowery Key with the number 10 inscribed on it. 

With enough clues on your hands, now you can meet both Valeria and Devalla to save other potential victims. This is the only usage of Flowery Key in BG3.

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