Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock The Fiend Build And Subclass Guide

The Fiend is a high damage Warlock subclass in Baldur's Gate 3 once you have the right build for it so we are here to help.

Fiend Warlocks in Baldur’s Gate 3 are a special subclass mixing high survivability with great single target and AoE damage capabilities. If a high-damage-dealing Warlock is what you are interested in then our Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock The Fiend build will suit you perfectly as we trade crowd control and disabling for pure burst damage. The Fiend Build is also one of the best builds of Wyll in BG3 so if you have Wyll in your party, you should definitely look into this build.

Starting Abilities and Skills for Warlock The Fiend

Race: Drow is the best race to pick for our Fiend Warlock build in BG3 because of the superior Darkvision racial bonus. On top of that, it also has resistance to Charm and Sleep effects. Alternatively, you can pick Half-Elf if you want to double down on tankiness via the Civil Militia perk along with regular Darkvision and shield equipment perks as a small compromise.

Ability Point Distribution: CHA 14(+2), DEX 15(+1), CON 14. Rest default

DEX helps give you initiative on your turn CHA helps with your damage scaling and CON improves your overall survivability.

Skills: Sleight of Hand, Arcana, Perception, Deception, Intimidation

Best Background

Charlatan is a good background for The Fiend Warlock subclass in BG3 on account of the gains in CHA proficiency and sleight of hand which is always a useful skill to have.


Best Feats for BG3 Warlock The Fiend build

Like all other classes, our The Fiend Warlock build in BG3 also relies on 3 feat points. This means you will be sticking to a singular class instead of multiclassing for this build. Below are my recommendations for the best feats to pick for The Fiend subclass

Level 4: War Caster. Since you have many concentration spells in your arsenal, War Caster helps to avoid interruption.

Level 8: Ability Improvement allows you to spend one of your Feat points to increase an ability score. Since we are making a damage build, spending that feat point to increase Charisma will benefit you alot.

Level 12: Ability Improvement. Once again at level 12, spend your 3rd feat point to increase Charisma.

Best Spells and Cantrips for Warlock The Fiend build

Prioritize some offensive cantrips especially early on in order to supplement your damage capabilities. Eldritch Blast and Bone Chill are nice starting Cantrips, while Armor of Agathys and Hex are nice starting spells.

Hellish Rebuke is also a good addition as much like Armor of Agathys it improves your DPS capabilities even when it isn’t your turn.

Best armor and weapons

Helm: Birthright for +2 CHA

Back: Cloak of the Weave 

ArmorPotent Robe

Hands: Quickspell Gloves

Boots: Disintegration Night Walkers. These allow you to walk on any kind of surface and avoid movement penalties like slipping on ice or grease. You need to kill True Soul Nere to get these boots.

Amulet: Amulet of Greater Health. Steal from House of Hope to gain a nice boost to total health.

Melee weapon: Markoheshkir

Rings: Killer’s Sweetheart and Shifting Corpus Ring

Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock The Fiend build level progression

Level 2: You unlock Baldur’s Gate 3 Eldritch Invocations. You’ll want to pick Agonizing Blast and Repelling Blast since the former adds a Charisma modifier to your attacks, increasing damage, while the latter adds a strong pushback to keep your distance and potentially kill enemies with fall damage.

Level 3: You unlock an additional spell. You should choose Scorching Ray for increased DPS capability. You also unlock Pact Boons. I would recommend Find Familiar: Imp since the Imp has solid DPS utility compared to the others.  

Level 4: You unlock your first Feat and another spell slot. Choose Misty Step to improve your repositioning capabilities.

Level 5: Unlocks the Deepened Pact passive which gives your familiar an extra attack. You also unlock level 3 spell slots. Pick Hunger of Hadar here. You also get another Eldritch Invocation. Pick Fiendish Vigour for increased hit points.

Level 6: You unlock Dark One’s own luck passive. You also get another level 3 spell slot so pick Fireball here to round out your DPS capabilities.

Level 7: You gain level 4 spell slots. Pick Blight for great single-target damage. You also unlock another Eldritch Invocation, and pick Book of Ancient Secrets, primarily to unlock Silence which has good synergy with Hunger of Hadar.       

Level 8: You unlock your next Feat. You also unlock your next spell slot, pick Mirror Image to improve defensive stats on account of increased AC per clone.

Level 9: You unlock level 5 spells. Pick Cone of Cold as the wet status helps to capitalize on double damage. You also unlock another Eldritch Invocation, so pick Minions of Chaos to add a strong elemental summon to your arsenal.

Level 10: You unlock the Fiendish Resilience class action, allowing you to pick a specific resistance to boost per short rest. You also gain an additional Cantrip and Level 5 spell so pick whichever you want.

Level 11: You unlock Mystic Arcanum which, once per long rest, lets you use a level 6 spell without using a spell slot, as well as access to an additional level 6 spell. Circle of Death is an amazing choice due to the massive AOE and damage.

Level 12: You unlock your final feat, another spell slot and one more eldritch invocation. At this point, you have absolute freedom in what you want to pick between the latter 2.

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