Baldur’s Gate 3 Roveer’s Storehouse Quest Guide

Roveer's Storehouse quest is a throwback to the quest with same name in Baldur's Gate 1 where even mundane tasks like taking care of rodents can earn you big rewards.

Chef Roveer is an NPC in Baldur’s Gate 3 who resides in a tavern in the Lower City area. There are a lot of throwbacks to original games in Baldur’s Gate 3, and Roveer’s Storehouse quest is one of them. The game knows how to make boring, plain characters interesting by giving them a unique personality and their own quest lines. 

In this guide, we will be meeting a dwarf who is running a kitchen in Elfsong Tavern. The person in question is Chef Roveer. In order to make him listen to your concerns about him, you first need to do him a favor. We will be covering Roveer’s Storehouse Quest from BG3 in detail below.

Roveer’s Storehouse location in BG3

During Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will come across a quest Investigate the Murders. There is a Bhaalist list that contains the names of the potential victims of the cult. One of the victims on the list is Chef Roveer. He is present inside the kitchen of Elfsong Tavern at the coordinates (X: 65, Y: 10). The Elfsong Tavern is in the Northern area of the Lower City at (X: 57, Y: -29)

You can also find him by chance, but most probably, you will come across Roveer during the murder investigation quest. Once you try to warn Roveer of his pending doom, he will take your warning as a joke. Apparently, Roveer is more concerned about the rodent problem in his Storehouse in BG3 than his own life. His pet cats are apparently useless, and he needs your help.

How to complete Roveer’s Storehouse quest in BG3

Once you accept to help him, Roveer’s Storehouse in BG3 will begin. In the same tavern, go to these coordinates (X: 50, Y: 10) to find the entrance to the Storehouse. Once you enter the storehouse, you will find 30+ rats present there, spoiling all the food. Each rat has only 1HP, but they can easily overwhelm you with their numbers. 

We recommend that you use spells or attacks with AOE damage to take down multiple foes at once. Following this strategy will allow you to clean Roveer’s Storehouse in no time in BG3.


Once you finish killing all the rats inside Roveer’s Storehouse in BG3, return to him. Roveer will give you 347 gold for your services and finally decide to listen to your warning seriously. Use this chance to make him disappear for the time being to avoid being a victim, just like the priest in the Open Hand Temple.

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