How To Get Star Eagle Ship In Starfield

Star Eagle is one the best spaceship in Starfield due to its good defensive and offensive abilities.

With a Massive pool of Shield, Star Eagle is one of the most robust ships in Starfield to take into active combat. It is not only defensive but also equipped with missiles for a good offense against enemy spaceships. Star Eagle also has an excellent cargo-carrying ability of 2280 lbs, making it one of the practical options.

How to unlock the Star Eagle Ship in Starfield

To unlock the Star Eagle in Starfield, you need to complete a quest as a prerequisite. This quest is Freestar Collective Faction, explained in detail below.

1. Complete Freestar Collective Faction quest

You need to start another mission to unlock the Freestar Collective Faction Quest in Starfield. This mission is The Empty Nest with the NPC named Sam Coe. He is a member of the Constellation Organisation. You will do several missions with the members of this organization, who will help you unlock the mysteries of Starfield.

2. Meet Sam and Complete the “Job Gone Wrong” side quest

You will meet Sam Coe as part of the first objective of The Empty Nest quest in Starfield. You then must progress through the quest and complete the “Job Gone Wrong” side quest.

3. Speak to Emma in The Rock Bar

After that, you will unlock The Rock bar in Akila City. This is a Freestar Collective Bar; once there, you can speak with an NPC named Emma. You then need to initiate a conversation with her and ask for the Freestar Ranger. After that, another side mission will begin.

4. Complete the Star Eagle mission

During this mission, you need to complete several objectives, which will lead you to one big decision to make at the end. This decision decides the fate of Ron Hope. You can either let him go or kill him.


Both decisions have their consequences. You will receive resistance from the factory workers if you kill Ron Hope. On the other hand, you will get the option to receive 20,000 Credits, and you will also lose all of Ron Hope’s Wrongdoing. As a result, you will also lose Hull’s Slate.

5. Travel to the Spaceport Technician and take Star Eagle

Completing the last objective of the Freestar Collective quest will finish the mission. After talking to the Spaceport Technician, you can head to the Spaceport and take ownership of Star Eagle Ship in Starfield.

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