How To Get Helldusk Armor Set In Baldur’s Gate 3

Time to collect the devil's favorite attire in Baldur's Gate 3.

Helldusk Armor set in Baldur’s Gate 3, belongs to the devil and is one of the best the game has to offer. This armor set is perfect for creating a Barbarian build for Karlach

As you reach Act 3, you will get a chance to infiltrate the House of Hope, the living quarters of Raphael. Out of the four pieces from the armor set, you can obtain three here. Acquiring the Helldusk Armor set pieces is not that easy in Baldur’s Gate 3. In this guide, we will tell you how to find them and where the final elusive one is.

How to enter the House of Hope

Once you reach Act 3, travel to Sharess Caress Inn in the northern region of the Lower City. Talk to Raphael, the devil, and he will offer you a deal. Whatever you choose, we recommend that you refuse. This will open a path for you to break into his home.

Go to the Devil’s Fee Shop in the same area and talk to its owner, Helsik. She can open a portal to the House of Hope but will demand 20,000 gold. You can persuade her to lower the price to 10,000 gold. The best way is to promise her that you will obtain the Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength from the House of Hope and give them to her.

Helsik will hand over a few items that you need to complete the Ritual Puzzle inside Helsik’s room on the second floor. This will transport you to the House of Hope.

Helldusk Helmet Location

As you progress through the House of Hope, you will come across a room on the right whose entrance will be blocked with a magic curtain. This is a boudoir with an inert Infernal gem opposite its door. Interact with the gem and wait for it to turn purple.

At this point, you need to pass a DC20 Intelligence check. This will remove the false wall, and you can enter the treasury. The Helldusk Helmet can be looted from here and has the following stats.

  • Very Rare.
  • Infernal Sight: You can’t be blinded and see through darkness (including spells) for up to 12m.
  • Magical Durability: You become immune to critical attacks and have a +2 advantage on saving throws against spells.
  • Immolating Gaze class action.

Helldusk Gloves Location

Proceed through the House of Hope until you reach the archives. Talk to the Archivist and deceive him into giving you the pass to Boudoir. Turn back and enter the room previously blocked with a green magic curtain.

Here, you will be greeted by Harleep, Raphael’s concubine. Kill him and loot the Helldusk Gloves from his body. These gloves have the following stats.

  • Very Rare.
  • Infernal Acquity: You gain a +1 bonus on your Spell attack rolls and Spell save rolls.
  • Infernal Touch: You inflict bleeding upon enemies and deal 1d6 additional fire damage with weapons or 1d6 necrotic damage unarmed.
  • Rays of Fire class action.
  • +1 bonus on Strength saving throws.

Helldusk Armor Location

The easiest one to find but the most difficult one to obtain. Raphael himself is wearing this armor. Raphael will stop you at the exit as you try to leave the House of Hope.

This is hands down the most challenging fight of the game. Raphael has 666HP, a lot of resistance, powerful allies, and two distinct phases. We recommend you turn Yurgir, the Orthon, on your side for a chance. Once you kill Raphael with the help of our guide, loot his body to obtain the Helldusk Armor in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You can dye this armor with 41 colors, which is different from the Flawed Helldusk Armor. You can craft the Flawed Helldusk Armor by giving Infernal Iron pieces to Dammon in the Last Light Inn during Act 2.


A glitch can help you obtain this armor as early as Act 1. When Raphael visits your camp, hit him with Silence. Then attack him with your best weapon until he is knocked out. Loot his body to obtain the Helldusk Armor. This method is tedious and mostly a hit and a miss.

  • Legendary Heavy Armor with 21AC.
  • Helldusk Armor: You become proficient with this armor regardless of your class or proficiencies.
  • Infernal Retribution: You inflict burning on the enemy if you succeed in a saving throw against them.
  • Prime Aegis of Fire: You can’t be burned and only take half damage from fire attacks.
  • Fly spell.
  • You won’t gain any bonus from your Dexterity ability modifier.

Helldusk Boots Location

The final piece of the armor set can be obtained can be looted from a chest inside Gortash’s quarter. You must enter the Wyrm Rock Fortress to reach his room and go to the second floor (X: -33, Y: 221).

  • Very Rare.
  • Steadfast: You are immune to difficult terrains, and enemies can’t move you against your will.
  • Infernal Evasion: Upon failing a saving throw, these boots allow you to use a reaction instead to evade the attack.
  • Hellcrawler class action.
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