How To Romance Andreja In Starfield

Andreja is a companion worth making an effort for in Starfield. Once you finish her quests for romance and marriage, she is yours for eternity.

There are only four Constellation members you can start a romance with in Starfield, and one of them is Andreja. She has a strong personality given her past as an ex-smuggler and member of the House of Va’ruun. Having both brains and beauty, she makes an interesting romantic partner.


Marrying Andreja grants you an Emotional Security buff. This buff increases the XP obtained, allowing you to level up quickly.

Raising your approval, romancing a partner, and getting married is a multi-step process in Starfield. It involves dozens of hours of making correct decisions according to your partner’s liking and selecting the correct dialogue options. The process of romancing Andreja in Starfield is explained in detail below.


If you wish to romance Andreja in the NG+ version of Starfield, then make sure not to skip the main story. Albeit, getting into a relationship with her in this version can require a little more time than normal.

How to romance Andreja in Starfield

Here’s what you need to do to build a solid relationship with her.

  • Make Andreja your main companion after getting her to join your crew
  • Increase your affinity with her by protecting innocent people and being honest.
  • Always opt for talking with her if the objective shows up.
  • During your conversations, if you get the chance, choose the [Flirt] option.
  • After your affinity reaches a certain threshold, it will unlock the “Divided Loyalties” companion mission.
  • End the companion quest with the [ROMANCE] dialogue to unlock the next step.
  • You will now be able to select [Commitment] to propose to her.
  • To marry her complete the Commitment: Andreja mission.

Before you romance her, you need to unlock Andreja as a companion by completing the main quest Into the Unknown in Starfield. You will first meet her in on a random planet in an Abandoned Mine. Talk to her and offer her a place among your crew members to start your companionship. The mission becomes available pretty early on in the game so don’t worry about waiting too long for the opportunity.


You do not need to complete the Into the Unknown mission to recruit Andreja as your companion. You can do so before returning to Vladimir during the quest.

Setting Andreja your main companion will start a hidden counter called the affinity score in Starfield. The score determines the state of your relationship with her and must reach a specific number to progress it further. There is no way to know the score in-game but you can see the impact of your decision on the relationship by seeing the liked or disliked notification in the top right of your screen.


You can check your Affinity score using the following console command but it will disable the achievements: GetAV COM_Affinity

Andreja Romance: Likes and Dislikes

Andreja is headstrong but cautious about her past. You will need to cater to her preferences if you are to romance Andreja in Starfield. Here are a few qualities she likes and dislikes in a partner:

  • Be assertive
  • Speak up to authorities where needed
  • Protect the weak
  • Believe people can change for the better
  • Be straightforward with your answers
  • Stand up for her and tell people to not judge her based on her past
  • Do not take bribes, assassination tasks, and other illegal actions to get the job done.
  • She, however, likes crude people who sometimes use underhand tactics to achieve their goals (not illegal).
  • A dominating personality that can intimidate others makes Andreja happy.

Here are a few examples of actions you can take that can have a drastic effect on your affinity with Andreja.

  • If you remain confident while killing an enemy during the Unearthed quest, this will raise Andreja’s affinity in Starfield. Andreja strongly dislikes people who hurt innocent people.
  • Promise Tomo mercy if Ryujin hires you against him during Back to the Grind.
  • Side with Bonifac and reject Maldonado during Missed the Mark. Andreja would prefer you to stand up against illegal activities.
  • Refuse to take charge of any situation and be on the back foot when talking to others. If you fail to intimidate Petrov during the No Sudden Moves side mission, Andreja will lose faith in you.
  • Andreja dislikes it if you attack people with Starborn Powers.
  • Accepting a bribe from Hadek during Out on a Limb quest will negatively impact your relationship with her.

Andreja’s Companion Quest: Divided Loyalties

After flirting with Andreja for a while, she will start opening up about her past as a Va’ruun operative with you. This will unlock her companion mission Divided Loyalties in Starfield, where you will be revisiting her friends from those days and settling the score with her previous employer.

To help you find Jaeda, Aggie will meet up with you at her bar in Akila City. She will direct you to Eren’s camp on Hyla II in the Hyla system. You will find a Slate with Jaeda’s message on the second floor of the camp about joining the UC Vanguard, hunting zealots, and something about Tomisar.

Find Rayna at the Den Starstation on Cthonia in the Wolf system to give up Jaeda’s location. The coordinates will take you to Anomaly in the Groombridge system where you will be hailed by a ship called Raptor.

Board the ship and you will find Jaeda in the cockpit with her gun pointing at you and Andreja. Diffuse the situation with your Negotiating skills and ask Jaeda for the next clue. Then head to Murphid IV planet in the Murphid star system and follow Andreja to locate Tomisar in Starfield, her former partner.

There are many ways to handle this situation but we recommend that you calm Andreja and leave Tomisar to his fate with the Va’ruun Council.

How to marry Andreja in Starfield

Once you complete Dividing Loyalties, talk to Andreja again to make things official between the two of you. She will share her fear of the Great Serpent returning and punishing the two of you to be lost in the shadows.

Reassure her with the following dialogues and choose the [Romance] option to confess your feelings.

  • “Whatever happens next, we will face it together.”
  • “You don’t need House Va’ruun. You have a family in Constellation.”
  • “[Romance] I’ll always be here for you, I love you”
  • “I’m all yours for as long as you want me.”
  • “[Commitment] I think it’s time we make it official.”

The [Commitment] dialogue will make you propose to her and start the Commitment: Andreja quest. During the mission, you will be able to get married to Andreja with a small marriage ceremony at the Natural Archways on the Shoza II planet in the Shoza system. Remember to be kind to her to make the moment even more special.


Marrying Andreja unlocks the Starcrossed achievement in Starfield.

Andreja prefers a closed relationship and will get angry with you if you flirt, get into a relationship, or marry other companions in Starfield. Unlike Sarah Morgan and Sam Coe, she will not be comfortable sharing you with others. You will need to persuade her to calm down if this happens. You can always end your marriage with Andreja in her quarters and tell her it is not working for you.


If you want to marry Sarah and Andreja without using console commands, you will need to go for Andreja first. The trick is to marry Andreja, start a relationship with Sarah, calm Andreja down, and then marry Sarah. This goes for other companions as well, as long as you start with Andreja.

Andreja Romance Bug

There is unfortunately a bug players might experience in Starfield while romancing Andreja. The quest marker does not appear after she informs you to meet her at Shoza II for the marriage ceremony, leaving you unable to progress the mission.

The cause of the bug is not known but is seemingly more prevalent in players with the House of Va’ruun starting trait. It is speculated that it may be interfering with something in Andreja’s romance storyline.

There is a chance it might not be bugged for you at all but requires you to increase your infinity a bit more. If you have recently completed the mission, you can wait around for a couple of days for the quest marker to update. If that doesn’t work, reloading an old save and trying again is the only other alternative.


To increase companion affinity, make them your active partner and do some missions with them. The best way to do this is to complete rescue missions from the bounty kiosks.

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