How To Get Star Eagle Ship In Starfield

Star Eagle is one the best spaceship in Starfield due to its good defensive and offensive abilities.

With a massive pool of shields, the Star Eagle is one of the most robust spaceships in Starfield. In addition to good defensive utility, it is also equipped with missiles for a good offense against enemy spaceships. Star Eagle also has an excellent cargo-carrying ability of 2280 lbs., making it one of the practical options.

Being one of the best early-game ships, this Class A vessel manages to keep up well even in mid-game. Fortunately, you won’t have to spend a dime to get your hands on Star Eagle but will need to put in some effort. Here’s how you can get the Star Eagle for free in Starfield


Star Eagle will attract the attention of hostile factions and pirates since it is also used by FC Rangers. You can join different factions to reduce the amount of targeting foes.

How to get the Star Eagle Ship in Starfield

To get the Star Eagle ship you will need to complete the Freestar Collective storyline in Starfield. After its final mission, The Hammer Falls, you will be rewarded the Star Eagle ship for your contributions to the faction.

To become part of the Freestar Collective, you need to help resolve the Galbank heist situation in Akila City during the Job Gone Wrong quest. You just need to hear the city gate guard out and offer to help the Marshal to get the quest.

Here is a list of missions you need to complete for the Freestar Collective to acquire the Eagle Star ship for free.


After completing the Freestar Collective missions, remember to claim ownership of the Star Eagle Ship by visiting the nearest Spaceport Technician.

Starfield Star Eagle Ship Console Command ID

If you don’t feel like going through a lengthy quest, you can cheat through the game and spawn the Eagle Star ship via console command. This is only possible on the PC, so Xbox players will still have to go through the process the hard way.

Open up the console on the PC using the ` key and enter the following command. Ensure you are in a wide-open area, like a planet’s surface, to spawn the ship. Here is the command you must enter:

  • player.placeatme 001322D8

Console Commands will disable your achievements and mark your saved files as moded. You can use mods in Starfield to counter it and reactivate them.

Star Eagle Ship Stats in Starfield

The Star Eagle is one of the best ships present in Starfield. Its stats and specifications live up to its name, and if you’re looking for a reliable ship, all the effort will be worth it. You can customize it to your liking, but if you acquire it early in your playthrough, this ship will last you well into the mid-game, given how robust it is.


Star Eagle is a Class A ship so it does not require a high-level Pilot skill. Anyone with level 1 piloting can use it.

The Star Eagle Ship has a whopping cargo capacity of 2280 lbs. This makes it one of the most functional and practical ships if you have many items to carry around. This ship also has a Hull of 948 in its base stats, allowing it to take considerable damage without going down.

It is also known for its shield capabilities, possessing a shield stat of 760. This, combined with the Hull Specification, makes this a very tanky spaceship.

What truly makes this ship worth it, though, is its weapon capabilities. Here are the complete stats of the Star Eagle ship in Starfield.

SystemStar Eagle
Hull 948
Jump16 Light Years
Value (Credits)49,773

Best upgrades for Star Eagle ship

While the Star Eagle is a great ship at base level, you will need to upgrade it as you progress to make sure it can keep up with your endeavors. We recommend getting the Shielded Cargo, Proton Beam weapons, and 40T Hauler Cargo Hold for starters. Later invest in Scan Jammers, and Deimos Habs to improve things further.

We also recommend not switching out the EMs and trying out obliterators instead of missiles. The Star Eagle ship also benefits greatly from the Vanguard ship mods. This, however, requires you to make progress in the UC Vanguard storyline.

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