Starfield Romance Options Explained

Starfield offers a good variety of options you can choose to romance with. These include two male and two female characters.

While exploring planets to uncover secrets, you will have the option to also pursue romance in Starfield and establish a relationship with one of four companions.

There are no sex scenes here like the Witcher franchise, but the process is the same. You start out by flirting with a character until you are ready.

Make the wrong dialogue choice and you are going to be in trouble. Complete their questlines and then decide which companion to romance in Starfield.

How Romance and Relationships work in Starfield

Romance is an effortful task in Starfield, and you’ll have to build a relationship gradually with the character you’re interested in. The characters will grow fond of you as you travel on different missions and complete big story events. Every character has an affinity meter, and filling it will make them fond of you.

As the affinity meter fills, you’ll be set off on a companion mission with that character. You’ll have a chance to converse with the NPCs during every mission and event.

Choosing the right options during the conversation is key to seducing the character. If you choose a suitable response, you’ll be notified the “character liked that.” On the other hand, choosing the wrong response will notify the opposite.


At times, you’ll also get a Flirt option during your conversations. If you plan to crawl into the heart of a character, using the flirt option in the conversation every time can open the doors to an intimate relationship.

Who can you romance (and how) in Starfield?

Starfield offers a good variety of options you can choose to romance with. These include two male and two female characters. The following are characters you can romance with in Starfield:  

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan romance option in Starfield.

Sarah Morgan, one of the romanceable NPCs, is a pretty blonde character in Starfield and is the leader of the Constellation. Sarah holds morality and empathy above all and is a woman with a powerful personality.

You will meet Sarah early in the game, giving you enough time to make her like you. Just make sure you choose the appropriate replies.

Sarah has high morals and does not like devious plans; therefore, you must act accordingly. Moreover, to romance Sarah, choose the flirting option as much as possible during your conversations.

Sam Coe

Sam Coe romance option in Starfield.

Sam Coe is another romanceable character in Starfield. You can find him in Akila City where he’ll be in a greenhouse with his daughter.

Sam is a man who believes that Justice must be served no matter what. Therefore, you must impress him accordingly if you want him as your romantic partner in the game.

Sam also has a daughter whom he will prioritize above anyone else. And if you want a way to his heart, you’ll also have to accept his daughter into your life. You can have Sam Coe fall for you using the appropriate conversation options in no time.


Barrett is a great character with a very decent nature. He loves good behavior and finds misconduct a turnoff.

He loves joking around but is a serious man when it comes to completing missions. As Barret grows comfortable with you, he’ll start talking about his late husband, Ervin.

Choose the appropriate conversation options and flirt as much as possible to romance Barret and reach his heart.


Andreja is another romanceable character in Starfield. Having lived quite a rough life, Andreja is different from the rest and loves instinctual force and intimidation. You’ll have to deal with Andreja differently and use flirting as much as possible to get her to fall for you.

Can you romance multiple characters in Starfield?

You can flirt with all characters at the same time in Starfield without any repercussions. You can even start all of their questlines simultaneously.

However, once you choose the “Romance” option and start a committed relationship with any of them, you will anger the others and ruin your relationship with them.

Note that there are four stages to your relationship with characters in Starfield: Companion, Friend, Ally, and Committed Partner. The last stage is where you need to decide which character to romance in Starfield.

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