Starfield Romance Options Explained

Love is in the air or more like vacuum in the vast space of Starfield. Let us help you find your paramour for life or a brief run, whatever you desire.

Romance is a staple gameplay mechanic in western role-playing games. Like they say art imitates life, Starfield allows you to find a suitable romance partner and share your galactic adventures with them. You will meet a lot of people and make friends with them in Starfield and it is only inevitable someone catches your eye and heart in the process.

The only problem? Starfield doesn’t explicitly tell you about romance options and how you can romance someone you like in the game. This is where we step in. Romance in Starfield is a complex, multi-step process that requires you to find, help and recruit an NPC. You then need to earn their approval and finally ask them out once they deem you good enough.

Starfield presents players with the option to choose from the following four companions as their romantic partners. Don’t be underwhelmed by the limited selection as romancing each of them is a herculean task in itself.

  1. Sarah Morgan
  2. Sam Coe
  3. Barrett
  4. Andreja

How Romance works in Starfield

Romance in Starfield requires a lot of effort and time. You need to fill your companion’s affinity meter to take your relationship to the next level. Affinity meter is a hidden feature that fills once you earn approval from your active companion. We have listed all the requirements that you need in order to romance a person of your liking in Starfield.

  • Find the companion and recruit them. This involves either completing their quests or rescuing them during another mission.
  • Talk to the newly recruited companion as often as you can and take them on missions as an active companion.
  • Earn their approval by doing the things they like and avoiding things they dislike. Remember you will only gain their approval if they are your active companions at the time of a particular action/quest.
  • Always be kind with your replies and select the Flirt option whenever it appears.
  • Once their affinity meter reaches a particular level, they will ask you to help them with personal quests known as companion quests. Finish their companion quests and select appropriate answers to romance them in Starfield.
  • Keep earning their approval until you get their Commitment quest. Complete the Commitment quest to marry the person of your dreams in Starfield.

Romance options in Starfield

Unlike its contemporary counterparts, Starfield presents players with a very limited selection of characters they can romance. You can only romance 4 crew members out of 20 in starfield, 2 males and 2 females. Though you can talk to rest of the companions and even flirt with them occasionally, you can’t progress past the friendzone with those NPCs and are stuck with the following four.

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is the leader of Constellation faction in Starfield. You can recruit her early in the game during The Old Neighborhood quest. However, you need to complete Sarah’s companion quest In Memoriam to unlock her romance option in Starfield. 

Sarah is a headstrong person who likes straightforward and trustworthy people. She has an unexplainable dislike for violence and prefers to solve all the problems diplomatically. For Sarah empathy and morality comes before everything else. Having access to large pockets of Constellation, Sarah will also help you to pay debts during various missions. 

Sarah likes to be smothered and showered with compliments. She also likes it when you Flirt with her periodically.

Sam Coe

An ex Freestar ranger and a doting father, Sam Coe becomes available once you recruit him during The Empty Nest mission. Once you partner up with Sam and select him as an active companion, you can fill his affinity meter by earning his approval over time. This will lead you to Sam’s companion quest Matters of the Hart. Follow the correct answers to romance Sam in Starfield. 

Sam believes in the supremacy of law and loves his daughter above everything else. He loves it when you are kind to his daughter and listen to her requests. Sam dislikes criminal activities but gives you a pass sometimes for being assertive during interrogations. 

Like Sarah, Sam also likes it when you Flirt with him occasionally and this will make you earn his approval much faster.


Barrett is a jolly fellow who is hiding a massive trauma behind his goofy act. You first meet him during the Back to Vectera main quest and save him from space pirates that he somehow managed to befriend. Once you start spending time with Barrett as an active companion, you will start earning his approval and get a chance to romance him after completing his companion quest, Breach of Contract

Barrett loves dad and improv jokes. He absolutely abhors violence and murder but is okay with a bit of law breaking like pickpocketing or lockpicking. Barrett is a perfectionist who loves to complete their work timely and in an above average manner. 

Like the previous two companions, Barrett likes it when you are being kind to him and avoid poking into his past. For him, we recommend using the Flirt option sporadically. 


Andreja is the last companion that you will come across during Into the Unknown main quest. After recruiting her as a companion, you will get enough chances of gaining her approval by selecting Andreja as an active companion. However, you can only romance Andreja in Starfield after completing her companion quest, Divided Loyalties

Andreja has a tragic past and she admires it if you are kind to her. Where she doesn’t like violence or murder, Andreja does like when you are being assertive and dominant during a conversation. Make your opponents bow down before you to earn massive approval from Andreja. 

Andreja loves being complimented and whenever you flirt with her. We recommend that you select Flirt option every time it appears when talking to Andreja and she will be yours in no time.

Can you romance multiple companions in Starfield?

Starfield allows you to flirt with multiple characters at the same time. This includes your romanceable companions and the rest of the crew. However, romantic relationships are a whole different story. Once you start a romantic relationship with a character in Starfield, you are bound to them. While Barrett doesn’t mind if you try to romance others in Starfield, the rest of the characters don’t take cheating lightly, especially Andreja. 

In the same way, polygamy is not allowed in Starfield. You can’t marry multiple characters at once in the game. If you want to marry someone else, first you need to break up with your current partner and start a new romance with the one you want to get married to. 

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