Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Kitawak Shrine Walkthrough

Out of all the Shrine locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Kitawak Shrine is probably one of the hardest to discover. This is because the Kitawak Shrine sits on the edge of a mountain, which is, at best, reached via a glider if you want an easy way to reach it.

Not only is the Kitawak Shrine hard to discover, but it also puts forth quite a challenging and lengthy puzzle that most players may struggle to solve. However, if we really want to claim the Light of Blessing at the end of it, we must find a quick way to solve it.

We’ve already done that for you in this complete walkthrough of the Kitawak Shrine here. First, though, we must learn where to find the Kitawak Shrine in Zelda: TotK.

Where to find the Kitawak Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Kitawak Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

The Kitawak Shrine is located in the eastern parts of the Guredo Highlands region – specifically, on top of the East Guredo Mesa. This location is southeast of Spectacle Rock, where you find the Gleeok.

The Kitawak Shrine is positioned at the center of a couple of other Shrines: the Siwakama Shrine and the Motsusis Shrine to its southwest, the Ishokin Shrine to its southeast, the Tadarok Shrine to its northeast, and the Turakmik Shrine to its northwest.

Even if you haven’t discovered all of the Shrines mentioned above, you can still use an easy way to reach the Kitawak Shrine by gliding in the southeastern direction from the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.


You will be able to see the Kitawak Shrine Clearly from the air. The Shrine is located at the coordinates:

  • X: -1528
  • Y: -2929
  • Z:  0321

After you have found the Kitawak Shrine, you must enter it and solve the puzzle brought forward to claim your rewards.

How to solve the Kitawak Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

As you enter the Kitawak Shrine, you will be tasked to solve the Upward and Forward puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom.

The key to the Kitawak Shrine puzzle’s solution is rearranging and attaching the given stone platforms in such a way that they create a stable path for you leading forwards.

Part 1

Right as you enter the Shrine, you will see a vertically inclined stone slab in front of you, separated by a gap on the other side. There is another stone slab placed on the wall to your right.

Grab that slab with Ultrahand, and then reorient it in such a way that it is horizontally arranged, with the long end of it facing away from you. Then, attach the tile to the one already on the ground. This will make sort of a bridge, bridging the gap in front of you and creating a way ahead.

How to get the Treasure Chest

In this next area, you can see a single, rotating gear piece to your lift. This will be useful in getting you across to the other end of the platform, which holds the treasure chest.

However, to bridge the gap, you must go back to the stone slab you just placed and use Ultrahand to grab it again. This time, you must attach the slab horizontally at the end of the gear piece.

Now, wait until the gear rotates and the slab is right in front of you. You must time your jump such that you land on the stone slab – otherwise, you will fall to your demise.

Next, you must time your jump so you can land on the other end of the platform. Once that’s done, run up the platform to reach the treasure chest, which gives you Arrows (x10).

Part 2

After grabbing your rewards, head back over to the original place to continue towards the Shrine’s main altar.

This time, you must take the path to the right instead of the left one. Before continuing, you must grab the stone slab and detach it from the gear piece.

Take the stone slab to the path on the right, down the stairs. You will witness another slab placed at a diagonal at the edge of this platform.

Place that slab on the far end of the already placed slab. This will make a new ramp, but there’s still a gap separating it from the other end.

To bridge that gap, you must use another stone slab that’s lying on the ground to the right of the bridge.

In the same manner, grab that slab using Ultrahand and place it inclined at the far end of the tile that you just placed, completely filling the gap. Head towards the edge of the slab and jump onto the other end.

Part 3

Up next, to your right is a brand new stone slab pivoted at the edge of the platform, but on the other side is a dead end.

To solve this part of the puzzle, grab the end slab piece of the bridge you just made and attach it horizontally to the far end of the new slab.

Walk over to the edge of the slab you just placed and turn around. From this point, you should see a yellow power pillar on the left and another, elevated area ahead of you.

Shoot the power pillar to push the ramp upwards and launch you toward the new area. If the jump falls short, you can use your paraglider to compensate for it and reach the other side.

Congratulations, because with that, you have solved the Kitawak Shrine puzzle and reached the altar in Tears of the Kingdom. Interact with it and you will receive a Light of Blessing.