How To Romance Andreja In Starfield

Andreja is a companion worth making effort for in Starfield. Once you finish her quests for romance and marriage, Andreja is yours for eternity.

To romance Andreja in Starfield and later propose for marriage, you must increase your approval rating in the Andreja romance quest, Divided Loyalties. First, you must find and interact with Erin in the Akila City bar.

You then need to find Eren’s Slate on the second floor of the Eren’s Camp building. After that, you must look for clues about Jaeda on the Chtonia Planet. Use the journal to get the next clue. Travel to Anomaly Planet with Andreja.

You then need to board The Raptor and calm down Jaeda using Negotiation skills. Talk to Jaeda for the next clue, which takes you to Murphid IV planet in the Murphid star system. Follow Andreja to locate Tomisar in Starfield, her former partner. We recommend that you calm Andreja and leave Tomisar to his fate.

Andreja Romance: Likes and Dislikes

Andreja’s Romance can only be possible by boosting her affinity. For that, you need to get to know her likes and dislikes:

  • Angreja’s past life was very rough, so she sometimes likes to do cruel actions to people. Doing the same will help you earn her trust.
  • Andreja likes straightforward people with their answers. She also likes crude people who sometimes use underhand tactics to achieve their goals (not illegal). A dominating personality that can intimidate others makes Andreja happy.

During the companion missions with Andreja, you can do several actions to boost her affinity toward you:

  • If you remain confident while killing an enemy during the Unearthed quest, this will raise Andreja’s affinity in Starfield. Andreja strongly dislikes people who hurt innocent people. If you want to destroy your chances to romance Andreja in Starfield and later marry her, just show that you are a coward.
  • Refuse to take charge of any situation and be on the back foot when talking to others. If you fail to intimidate Petrov during the No Sudden Moves side quest, Andreja will lose faith in you.

Concluding the Andreja romance

Once you complete the quest, talk to Andreja again and only select the following dialogue options. 

  • “Whatever happens next, we will face it together.” 
  • “You don’t need House Va’ruun. You have a family in Constellation.” 
  • “[Romance] I’ll always be here for you, I love you”  

Choosing the romance option from above will start your romance with Andreja in Starfield and put you both in a relationship. After this, you need to reply with the following dialogues:

  • “I’m all yours for as long as you want me.”
  • “[Commitment] I think it’s time we make it official.”

Select the [Commitment] dialogue option. This will start the “Commitment: Andreja” quest, allowing you to tie the knot with her. Travel to Shoza II planet inside the Shoza star system. Talk to Andreja and find a rock for her.

Be kind with your replies and finally perform the marriage ceremony with Andreja to earn Starcrossed achievement in Starfield. You can always end your marriage with Andreja in her quarters and tell her it is not working for you.

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