How To Defeat Lynels In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Finding a Lynel in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is one thing but defeating it requires a whole lot of effort due to their dangerous attacks..

Lynels are mythical creatures that have graced the lands of Hyrule for centuries. A lion and a horse chimera, Lynels are the toughest enemies Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has to offer. Even the easiest one has more HP than the Black Hinox, and can decimate Link in an instant.

Lynels in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom live a secluded life and will charge any intruder without prior notice. Only a few people have encountered a Lynel and live to tell the tale of their encounter.

Types of Lynels in Zelda TotK

Due to their allegiance to Ganon, Lynels have evolved over time. Lynels can be divided into four categories depending on their appearance and stats. Each type of Lynel in Zelda TotK chooses to live in a specific environment so you will need to know the locations of every Lynel.

Red-Maned Lynel

The weakest Lynel can be found roaming near Tanagar Canyon, West Hyrule Plains and North Akkala Valley. Red-Maned Lynel has 2000 HP and poses a serious threat due to its agile movements.

Blue-Maned Lynel

This beautiful chimera is a much-evolved form of its Red-Maned counterpart and is found in Stalry Plateau and South of Hebra West Summit. With 3000 HP and superior attack power, any encounter with Blue-Maned Lynels turn deadly in an instant if you are not prepared.

White-Maned Lynel

With white stripes and mane on a charred-colored body, this majestic creature roams the lands of Kamah Plateau and Risoka Snowfield. With 4000 HP, it takes a lot of effort to take down one. Like other Lynels, White-Maned Lynel is impervious to any elemental attacks.

Silver Lynel

The highest evolved form of Lion-horse chimera, Silver Lynel are marked by purple stripes over a white body. As rare as the silver metal itself in Hyrule, Silver Lynel can be found inside the Desert Coliseum in Central Hyrule Depths. With a massive 5000 HP and devastating attack power, we recommend attempting this fight post-game.

How to defeat Lynels in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Lynels will charge Link as soon as he comes into their field of view. Lynels have only one weakness. A well-placed arrow shot to their heads. This will stun Lynel for a few moments. Link can climb Lynel’s back and start hitting the back of its head with any melee weapons. We managed to easily go up against Lynels by stocking up on lots of arrows. You can also fuse some powerful and durable weapons. You will be needing a lot of both.

Always start the fight with any Lynel by jumping from a high point. This will give Link enough time to place a perfect shot on Lynel’s head. As soon as Lynel tries to shake off Link from its back, use the altitude to your advantage and slow the time again for another headshot. Repeat this strategy to stun-lock Lynel in this vicious loop.

Lynels have a lot of attacks in their arsenal. They will shoot Link with multiple arrows from afar. Beware of the charge attack as it can destroy your health containers in an instant. Lynel will run towards Link and try to hit him with weapon swing attacks.

Luckily both attacks can be parried with a shield. It stuns the charging Lynel giving Link enough time to hit the Lynel on the head with an arrow.

During close-quarters combat, dodge Lynel’s melee attacks to activate Flurry Rush. This is your best chance to inflict the most damage. Be extra careful with this approach because if you miss, it is certainly game over. Replenish your health with cooked meals often during the fight.

The most devastating attack in Lynel’s arsenal is a fire blast. Lynel slams his sword in the ground followed by a massive AoE blast. This attack can be parried with a good shield, like Hylian Shield. Use the wind updrafts created by the blast to gain some altitude and hit Lynel’s head with an arrow.

Repeat the strategy until you manage to take it down once and for all. The fight with any Lynel is nerve-wracking, and anything that can go wrong will go wrong during the initial attempts. But don’t worry, these chimeras are tough to handle even for the most experienced Zelda: TotK players.

Lynels drop special Lynel weapons and their body parts, that can be used to upgrade Barbarian Armor at the Great Fairy Fountains.

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