Starfield Divided Loyalties Walkthrough

Divided Loyalties companion quest in Starfield is all about understanding your partner's situation and supporting them no matter what. This intergalactic mission will allow Andreja to finally have closure thanks to you.

Divided Loyalties is another companion quest in Starfield that allows you to get closer to Andreja and romance her upon its completion. Companion quests are required to further the storyline of unique companions in the game. Before you can start this quest, you must recruit Andreja and earn her respect by winning enough likes from her. 

Divided Loyalties quest will make you travel with Andreja to locate her missing friends in Starfield and help her take revenge on the tyrant responsible for their demise. This is a linear quest with a lot of objectives to follow. So, we have divided it into sections for your ease.

How to complete Starfield Divided Loyalties quest

Once you gain enough affinity with Andreja, she will want to talk to you about something private. Apparently, she wants to reconnect with her friends in Akila City. Once you listen to her request and accept it, the Divided Loyalties quest will start automatically in Starfield. This will also lock Andreja as a non-replaceable companion in the game.

Travel to Akila city

The first thing that you need to do is to travel to Akila city with Andreja. Once you reach there, follow the maker to reach Aggie’s and meet Andreja. Talk to her and select the first options to progress the conversation in a positive way. Now talk to Aggie who is standing near a pool table. Ask her about Eren Bascolm.

Aggie will get agitated as soon as she sees Andreja resulting in hostilities between the two. She will then proceed to tell you what happened between Andreja and her friends in the past. Apparently, he has not been to Aggie’s bar for over a year. Diffuse the situation between the two and talk to Andreja once more.

Travel to Hyla II

The next thing you need to do is to travel to Hyla II in Hyla star system. It is a long journey from Akila, and you may need to upgrade your gravity drive to make it there in one grav jump. Once you are on the ship, talk to Andreja once more. Jump to Eren Bascolm camp which is at the South Pole of Hyla II.

This place is overrun by Va’ruun zealots. This is a level 15 fight so make sure you are aptly prepared for it. Invest your skill points in combat and survival in the skill tree. Once you clear all the zealots, follow the marker to talk to Andreja once more. Follow her to find a gravestone that belongs to none other than Eren Bascolm. 

Follow the marker in Divided Loyalties to find Eren’s slate from the top of the building. There is a message from Jaeda with the mention of a person named Tomisar. Apparently, Jaeda has joined UC Vanguard and is looking for zealots to kill. Talk to Andreja once more and decide to continue with her quest by finding Jaeda.

Find Jaeda and defeat the zealots

Travel to the Den on Cthonia planet inside the Wolf star system. Hail the ship and look around for Jaeda. Follow the blue marker once more to find Rayna. Make sure that you have already joined UC Vanguard faction to board the ship easily, otherwise, you will not be welcomed that easily. 

Use persuasion on Rayna to make her give you Jaeda’s location in the Den. To progress the Divided Loyalties quest in Starfield, you need to travel to Groombridge star system to find Jaeda and talk to her. You will notice her ship Raptor near a wreckage. Try to talk to Jaeda and convince her to let you board the Raptor. 

There is a Va’ruun fleet ambush waiting for you both. Take out the ships and then talk to Jaeda again. Board the Raptor and talk to Jaeda. Try to calm down Jaeda and convince her that Andreja is not the enemy here. They both have been deceived by the zealots.

Return to your ship and use it to defeat the zealot captain and his ship in aerial combat. Return to Andreja and talk to her once more.

Face Tomisar and decide his fate

The next thing you need to do during Divided Loyalties quest in Starfield is to travel to the Derelict station. It is on Murphid IV planet inside Murphid star system. Follow Andreja and talk to her once more. Keep following her to find Tomisar in the control room. Before you talk to Andreja again, make sure to loot everything from the room. Once you are done, talk to her.

Talk to Tomisar and let him know why Andreja is here. She has found who is ratting her friends to House Va’ruun and you will help Andreja get her revenge. You will get multiple options here. You can convince Andreja to let Tomisar go (she will keep her house in this way), allow her to kill Tomisar (will gain her approval), kill Tomisar yourself (deny Andreja the revenge) or let the council decide Tomisar’s fate. 

I personally recommend letting Andreja kill Tomisar. Traitors deserve death and Andreja already has a home on your ship now. Loot Tomisar’s body to get his outfit. Talk to Andreja once more and return to the lodge. Talk to her and now choose to romance her leading to marriage in the game. This marks the end of Divided Loyalties quest in Starfield. 

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