V Rising Silver Locations, Silver Coins, and Dark Silver Ingots

Like all survival games, V Rising also includes a lot of mining and farming for different items. One of the materials you will need in the game is Silver. This guide will let you know the location of Silver Ore in V Rising, what it’s used for and how you can carry Silver Ore without getting hurt.

V Rising Silver Ore Farm Locations

Silver is one of the rarer materials in V Rising and it is mainly used for crafting into dark silver ingots which can later forge let game weapons of high quality.

You can find Silver Ore in only one location in the entire game. To get Silver Ore, you need to head to Silverlight Hills and here, you will find Silver Ores for you to farm.

Sacred Silver Mine

You can farm a few nodes or silver ore throughout Silverlight Hills but there’s only one place to farm a high abundance of silver and that’s Sacred Silver Mine. It is located northwest of Silverlight hills at the edge of the map.

V Rising Sacred Silver Mine Location

You will be needing Merciless set Mace or any other weapon to actually farm silver ore from the nodes otherwise you won’t be able to farm it.


How to Craft Silver Ingots

Just like all the other ores in V Rising, you need a furnace if you want to craft silver ingots. Simply put the silver ore from your inventory into the Input box of the furnace. Once the furnace is powered up, it will produce Silver ingots for you which can then be used for other crafting recipes.

Silver Resistance: How to Carry Silver Without Taking Damage

Being a Vampire, silver is natural kryptonite to you, and you take damage as long as you are holding silver.

Fortunately, there is a way for you to interact with silver ore and silver coins without taking damage in the game.

The easiest way for you to avoid taking damage from silver when transporting silver items such as coins or ores is to turn into a Bear. In your bear form, you will also regenerate any health you may have lost while holding the silver. This trick works only well if you are transporting silver items.

The other way is to craft Silver resistance potions. You will need 24 Ghost Shroom and 1 water-filled bottle to craft a silver resistance potion from the alchemy table. The requirement are reduced due to the matching floor.

How to Craft Dark Silver Ingot

If you make and want to use dark silver weapons, you need to use a Scourgestone to turn the regular Silver into Dark Silver. Dark Silver is safe for you and you can then use it however you please.

To craft Dark silver Weapons, you will need to first build yourself an anvil for 1 primal blood essence, 32 dark silver ingots and 12 reinforced planks. This is a pain to get because you have to grind a lot to build the anvil.

Silver Coins and What To Use Them For

Silver Coins are a form of currency in the game that you can use to buy various goods from different merchants in the game. They mostly sell you potions and a few gem stone which you can get otherwise in the game but you have to grind a bit for it.

Most of the items that you need for end-game armor and weapons can be very difficult to farm in the world but can be easily bought from the merchants. So, it is recommended that you start hoarding any silver coin you come across, just so you can get the crafting ingredients for your armor and weapons easily.

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