How to Get Ghost Crystal in V Rising

Dominating the world in V Rising requires players to sustain and progress through many challenges thrown their way, and to do so, they must be in their strongest form. In this V Rising guide, we’ll be going over how you can find Ghost Crystal in the game, an essential material for some major upgrades for gear and castle. Let’s begin.

V Rising Ghost Crystal Farm Locations

If you’ve started your V Rising journey, you already might know how collecting resources and materials hold significant importance when surviving the open world and generally leveling up through the game. Ghost Crystal is another major resource that must be collected and worth spending time looking for. So, where do you exactly get this resource from?

Ghost Crystal is a late-game resource which means you’ll be to acquire it once you’ve reached a higher level and covered most of the game. To get your hands on it, make your way to the Cursed Forest region that can be found on the north of your world map.

Now that you’re there, all you need to do is roam and explore the three major directions of this location, where you can get the Ghost Crystal. These directions include the Cursed Forest’s southeast, south, and north.

V Rising Ghost Crystal Farm Locations 

Upon reaching these regions of the forest, you’ll come across Lurker Dwellings that consist plethora of the Ghost Crystal veins. Visually these are a sea-green colored crystal that is hard to miss in the environment of the forest, so it’ll make it easier to grab these.

You can farm these easily with a mace, and while you’re on the lookout for more of these, there are high chances that previous crystals will respawn too, giving you more of this resource. Each Crystal vein grants 50 Ghost Crystals.

Once you have these in your inventory, you can use the Grinder in your castle to turn 40 Ghost Crystals into Spectral Dust This is a crucial component for crafting the Eye of Twilight to acquire Soul Shards in the game.

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