Starfield The Empty Nest Walkthrough

The Empty Nest is the mission in Starfield in which you need to recover Artifact Chi from the possession of Shaw Gang.

The Empty Nest is one of many missions that Starfield features during the storyline of the game. During this, you need to find Starfield Artifact Chi along with Sam along with her daughter Cora in which you also have to free a bank from robbers along the way.

How to unlock The Empty Nest mission

To unlock The Empty Nest in Starfield, you need to complete all prior missions as a prerequisite. These missions are The Old Neighborhood and One Small Step. Starfield The Empty Nest map location is in the New Atlantis Constellation Lodge.

How to complete The Empty Nest in Starfield

During Starfield The Empty Nest Walkthrough, you will find another Artifact for which you need to follow several leads mentioned in the objective below:

Talk to Sam Coe

For this The Empty Nest objective, you need to make your way to Sam Coe who has a little information on the location of the Artifact. By profession, he specializes in finding and collecting rare items like the Artifacts that we are looking for.

To find him, you need to travel to the Glass Door located in the same Constellation lodge from where The Old Neighborhood mission finished.

After getting there, you need to initiate a dialogue with him in which you will tell him about the artifact. Doing so, he will offer his service to help you find the missing Artifact and come along with you.


Travel to Akila City and talk to Sam

During the last Starfield Empty Nest objective, you convinced Sam to come along with you. After that, you need to pilot him to the Cheyenne System planet using the spaceship.

You need to use the quest marker on the map to get to Akila City once you reach Cheyenne orbit. Before you will be able to reach the orbit of Cheyenne, you might face a “system malfunction” on your spaceship.

This issue is because the Cheyenne planet is too far in the Starfield galaxy and due to that, your spaceship systems are overheating. You will see the red marker appearing on the screen showing the overheating problem.

Frontier has a very intelligent system that will suggest you the route to the closest planet for you to make a pitstop. Doing so will solve the overheating problem and for that, you need to follow the red line on the heads-up cam display.

If you follow and pilot your spaceship through the red line, you will end up in Olympus. After getting to the orbit of Olympus, wait for a little while for the ship to cool down. Frontier will not let you travel directly to the Cayenne system planet.

Once you have reached the Cayenne orbit, you need to use the map quest marker to reach Akila city. Before getting out of the spaceship, you need to talk to Sam in which he will mention that he has Solomon’s Map.

These maps will help you out on the Artifact finding expedition and only Sam can interpret that. For that, you need to ask Sam to become your temporary companion for this quest and he will instantly agree to that.

Go to the Galbank Vault

After landing in Akila City, you need to make your way to the city center. While you are getting there, you come across a guard who will alert you that the city is under threat of robbers.

The robbers that the guard is talking about are inside the bank and they are spreading terror by holding hostages. Your quest objective will change once you offer help to free the bank from the hostages.

Soon, you will see the quest market appearing on the map which will lead you to Daniel Blake. He is the town marshall and upon meeting him, you need to offer your help to him. Doing so will begin the side quest named Job Gone Wrong.

Complete “Job Gone Wrong” side quest

For this quest, your task is to free the bank from the Starfield Shaw Gang as well as save the hostages. Head to the quest marker which will lead you to where the Intercom system is placed.

On the intercom, you will contact Starfield Jed Bullock., the leader of the robbers. You need to use Persuade Jed Bullock to convince him to release the hostages. These robbers are stubborn, and you might need a few rounds of persuasion to succeed.

If you are not able to succeed after a few attempts, you can also sneak into the bank from the backside. The only viable option for you is to take the robber down by force. After taking down the robbers, you can talk back to Daniel to finish Job Gone Wrong in Starfield.

Search for the Maps and Talk to Sam

For this The Empty Nest objective in Starfield, you need to make your way to the bank vault that you were supposed to find in the first place. What you are looking for “Note for Sam” which will be inside one of the lockers of the vault.

To find the locker, you need to open every locker that Sam points out from the bunch. After finding the Note for Sam, you need to take it back to Sam.

On the note, it is mentioned that the note is from Jacob. To get more information, you both need to make your way to Jacob.

Talk to Jacob and talk to Sam

During the last The Empty Nest objective, you found out that Jacob had the information about the Artifact. To get it, you need to find him for this objective. As for Jacob’s location, follow the quest marker on the map which will take you to his house in Akila City.

Just to give a bit of a background on the relationship between Sam and Jacob. They both did not have a good relationship with each other therefore things will turn heated once they both meet.

After listening to their heated conversation, you will figure out Jacob will not give the Artifact map to Sam. That said, you need to take the situation into your own hands. For that, you can have three possible ways listed below:

  • “Talk to Jacob and persuade him”
  • “Talk to Jacob and have Sam distract him”
  • “Ask Cora for help”

Get the Maps and talk to Sam

Starfield The Empty Nest get the Map objective can easily be completed after taking the map from Jacob’s office cabinet. After this, you need to talk to Sam. He will then take the map from you and learn that the pointed location on the map is The Empty Nest cave.

Travel to the Empty Nest, get the Artifact and leave

For Starfield The Empty Nest get the Artifact objective, you need to make your way to the Empty Nest. For that, you can use the help of the quest marker on the map which will lead you to a village associated with an abandoned mine.

After getting to The Empty Nest, you then need to make your way out of the village into the small encampment of Shaw Gang. The gang members are not hostile in the beginning, but you need to get rid of them anyway.

After dealing with the Shaw Gang members, you then need to use the quest marker to reach the Artifact location. At the marked location, the artifact will be buried inside the bunch of caelumite crystals.

Use the laser cutter that you got in the One Small Step mission to reveal the Artifact CHi. Once it is revealed, you need to take it and leave the Shaw Gang encampment on the Empty Nest.

Deal with Shaw and (optional) kill the Ashta

Turns out Shaw whom you stole the map from is the leader of the Shaw Gang. She will come across your way when you are taking back the Artifact Chi. Here, Starfield will give you a couple of options to deal with him:

  • “Persuade her to let you go.”
  • “Pay her 4,000 Credits.”
  • “Attack her and her cronies.”

Shaw is a person whom you can easily manipulate so it is best to use the Persuade skill here. Using this, she will easily get you on your way.

Your difficulties do not end here as you will also receive resistance from Ashta while leaving the place. They are a group of enemies belonging to the space cougars class.

Here, you have several options to get out of this situation. The first thing you can do is let Ashta take Shaw while the other is to use Persuade skill on them. Using this skill will ensure your safe passageway. On the other hand, you can also deal with this situation with resistance and kill Ashta.

Return to the Lodge

This is the last objective of The Empty Nest mission in Starfield where you have to safely transport the Artifact back to the Lodge. For that, you need to fly back to New Atlantis city.

Once you have placed the Artifact back on the table, you need to wait for Sam to reach the lodge. He will soon join you and thank you for your big discovery. He will also allow his help for the coming quests in Starfield. After that, the Empty Nest mission will finish in Starfield.

Starfield – The Empty Nest rewards

After completing The Empty Nest in Starfield, you will get the following items as rewards:

  • 7200 Credits
  • 350 XP
  • Sam Coe as a recruitable companion

Starfield The Empty Nest Bug Fix

For Starfield The Empty Nest Bug Fix, press the “~” key to open the command prompt. After that, enter the “setstage 000114C9 900” console command and press enter. This will result in skipping the entire mission in Starfield and fix the glitch.

However, it is only possible for PC players since Xbox players cannot use console commands. As this fix allows you to bypass the quest rather than play through it, it is better to wait for an official fix from Bethesda.

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