Baldur’s Gate 3 Helldusk Armor Location

One of the best armor sets that you can find in Baldur's Gate 3 is the Helldusk armor set, available in the house of hope.

Being an RPG, Baldur’s Gate 3 allows players to loot and find a lot of excellent items to help you in your adventure. One of the armor sets you can find is the Helldusk Armor which is among the best armors players can find in BG3. It is well hidden, and you need to pass through some loops to get the armor set. Follow this guide to find one of the most elusive armors in the game.

How to get the Helldusk armor in Baldur’s Gate 3

Helldusk armor is one of the best Armor in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can only be obtained during Act 3 of BG3. Continue through the game’s main story until you make a deal with the devil, Raphael. Rapheal can be found for this deal in the city of Baldur’s Gate, in the Sharess’ Caress establishment in Wyrm’s Crossing.

Talk to Rapheal and he will offer you to sign a deal with him. Whether you sign the deal or not, this interaction with Rapheal is crucial as it allows you to access the House of Hopes in BG3 where Helldusk Armor is available.

How to get to House of Hope in BG3

After your interaction with Rapheal, you can head to the House of Hopes. In the northwest part of Baldur’s gate city, players can find the Devil’s Fee shop. Here you can talk to Helsik to send you to House of Hopes through teleportation.

Helsik’s cost for teleportation is 10,000, but you can pass the persuasion check to lower the price for teleportation to House of Hopes. After you persuade Helsik, or pay her price, you can then head to the second floor of Devil’s Fee. Interact with the pentagram and summon the portal to House of Hopes.

Explore the House of Hopes, and you will find the Archivist in the House of Hope. Persuade him to cooperate and players can get the Boudoir Invitation. With the invitation, players need to find the room blocked by the Mystic Force Curtain. You can pass through the curtain into the archives with the invite in your inventory.


Inside this room, you can find the Rapheal Bears Flame painting. Interact with this and pass the dexterity check to disarm and loot a secret key from behind the painting.

This key allows you to access the secret vault in the archives. Opening the vault will allow you to loot the entire Helldusk armor set in BG3.

How to defeat Rapheal to get Helldusk Armor

After you complete the House of Hopes, head back to the portal to Devil’s Fee. But the portal is now blocked by Rapheal, and you need to defeat him to leave the House of Hopes.

There are various ways to make your standing stronger. Free Hope and persuade Yurgir to fight with you against Rapheal.

Raphael has 666 HP and is quite a powerful foe. Our best bet is to constantly use Paralyze or other movement-inhibiting ailments against Rapheal. He summons minions to aid him, and these minions will try to disarm all your characters. It’s best to depend on your characters who don’t use weapons to deal damage. This allows you to safely deal damage without having to suffer from any debuffs.

During the fight, there are four pillars in the room. Destroying these pillars will temporarily stun Rapheal. You can use these to your benefit to expose Raphael and hit him hard using your strongest attacks.

Helldusk armor stats in BG3

Helldusk is a Legendary heavy armor set, weighing 20. Constantly using this armor increases your affinity with it which results in unlocking the Fly Spell. Furthermore, the armor gives you Infernal Retribution whenever you are successful in any saving throw.

This inflicts your attacker with a Burning ailment that lasts for three turns. Lastly, the armor also has Prime Aegis, which virtually makes you immune to burning and reduces all fire-based attacks.

Armor PieceEffects
Helldusk Helmet. Allows you to see in darkness and you cannot become blinded. +2 bonus for saves against spells. Can’t be hit with critical attacks. Immolating Gaze
Helldusk Gloves. +2 bonus for spells attack rolls Weapon deals 1-6 fire damage. +1 bonus for strength saves . Rays of Fire Cantrip
Helldusk Boots. Immune to spells that force movement and ignore difficult terrain. Reaction can be used to succeed in a failed saving throw. Hellcrawler

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