V Rising Horse Locations, How to Care and Use

If you’re tired of running around and want a faster way to move around the map, it might be good to get yourself a horse. In this guide, we will brief you on finding a horse for yourself and how to care for it in V Rising.

V Rising Horse Locations

Horses in V Rising are mainly found at Dunley Farmlands, often inside stables. Dunley Farmlands is a dangerous area, though, and we recommend that you reach at least level 30 before trying to find a horse at this location.

If you find an empty stable, other players on the server have already taken the horses inside. Either that or the horses haven’t spawned yet. All you need to do is come back at a later time to find the stable full again.

If you are determined to find a horse as soon as possible without waiting for their spawn time, you’ll have to extend your search.

You’ve got to open up your map and start hovering over the farms to see if horses are listed in the resources found at that location (denoted by a horseshoe icon on the map). You can find wild horses at several different stables across this area.

Once you have found an unclaimed horse, get close and mount the animal to claim it as your own. Then simply ride back to your base.

Following are the best locations to find Horses in V Rising:

  • Farm
  • Militia Encampment (East or West)

Horse Location #1 – Farm

V Rising Horse Location

Perhaps the easiest location to find a Horse in V Rising is at the farm. Simply head over to the location and cross the guards that secure the area. There are just Cows in the location, making it quite easy for you to find a Horse.

Make sure to take the form of a Wolf to reach the farm. Once at the farm, you’ll find two horses; the first is a black-colored Mountable Horse while the other is colored, White.

Horse Location #2 – Militia Encampment

V Rising Horse Location - Militia Encampment

Again, keeping it easy. Considering this is also a farm area, you will not encounter that much danger when finding a horse in Dunley Farmlands instead of locations such as the Army Outposts, which are filled with dangerous enemies and bosses to fight.

Simply head over to the Militia Encampment (East or West) and find yourself at the way gate. Disguise yourself as a human and hide behind the campfire area until the guards are gone. Once the area is cleared, find the horses next to the small camp.

Once you have found an unclaimed horse, get close and mount the animal to claim it as your own. Then simply ride back to your base.

How to Control your Horse

Horses have the same basic movement controls. However, due to their faster mobility, making quick turns will get some. Hence, be mindful of that when you’re trying evasive maneuvers in a small, tight space.

In order to mount/dismount your horse, hold the F key near your horse to mount and press the Q key if you’re on the horse to dismount. You can also hit the Spacebar key to make your horse gallop for increased speed.

You can use horses to your advantage by attacking enemies while mounted. To do so, simply left-click while riding your horse to attack the enemies below.

To find the best horse for your playstyle, there are a few things to keep in mind. Horses have three distinct traits:

  • Turning Speed: determines how quickly the horse can turn on the spot
  • Acceleration: determines how quickly the horse can reach its Max Speed
  • Max Speed: determines the maximum speed of the horse while galloping

These stats for horses are randomized and different horses spawn with different stats. Hence, you should hop on to each horse to check their stats and then take the best one home.

How to Keep your Horse Alive

Now that you’ve got your horse, you’ve got to care for it. Horses only need water to stay alive.

You have to give your horse water on a regular basis to keep the animal hydrated. You can check your horse’s inventory to confirm his hydration levels. Note that each water canteen can keep your horse hydrated for several hours.

To fill the horse’s inventory with water is simple. You have to approach the horse and open your inventory while standing near him. If you are close enough, there will be a 1×3 grid on the right-hand side of the inventory. You can put the water-filled canteens here.

To get water canteens, you need a bunch of empty waterskins. You can craft these waterskins using some Plant Fiber and Leather at the Tannery, unlocked after defeating Keely in the game. Once you get the waterskins, you have to fill them up near a water source, and you’ll have yourself some water canteens.

It is also important to know that your horse can get stolen by other players or killed by enemies because they cannot fight back. Therefore, it is better to keep your horse in a safe place and never leave them next to a battlefield, or you may have to get yourself a new one.

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