How To Romance Sarah In Starfield

Wooing Sarah Morgan for romance and marriage involves traveling to the far end of galaxies and fighting baddies in Starfield.

Sarah Morgan is the head of operation for Constellation in Starfield. She first meets you during The Old Neighborhood quest and becomes available to talk afterward. To romance Sarah in Starfield and then later propose to her for marriage, you need to at least find two artifacts. Once you find the artifacts, new dialogue options with Sarah become available and you start earning her approval for your actions. 

This guide will mainly focus on Sarah’s likes and dislikes as they will allow you to get closer to her. In a pure Bethesda fashion, you need to raise her approval rating beyond a limit to start the romance. Once you manage to woo Sarah enough, you need to complete a couple of quests to finally tie the knot with her.

How to romance Sarah in Starfield

We will divide this section into parts that you need to follow to have a successful relationship with Sarah Morgan. Before we proceed any further, make sure that you always select the [Flirt] option whenever it appears while talking to Sarah. This is extremely important to further the romance quest with Sarah in Starfield.

Likes and dislikes

Likes and dislikes of companions and crew members in Starfield play an important role as they earn you their approval or disapproval. If you do something that a specific NPC is fond of, this will make you more attractive in their eyes. Approval acts as a level-up or points system. The more approval you earn from her, the better your chances of being successful with Starfield Sarah romance.

As an upstanding member of society and the torchbearer of justice for Constellation, Sarah’s likes and dislikes are pretty obvious in the game. She likes people with a strong sense of justice and integrity.

Being faithful towards Constellation is also a positive in her eyes. Sarah likes peaceful resolution to conflicts in Starfield and straightforward answers. Sarah is also fond of exploration and inquisitive responses to her queries. 


The things Sarah absolutely dislikes include lying, stealing, robbery and a violent approach towards others. If you want to nuke your chances to romance Sarah in Starfield, just kill someone.

During a side quest where you try to join a faction Ryujin Industry, you will come across a violent character. Killing him will make Sarah disapprove of your actions. However, if you manage to calm him down with persuasion check, this will get you multiple approval points from Sarah.

How to complete Sarah’s romance quest

Once you earn enough approval from Sarah via your actions, she will accept you as a friend. At this point, she will open up about her past and ask you to accompany her on the mission “In Memoriam”. If you accept this quest, you can no longer swap Sarah as she will become your permanent companion until the quest ends. 

Go with Sarah to the MAST District in New Atlantis and talk to her senior officer. Once she gets the permission, travel with her to Cassiopeia 1 planet inside ETA Cassiopeia star system. Follow the markers to reach the abandoned facility.

Talk to Sona and she will ask you to collect 10 dog tags. Nine can be collected from various graves in the woods, but to find the last one you need to defeat the Greater Silverfish mini-boss in Starfield. 

Once you get all 10 dog tags, return to Sona and hand them over. Convince Sona to leave with you and Sarah. Now go back to Sarah and talk to her. Once the [Flirt] option pops up select it.

Now you need to talk to Sarah two times more in the Embassy district and New Atlantis Docks. Both times select the [Flirt] options. This will give you an option between [Friendship] or [Romance]. Select Romance to start the relationship with Sarah in Starfield.

How to marry Sarah in Starfield

Keep earning approval and progressing with Starfield Sarah romance and she will once again present you with another option. Sarah will tell you that she wants to marry you. At this point, select the [Commitment] option from the dialogue box to take your relationship to the next level. However, your marriage with Sarah is dependent on another side quest in Starfield. 

In order to marry Sarah, you need to accept the “Commitment: Sarah Morgan” side quest. Accompany her to the beach where you will get married in the presence of her mother. This will unlock Starcrossed achievement for you in the game. This will also maximize your bond with Sarah Morgan in the game and you will get a few additional dialogues as a reward. 

This is everything you need to know about how you can romance Sarah Morgan and propose to her for marriage successfully in Starfield.

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