Starfield In Memoriam Mission Walkthrough

A Relationship test in form of a mission

In Memoriam in Starfield is one of Sarah’s missions that determines whether you are the right person to be her. Sarah is one of the four companions you can start a romantic relationship with.

You will help her locate her old crew members to honor them and clear her conscience.

How to unlock the “In Memoriam” mission

The only prerequisite of the “In Memoriam” side mission is to recruit Sarah as your companion and then choose the flirty, romantic, and kind dialogues during your conversations.

Once you have increased your relationship affinity with Sarah, you will automatically unlock the STarfield In Memoriam quest. Just be wary of hurting your relationship by stealing or getting a bounty on your head.

How to complete the “In Memoriam” mission in Starfield

You will be on a mission with Sarah to honor the fallen members she led during the Colony Wars on the Cassiopeia I planet. This is her mission that you will be tagging along with.

To start the Starfield In Memorium quest, speak with Admiral General Logan in the MAST building in New Atlantis. He will be hesitant and rude; however, the quest will automatically prompt a new objective of visiting Cassiopeia I and landing near Sarah’s old campsite.


I recommend selecting dialogues in which you praise or flirt with Sarah.

Head to Cassiopeia I

If you have not been to Cassiopeia I in Starfield, you must Grav jump into the Cassiopeia System. Your quest marker on the HUD will help you locate the planet.

Once you’ve landed at Sarah’s Old Campsite in Cassiopeia I, speak with Sarah, who’ll ask her to help locate her crew’s shuttle Wreckage.

Visit Sarah’s old campsite

Exit your ship and head toward the campsite, where a prompt will appear to speak with Sarah. Sarah will tell you about the Campsite and how she spent almost a year waiting to be rescued.  

Before the conversation ends, she will ask you to locate an emergency cell to power up the ship and try to find any distress signals from her old crew’s ship.

Find the Emergency Power Cell

The Starfield In Memorium power cell will be on a higher ground. Use your quest marker as a guide to take you towards it.

Along the way, a few Stonebreaker aliens will attack you; ensure you have your guns fully amped up to take them down.

When you’ve acquired the emergency power cell, return to the campsite to boot up power to Sarah’s old ship.

Analyze the telemetry data

Insert the power cell into the wrecked shuttle and use the computer to analyze telemetry data to find where the other shuttle went down.

Speak with Sarah again to find out where the other shuttle went down. Sarah will sound excited and ask to travel to the other side of the Cassiopeia I planet.

Investigate the Crashed Shuttle Site

Use your Starmap to travel to the other side of Cassiopeia I and locate the Crashed Shuttle Site.

When you enter the Crashed Shuttle, you’ll be welcomed by a little girl named Sona, pointing a gun at you. Sona will be a bit scared, so try to use your persuasion skills to calm her down.

Upon further conversing with Sona in Starfield In Memorium, Sarah finds out that she is the daughter of 2 of her old crew members and the only survivor, as a few terrifying aliens have killed everyone else.

Your next objective is to collect the Genetags of Sarah’s old crew members from the graveyard close by after you’ve spoken with her. In Memorium, Genetags are the identity cards for the NPCs.

Collect the fallen members’ Genetags

The Starfield In Memorium Genetags will be in a nearby graveyard, but the Terrorizing Aliens will consume some. You’re supposed to Collect Genetags, which are a total of 10.

Use your quest marker to find the aliens, shoot them down, loot the Genetags from their bodies, and come back to speak with Sarah in the space shuttle. Once you’re back in the space shuttle, you’ll hear an argument between Sona and Sarah.

Should Sona Stay Or Leave In Starfield?

In the Spaceshuttle, you will be tasked with persuading Sona to return to New Atlantis. In our opinion, you should go with convincing Sona. The reason for that becomes apparent after this mission as Sarah will regret having the girl along in the Cassiopenia I.

Speak to Sona once Sarah is done talking to her. After that, speak with Sarah again, who will thank you for helping her with her past mistakes. Head back with Sarah to New Atlantis to speak with Admiral Logan.

Head back to New Atlantis

Your next objective to complete the In Memoriam mission in Starfield is to speak with Admiral Logan in the MAST building.

Logan will appreciate your and Sarah’s act and tell you he supports Sarah’s cause. When the conversation ends, meet Sona at the Lodge to check on her.

Sarah will then ask you to meet her outside the MAST building, where the memorial for her fallen crew members is held.

Lead Sarah to the waterfall area

This is the last objective for completing the In Memoriam quest in Starfield, where you’re asked to meet up with Sarah at the waterfall area near the MAST building.

Sarah will convey her feelings about you and tell you she loves you. Accept her feelings to mark an end to this mission and begin your romantic journey with Sarah in Starfield.

Starfield In Memoriam bug

Many players have faced an issue regarding being unable to speak with Sarah during the side quest. Speaking with Sarah is the most integral part of Starfield’s In Memoriam side quest.

The reason why you will get this bug is if you fail to speech check with Sarah. This will only happen if you make her realize that She is disliked by the “US Science Division.” There are a few ways through which you can fix this bug.

  • During the mission, you will find Sarah as your companion, and you need to “Unassign her from Ship or Outpost.” After that, you can begin the mission again from The Lodge. This will solve Starfield In Memorium bugged.
  • Another way you can solve In Memorium Big is by talking to everyone on The Lodge, such as “Andreja, Barrett, Sam, Matteo, and Cora.”
  • Autosave after completion of every objective.
  • Start a different mission to prevent this from happening
  • Fast Travel or Sleep to pass the time to stop the In-Memoriam bug

Force Finish In Memorium mission using Console Command

In Starfield, there is a way that you can use if you want to force finish the In Memorium Quest. For this, you must bring out the Console using the “~” button on the keyboard. Once done, you must add Starfield In Memorium Quest ID, “2c7c11”.

Doing so, you will jump to the quest’s next objective and need to repeat this until you are done with the quest.

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