How to Get Quartz in V Rising

There are many different crafting materials in V Rising, like copper, iron, and more. One such crafting material is Quartz which is also used for different purposes. This guide will explain where quartz mines are located, how to get Quartz in V Rising, and its uses.

V Rising Quartz Locations

Quartz is one of the harder-to-get materials in the game. Unlike copper and iron, which can be found in different mines around the map, Quartz will have to be harvested from Quartz nodes.

These nodes are only located in Dunley Farmlands in the starting stages of the game. Only in the latter stage of the game can they be found in Cursed Forest and Silverlight Hills areas.

Below are the quartz farm locations where you can find the quartz nodes in the Dunley Farmlands region.

Quartz can also be looted in different areas of Dunley Farmlands like Dawnbreak Village, Mosswick Village, and Dunley Monastery.

The fastest method to obtain all this Quartz in around Dunley Farmlands is by borrowing a horse for quick travel around all these quartz nodes locations and to collect as much Quartz as you can in one go!

What to Use Quartz For

The main use of Quartz is to obtain Glass from it by refining it through a furnace. Quartz is a vital crafting material in V Rising as it is required to craft higher-tier items. It can be acquired from quartz mines across the map.

It will be crucial in the latter stages of the game. It is the building block of Dark Silver ingots and Scourgestone, as these items require large amounts of Glass to be crafted, which can be obtained by refining quartz.

To refine Quartz into Glass, place 15 quartz into a Furnace and then wait a while. The Quartz will then be refined and converted into Glass.

As described above, save up these materials for the latter part of the game as they will be really useful in the ending part of the game to obtain Dark Silver ingots and Scourgestone.

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