Starfield Breach Of Contract Walkthrough

Breach of Contract companion quest in Starfield will check your detective and persuasion abilities to clear an innocent man's name all in the name of love.

Breach of Contract is a companion quest that only becomes available after you recruit Barrett and earn enough of his approval in Starfield. The game allows you to find and recruit various companions and out of these you can romance only four. These four companions usually give you a special companion quest that rewards you with unlocking their romance option. 

In this guide, we will help Barrett clear the name of his former deceased husband, Ervin. Breach of Contract will take you across the galaxy and make you roleplay as a detective to clear Ervin’s name and help the man you love in Starfield. We have carefully divided the quest into multiple sections for your ease.

How to complete Starfield Breach of Contract quest

Barrett will let you know that his informant has sent him some information that can clear Ervin’s name. Apparently, the mining company he was working for tried to benefit from the incident by using Ervin’s name. As soon as you accept to help Barrett, the Breach of Contract quest will start automatically in Starfield. This will also make Barrett a non-replaceable companion until the quest is over.

Travel to Gagarin

Travel to Gagarin in the Alpha Centauri system to find Ervin’s lawyer. Talk to Barrett once you dock to progress the story of the Breach of Contract quest in Starfield. Go straight from your ship and turn right to follow the quest marker. Once you reach the Yankton law office, talk to Ellie Yankton. She is the one who represented Ervin before and after his untimely demise. 

Keep selecting the first dialogue options to bring up Ervin’s case and Hephaestus mining company. You will learn that Ervin got all the blame for what happened on planet Gagarin years ago and is widely considered a villain in the system. Ellie will ask you to collect more evidence to clear Ervin’s name. 

She will ask you to visit the mine where Ervin worked but doesn’t know the location. Travel to Ervin’s apartment with Barrett to find the documents. We recommend that you avoid using theft at this point. Make sure to flirt with Ervin here.


Search Ervin’s apartment

Go out and follow the marker to reach Ervin’s apartment. Don’t worry as Barrett has the key to the apartment. This will make you one step closer to completing the Breach of Contract quest in Starfield. Search Alien Cactus and Ervin’s computer before searching the safe in the apartment. Read “Application for Hunting license” file to get more information. Now use “unlock safe” option from the computer terminal and use digipicks to hack the computer. 

Talk to Barrett to confirm that you have obtained a hunting license and Ervin’s employment contract. Hand over the cactus plant to Barrett to earn his approval. Go outside once more and follow the marker to reach the Town Hall. Search the Town Hall terminal for Ervin’s hunting license under “Applications” tab. Now travel back to Ellie’s office and hand over all the evidence. 

Go out and find the Foundry Terminal inside the Foundry District by following the blue marker. Enter “Admin” account and search the database with “Mines” filter. This will get you the coordinates you require for the abandoned mine. Talk to Barrett again and be ready to search the mine.

Search Hephaestus’ mine

Use fast travel on the same planet to reach Hephaestus Mine H-363. From the landing position, go straight until you reach the marker. Interact with the computer and select “Employees” tab. Download all the information on Ervin Madani. Then hack Admin tab with another digipicks. Read all about Ervin’s research station. Now go back to “Memos” tab and read all the files. 

Go up the stairs and use the elevator. You are now getting closer to solving the mystery of Breach of Contract quest in Starfield. Use both Helgi’s and Ervin’s computer terminals and read all the files.

Beware of the creatures in this area and take them out to earn some precious XP. Use fast travel to Gagarin once more and go back to Ellie.

Deliver the Evidence and find Helgi

Give her all the evidence that you have collected so far. She will accept the evidence and decide to call in a judge to reopen the case. Select “Why is that a problem?” at this point to successfully progress Breach of Contract quest in Starfield. 

Go outside and follow the marker to find Dr Keala inside the Med clinic. She is a stubborn one and refuses to help you. However, she will give you another clue to find and talk to Clint who owns a store in the area. While you are at it, ask her if she can vouch for Helgi’s character. At least, she will agree to that and decide to testify in court. 

Go to Clint’s shop and talk to him about Helgi. He will ask you to pay 4000 credits that Helgi owes him. Persuade Clint into giving you the information you need or pay the credits. It is up to you. He will tell you to meet Lizzy at the bar and ask her about the whereabouts of Helgi. He will also agree to testify in the court. 

Now talk to Lizzy in the bar and inquire about Helgi. Either pay or persuade Lizzy to give you Helgi’s location. She will also agree to testify in the court. Follow the marker to find Helgi. Talk to him and then use persuasion in case he refuses to help you. Once again talk to Ellie and select Dr Keala as character witness in the dialogue option.

Talk to Barrett to complete “Breach of Contract” quest in Starfield. Don’t miss the flirt options during the conversation as it will lead to romance and marriage with Barrett in the game.

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