How To Romance Barrett In Starfield

An engineer by profession and a dad joke's enthusiast by heart, Barrett hides a secret of enormous proportion. Helping him with his grief will allow you to romance Barrett and propose him for marriage in Starfield.

Barrett is a scientist in Starfield who is affiliated with the Constellation faction. During the One Small Step main quest, you meet Barrett for the first time. Later after saving him in Back to Vectra, he will join you as a crew member and a potential romantic interest in Starfield. To fully romance Barret in Starfield and then marry him, you will need to complete his companion quest.

To progress your romance quest with Barrett in Starfield, the first thing you need to take care of are his likes and dislikes. These earn you approval from him and serve as a benchmark to progress the romance. Upon earning approval from Barrett, you can then move to the next stage of the relationship.

How to romance Barrett in Starfield

Romance and marriage quests in Starfield are long and usually require you to follow multiple steps precisely. We will divide romance and marriage with Barrett in Starfield into multiple sections and try to explain everything in detail, so you won’t mess anything up.

Likes and dislikes

Every companion and crew member in Starfield has a distinct personality that comes with unique likes and dislikes. If you are involved in activities that your active companions dislike, you will earn their disapproval. However, trying to do things that make them happy will get you a lot of approval points.

These points act as a currency to increase your liking meter with the said companion. Also, you must always select the [Flirt] option from the dialogue menu to progress your romance with Barrett in Starfield. 

As a grieving person who is trying to hide his loss behind a fake smile, Barrett loves funny people. He especially likes dad jokes and enjoys them a lot. As an engineer by profession, Barrett likes to complete the work on time and efficiently. He also loves kind, encouraging, and upstanding people. 


One of the major things that Barrett dislikes in Starfield beyond words is forcing him to talk about his past. He lost his husband Ervin in a gruesome incident and likes to keep that secret with him.

Barrett also has a major dislike for the people who break laws in any way possible. This includes murder, stealing, robbing and being violent. We recommend that you stay away from these activities to secure to chance for romance with Barrett in Starfield.

How to complete Barrett’s romance quest

Once you earn enough approval from Barrett, a new option will unlock. This allows you to talk to Barrett who will be now more open with you about his past. He will tell you more about Ervin and ask you to raise some funds to investigate his death.

This starts “Breach of Contract” companion quest. Keep in mind once this quest starts, you can’t replace Barrett with another active companion. Travel to Gagarin planet to speak to Ellie Yankton who is a lawyer. Apparently, you need more evidence to clear Ervin’s name and prove his innocence.

Go ahead and collect the evidence from three locations marked on your map. Return and then hire Dr Kaela as your attorney. This will earn you a bonus approval point from Barrett. 

Doing all these things will clear Ervin’s name and prove his innocence. This will make Barrett extremely happy as he can finally leave his past behind him. Keep talking to him and once you reach [Friendship] or [Romance] options, select romance to finally start your relationship with Barrett in Starfield.

How to marry Barrett in Starfield

After starting your romance with Barrett, keep earning his approval until he asks you to meet him. This will start another conversation which leads to [Commitment] option during dialogues. Once you select [Commitment], this will start “Commitment: Barrett” side quest. Select this quest and complete it to perform marriage ceremony with Barrett in Starfield. 

Just like the rest of the characters, you can break up with Barrett by visiting him in his quarters. Once you are done with formalities, simply select “I am not happy with this relationship” and follow it up with suitable replies.

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