Starfield In Memoriam Mission Walkthrough

A relationship test in the form of a mission.

In Memoriam is part of Sarah Morgan’s companion missions in Starfield. She is one of the four companions you can romance during your journey among the stars. After you become close with her, she will open up to you about facing her past.

She was commanding a ship called Dauntless in the Battle of Cassiopeia during the Colony War. The ship later got destroyed forcing its members to evacuate in escape shuttles. Out of the two crew shuttles, one got destroyed while the other lost signal around Cassiopeia. She was stranded for a year on the planet before being rescued by the UC.

She still wonders about her old crew members so you will be helping her locate the wrecks, honor the team, and clear her conscience.

How to unlock the “In Memoriam” mission

To start In Memoriam, you must increase your friendship levels with Sarah. Once your affinity levels reach a certain threshold, she will talk to you about visiting Cassiopeia I to look for her lost teammates from the old UC days.

To improve your friendship levels with her, recruit Sarah as your active companion. While conversing always choose flirty and romantic dialogues.

Don’t steal, attack friendly NPCs, accept bribery, or end up getting a bounty on your head. As long as you go with actions that she likes, she will eventually seek out your assistance.


You will not be able to dismiss Sarah as your companion after taking up her mission.

How to complete “In Memoriam” in Starfield

After having the conversation with Sarah, you need to talk with her again to start the In Memoriam quest. Head to the Central Command of the MAST to speak with Admiral Logan in New Atlantis. He will be hesitant and rude at first but once you explain the situation, he will direct you to the crash site where Sarah got separated from her friends.

Proceed to Cassiopeia

Make the Grav jump to Cassiopeia I in the ETA Cassiopeia System to investigate more about Sarah’s old campsite. Talk to her after landing to reassure her since the place is filled with bad memories for her.

Go straight from your ship and you will find the crash site under the rocky archway nearby. The shuttle is wrecked but can regain enough function to find any distress signals from her old crew’s ship as long as you can replace the power source.

Find and replace the Emergency Power Cell

Follow the clear path up the slope till you find some electrical gear and a power cell on the top. Taking it will make the Stonebreaker aliens in the area attack you. Clear them out and return to the crash site to install the Emergency Power Cell onto the shuttle. To do this go through the red door and enter Escape Shuttle 03 Cabin.


Use your boost pack to get the high ground while dealing with Stonebreakers. They can’t climb, making it easy for you to snipe them out without taking much damage.

The computer will reveal a few files regarding Sarah and some Telemetry Data. Search for Object Beta in the Telemetry Data to find the location of where the Dauntless crashed. Sarah will second the information and you will need to travel to it by ship since it’s located on the other side of the planet.


You can find Nova Galactic Manual 01 on top of a toppled-over white cabinet inside the Shuttle cabins. It reduces the fuel requirement of grav jumps by 1% permanently.

Investigate the Dauntless crash site

Use your Starmap to reveal a new marker for another ship on Cassiopeia I. After landing, travel through the small cave ahead and follow the path down the ravine till you reach a crossroads past the pool of water. The right one leads to the wreck that you can investigate if you want. While the left one takes you to a home among the debris and wreckage.

The campfire will still be warm indicating the recent presence of life in the area. Upon entering the makeshift house you’ll be welcomed by a little girl named Sona, pointing a gun at you. Sona will be a bit scared, so try to use your persuasion skills to calm her down.

Upon further conversing with Sona, Sarah finds out that she is the daughter of 2 of her old crew members and the only survivor, as the rest of the members have been wiped out by the aliens. The only thing left behind are their Genetags in the Graveyard which Sarah will request you to get back.


Pick up the Constellation Guide 03 from the circular table in Sona’s house. It reduces Oxygen consumption by 15% when encumbered permanently.

Retrieve the Genetags

There are a total of 10 Genetags you need to retrieve from the graveyard for Sarah during In Memoriam. Nine of them can be found near the tombstones while the last one is in the stomach of the Greater Silverfish. The creature will be lurking nearby, defeat it, and then return to Sarah and Sona in the treehouse.

When you come back, you will find the two arguing about whether Sona should stay on the planet or not. Sarah wants her to go with her back to Constellation while Sona finds it difficult to leave her home planet behind. You will have to intervene to decide for them.

Best Choice: Convince Sona to leave or let her stay?

The best choice during In Memoriam is to convince Sona to leave with you back to the Constellation in Starfield. The choice not only makes Sarah happier but is also better than making a child fend for herself alone on a dangerous planet. She will be able to join Constellation and get the life she deserves. Besides, convincing her will not require any persuasion checks so it can be done pretty easily.

On the other hand, allowing Sona to stay will make Sarah dislike you. While it does not affect the ending of the mission much, you will not be able to meet her again for the rest of the game.

Return to New Atlantis

After deciding about Sona, Sarah will speak privately with you and express her feelings about you and the whole situation. You will then return to New Atlantis and meet up with Admiral Logan in the MAST building again during the In Memoriam mission.

Logan will take the Genetags off your hands and appreciate you for your work. He ends it by telling you to keep supporting Sarah’s cause.


If you brought Sona back with you then you can meet up with her at The Lodge. You will learn that she is staying there to acclimatize to civilization again. You can return anytime to talk with her again.

Lead Sarah to Colony War Memorial

The last objective of the In Memoriam quest is to respond to Sarah’s feelings. After the memorial for her fallen crew members at the Colony War memorial in MAST, she will ask you to meet her by the Waterfall Promenade. Take the elevator between Jemison Mercantile and Terrabrew Coffee up to reach it.

Sarah will convey her feelings about you and tell you she loves you. Accept her feelings to mark an end to this mission and begin your romantic journey with Sarah in Starfield.

Starfield In Memoriam mission bugs

There are unfortunately quite a few bugs that players can experience in Starfield while playing through the In Memoriam quest in Starfield. We have only discussed the few major ones you might encounter.

Unable to speak with Sarah

Many players have faced an issue regarding being unable to speak with Sarah during the side quest. Speaking with Sarah is the most integral part of Starfield’s In Memoriam side quest.

This can occur if you fail to speech check with Sarah only by making her realize that she is disliked by the “US Science Division”. Another reason is the conversation is supposed to take place outside The Lodge while she gets stuck inside.

This is not officially patched as of yet but there are a few ways through which you can fix this bug.

  • Unassign Sarah from your ship or Outpost and try reloading back into The Lodge.
  • Sleep in your room at The Lodge for a couple of hours (minimum 3) and check if she spawns in the main room. Do not speak with her or go near her to make her leave. You will be able to speak with her outside now.
  • Another way you can solve In Memorium Big is by talking to everyone on The Lodge, such as “Andreja, Barrett, Sam, Matteo, and Cora.”
  • If she is speaking with Walter, let the conversation play out as they are discussing the expenses of the memorial. You will be able to find her outside after this.
  • You can also try going to the memorial site or the waterfall to see if you can find her there.

Unable to speak with Sona at The Lodge

There is another issue similar to Sarah’s where you cannot speak with Sona if you decide to bring her back to The Lodge. This is mainly caused by not completing the “Missed Beyond Measure” mission. As long as you complete it, you will be able to return to In Memoriam without any problems.

In Memorium Quest ID

You can also cheat to force finish In Memorium to save time. Open the console using the “~” button on your keyboard and then enter the following Quest ID Command:

sqs 2c7c11
This brings up all of the quest stages which you want to skip. Choose the part of the quest you want to skip and then enter the console command below.

setstage 2c7c11 [stage id]

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