Where To Find Bomb Flowers In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

All locations where you can find and buy Bomb Flowers in Zelda: TotK.

The Bomb Flower in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sets off an explosion whenever it hits something. You can attach these to swords or Fuse onto arrowheads to explode at a distance.

They can also be thrown directly, just like the Bokoblins were doing. They deal a lot of damage and throwback enemies that survive their impact. These can also clear out rubble, debris, and loose walls that hide pathways and treasures.

Bomb Flowers are best used on tips of arrows to avoid the blast damaging you if you fling it or attach it to your sword. They are not as common as many destructive fruits but worth the effort. I will go over all the locations where you can buy or find the Bomb Flowers in TOTK and cover the exploit for its unlimited farming.

Zelda: TotK Bomb Flowers locations

The Bomb Flowers grow in the wild; you can find them in a few places across Hyrule. These are, however, difficult to get, and you won’t get a lot for your high efforts. You will also need to deal with the enemies near the locations where Bomb Flowers spawn. The locations where you can find Bomb Flowers on the surface are as follows:

  • The Hateno Village Wells
  • The Bottomless Cave
  • Royal Hidden Passage
  • Nogukoyk Lightroot
  • Netamnet Lightroot
  • Nisoij Lightroot

I will go through each location to help you find the Bomb Flowers.

The Hateno Village Wells

The Hateno Village has a few wells in the Southern (3387, -2211, 0136), Western (3356, -2048, 0100), and Eastern (3519, -2149, 0128) parts of the village which are shown in circles above. Tunnels below the village interconnect all of these wells. Here, you will find a lot of Bomb Flowers as well as some Hot-Footed Frogs in the Eastern well.

The Bottomless Cave

The Bottomless Cave is located on the Great Sky Island, and it is the first location at the start of your adventure where you will find the Bomb Flowers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It has the coordinates 0732, -1355, and 1540, as shown in the image above. The Bottomless Cave is north of the Gutanbac Shrine and you can find a lot inside.

Royal Hidden Passage

The Royal Hidden Passage is another fascinating place to find more Bomb flowers. It is located in the Lookout Landing. Before you go to the Royal Hidden Passage, you must find the Emergency Shelter. It is at the coordinates -252, 0103, 0008.

When inside the Emergency Shelter, you will need to find a hole in the wall opposite the map of Hyrule and the statue of the Goddess. You can crouch through this hole and enter the Royal Hidden Passage. Here, you will find a lot of Bomb Flowers that you can pick off.

This is one of the biggest loot of Bomb flowers from any location in Zelda Totk. You will, however, need to clear out the rocks as you move along the passage.

Now, in addition to the surface and the Sky, you will find a lot of instances where Bomb Flowers are growing on their own in the Depths. They can grow near the base of large trees, and you will surely find one or two near them.

Despite this, the Depths are huge, and there are a few Lightrooots where you can find concentrations of these Bomb Flowers.

Nogukoyk Lightroot

In the Depths, north of the Nogukoyk Lightroot, you will find some tree-like clusters; in that cluster, you will find the Bomb Flowers. These trees are in the coordinates of (-0788, -1400, -0474) and (-0835, -1366, -0476).

You will also find some tree-like formations to the northwest of the Lightroot. The coordinates of the clusters are (-0834, -1284, -0481) and near this too.

Netamnet Lightroot

Netamnet Lightroot has a lot of Bomb Flowers around, and this lightroot is to the south of Elma Knolls Chasm.

Nisoij Lightroot

Like the previous lightroot, many tree clusters surround this Lightroot. There will be Bomb Flowers in those trees.

Where to buy Bomb Flowers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Besides finding them in the wild, which can be tiresome and unrewarding, you can buy the Bomb flowers from merchants. In Zelda: TotK, you will find two merchants who sell Bomb Flowers. One is in the Tarrey Town, and the other is in the Gerudo Town.

Tarrey Town

Tarrey Town is located in the middle of the Akkala Lake. You can reach this town by crossing the lake using the bridge to the eastern side. Inside Tarrey Town, you will find the merchant’s shop just to the right of the entrance next to the Break–a–Part shop. They will sell you the Bomb Flowers for 40 Rupees per piece.

Gerudo Town

In Gerudo Town, you can find another merchant with Bomb Flowers. This merchant will also sell them at 40 Rupees per piece. You can find this merchant’s shop by heading down the stairs from the Riju’s Throne Room and looking to your left. This will be the first shop, and the merchant will also sell you Chuchu Jelly.

Bargainer Statues

You can find many Bargainer statues besides the merchants in the Depths. These statues can trade items for a certain amount of Poes. Each Bomb flower will cost you 16 Poes; these Poes are abundant in the Depths. The bargainer statues are located in the following locations.

  • Lookout Landing Statue(-0254, 0151, 0021)
  • Plains Bargainer Statue(-0456, -0804, -0472)
  • Wellspring of Wisdom Statue(3803, -1329, -0857)
  • Wellspring of Power Statue (3709, 2600, -0415)
  • Wellspring of Courage Statue(0881, -2402, -0392)
  • Cliffs Bargained Statue(-1033, 2691, -0274)
  • Great Abandoned Central Mine Statue(-0781, -1906, -0566)

Exploit to farm infinite Bomb Flowers

There is a way to get free Bomb Flowers without much effort in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Before starting the exploit, you must find either the Bokoblin Mask or the Majora’s Mask. Both these masks will help you blend in with the Bokoblins, which are the focus of this exploit.

The Bokoblins have a sack on their back, and you can find various items in these sacks. In Hyrule, there are two places where you can find Bokoblins, which have the Bomb flowers in their backpacks. These are, however, accompanied by various other Bokoblins, which will collectively stand on top of a Battle Talus.

Now, you will need to kill the Battle Talus using the arrows of your choice. When you hit the first arrow on the Battle Talus, all the Bokoblins will rush to attack you. You will need to kill all except one, which has the Bomb Flowers. When all except the one are killed, you can fast-travel to the nearest shrine or load a previous save when you have killed the Talus.

When you return, the Bokoblin will be tame and not attack you. You will now need to place a contraption at a distance from the Bokoblin. This contraption will be a spike on a Homing Cart. This whole contraption should be upside down for this to work properly.

When you place this contraption and hit it, it will start to operate. This will cause the Bokoblin to fling Bomb Flowers towards the contraption. Now, stand close to the bokoblin until you get the take option, only when he has taken a bomb flower from his backpack.

You can now take the bomb flowers from his hand as he is beginning to throw them onto the Homing cart contraption. This can be done with any bokoblin with a throwable item that deals damage.  

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