How To Impress The Murder Tribunal In Baldur’s Gate 3

Impress the Murder tribunal in Baldur's Gate 3 is the culmination of chain of events that started once you reached lower city during Act 3. Don't you want to see it through to the end?

Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3 features several quests, such as Impress the Murder Tribunal, as part of the game’s storyline. During this quest, you will be given the option to impress the worshippers of Bhaal. Several consequences are linked to this decision in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Murder Tribunal is a quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, which unlocks during Act 3. To start Impress the Murder Tribunal, you need to complete these quests as prerequisites.

After completing the prerequisites, you can access a bag of Hands or Clown’s severed hands. Both items are important if you want to enter the murder Tribunal peacefully.

Enter the Canduhallow Tombstone Secret Lair

After completing Find Dribbles the Clown quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will get your hands on the Clown’s Severed Hands. You can also defeat Dolor and his minion Shapeshifter during Investigate the Murders’ quest to obtain the Tombstone Shop key and Bag of Hands. Ensure you read Dirge of the Unholy Assassin book found on Dolor’s body to obtain the password.


If the game keeps showing you the objective marker to collect Bag of Hands despite collecting it, don’t fret. There is an easy way to bypass this bug. Just continue with the next step, and the quest will progress as normal.

Take the items and go to the Elfsong Tavern. The Canduhallow Tombstone entrance is at coordinates (X: 90; Y: 20) of Baldur’s Gate 3. Use the Tombstone shop key to enter the house with many coffins and tombstones.

To find the way to the Canduhallow Tombstone Secret lair, you need to find a picture (X: 90, Y: 10) with a Butterfly on a Skull and press the button beneath it. When it asks for a password to reach the Murder Tribunal, reply with the following dialogue option. 

  • Sicarius

From there, follow the path until you reach a dead end. Enter the next area through the door to the right and talk to a Bhaalist knight, That Which Guards, inside the Tribunal Antechamber room. The guard won’t allow you to proceed and demands some proof. Reply with

  • I killed to be here.

And present either the bag of hands or Dribble the Clown’s severed hand to enter the Bhaalist Crypt and meet the Tribunal.

Talk to and impress the Murder Tribunal in Bhaalist Crypt

Once you have gained access to the Murder Tribunal’s chamber, you must travel to the throne room. You will find three Bhaalspawn Echoes here: Amelyssan, Sendai, and Illasera. All of them are dead and are chained to their killer and Bhaalist champion, Sarevok Anchev.

These three Bhaal spawns will obey all the orders of their master and will attack you if you provoke Sarevok. A series of dialogues will begin with Sarevok Anchev, where you must tell him you are looking for the Bhaal Worshiper. At the same time, tell him that you are doing so by following the blood of his victims.

Your conversation with Sarevok will go like this:

  • First, you must use Severed Hands to materialize the victim’s spirit. Your target here is to find how Bhaal Worshipper killed their victims by passing the Dialogue Check initiated at this point.
  • After passing the last Dialogue Check, you must pass another DC20 Performance or Intimidation check. This happens if you have Jaheria in your party, as Sarevok thinks she will betray him. You can convince Sarevok that she will obey your commands.

You can sacrifice Jaheira and/or Minsc (if you have them in your party) to impress the Murder Tribunal. However, this has long-lasting consequences, including your inability to romance Jaheira and Minsc later in the game.

After finishing the dialogues with Sarevok, he will take you to the Inner Sanctum. This will happen either way if you try to deceive him or gain his trust. Here, you will begin another dialogue with the Sarevok.

Should you become an Unholy Assassin of Bhaal?

You will find Investigator Valeria, the Hollyphant, in the room where Sarevok takes you, chained above a pool of blood. The dialogue option that you choose will determine the life of Valeria. Four out of five options will let you kill Valeria and bathe in her blood. However, doing so will make Jaheira leave your party instantly.

Killing Valeria is the key to impressing the Murder Tribunal and becoming an Unholy Assassin of Bhaal in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The final option allows you to refuse Sarevok’s offer. This will anger him greatly, and he will attack you. You can defeat him to save Valeria. We have mentioned the outcome of both paths to help you decide if you should accept Sarevok’s offer or reject him and refuse to sacrifice Valeria.

Become a Bhaal Worshipper

If you decide to kill Valeria and become a worshipper of Bhaal, the following things will happen.

  • Abazigal – This is an NPC you interact with to get a couple of items.
  • Jaheira – If you become a worshipper of Bhaal, you will lose Jaheria as your party member. You can recruit any character from here on, according to your choice.
  • Gain Death of Innocence (Haunted One Inspiration)
  • Gain Liturgy of Blood (Acolyte Inspiration)

Reject Bhaal

Rejecting Bhaal can have severe consequences as you are already in the enemy’s den, Bhaalist Crypt. This will severely anger Sarevok Anchev, and he will attack you with his Bhaalspwan Echoes. The whole cult of Bhaal will turn against you, making it extremely difficult for you to escape. However, it has its benefits too. You will save Valeria, and Jaheira won’t abandon your party.

Whether you become an Unholy Assassin of Bhaal by impressing the Murder Tribunal or reject him, you will still get the following rewards during the Murder Tribunal quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

  • Amulet of Bhaal – You will gain access to this accessory, which will let you deal Bleed Damage to the enemies. Amulet of Bhaal will only work if your enemy is fully healthy.
  • Forgotten, Bloodied Halls (Acolyte Inspiration)

How to Defeat Sarevok and the Murder Tribunal

gry and attack you. So that means you won’t be impressing the murder council anymore, and now you must kill them all to get clues about the Temple of Bhaal.

This begins your boss’s fight with Sarevok and his Bhaalspawns. Sarevok is a demanding boss to defeat and has following attacks.

  • Legendary Resistance – A +10 increase in HP only if you save the preceding throw.
  • Murderous Strikes – Sarevok will initiate Deathbringer Assault after dealing with four consecutive attacks on him.
  • Deathbringer Assault – Sarevok will deal 200 damage to you using this attack.
  • Bhaalspawn Essence – all the Bhaalspawns, Amelyssan, Sendai, and Illasera, will use this essence to buff Sarevok.

This is an extremely challenging fight. We recommend using Hold Person, Polymorph, or Otto’s Irresistible Dance spells on Sarevok to make him vulnerable. You can also use the Dominate Person spell on Sarevok to make him fight the Bhaalspawns. This will drastically improve your chances of success during the fight.

How to cheese Sarevok Anchev in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you have already decided to reject Bhaal and the Murder Council, ensure you attack Sarevok while he is on his way to the inner sanctum before even meeting Valeria. All his guards and Bhaalspawns will move to the chamber where Valeria is. You will have Sarevok dead to rights, and with minimal effort, you can kill him right there. 

Ensure you use the Silence spell at the entrance to stop the Bhaalspawns from appearing halfway through the fight.

You will get the following items as loot from Sarevok once you defeat him. Doing so will also finish Impress the Murder Tribunal in Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • Sword of Chaos – Using this item will allow you to deal Necrotic and Slashing damage to the enemies. You will also restore up to 6 HP on your weapon with the help of the Sword of Chaos enchantment.
  • Sarevok’s Horned Helmet – Using this helmet, you will not easily be frightened during emotional instances. It also allows you to have night vision, letting you see for up to 10 meters.
  • Amulet of Bhaal – This item is required to enter the Temple of Bhaal. 
  • A Step Too Far (Haunted One Inspiration)
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