How To Sneak And Avoid Detection In Starfield

Sneaking in Starfield will help you avoid unwanted enemies as well as getting damage from them. This works off your stealth skill and will allow you to avoid detection in the game.

Several ways can be utilized to Sneak and Avoid Detection in Starfield, one of which is Stealth Skill. Using Stealth Skill in Starfield will allow you to remain hidden and sneak past unwanted enemies and damage. This way, you can choose which enemy you want to face and which you want to avoid in Starfield.

To clear it further, I have prepared this Starfield Sneak and Avoid Detection guide so you will not have any problems while trying to stay hidden from some enemies.

How to Sneak in Starfield

To Sneak in Starfield, you need to learn about the combination of keys for your console. These key combinations are listed below:

  • PC: Control Key.
  • XBOX: Left Stick.

You can use these combinations of keys to Crouch, which is needed to initiate Sneak in Starfield.

How to Avoid Detection in Starfield

There are several techniques in Starfield that you can utilize to sneak and avoid detection by enemies.

  • The first technique that you can use to avoid getting detected is Crouching. By doing so, you will have the Stealth skill to camouflage yourself.
  • Going through the dark places will also help you avoid getting detected in Starfield.
  • You will get detected by making unnecessary noise, and avoid it if you want to avoid getting detected. The noise in Starfield can be prevented by moving slowly.

Skills to Avoid detection

In Starfield, there are several skills that you can utilize to avoid detection from enemies. The best skills for that are listed below:

  • As said above, Stealth Skill will allow you to camouflage yourself in the surroundings. The success rate of this skill is very high, which is 100%. But to reach this success rate, you need to upgrade your Stealth skill Rank to a maximum of 4. Upgrading your rank will gain another advantage: preventing the enemies from knowing when you open the door. If you are using this skill along with the weapon, it will also include Stealth Damage.
  • Another way that you can use in Starfield to avoid detection is by using the Concealment Skill. Doing so will allow you to disable the listening ability of enemies. If you upgrade your rank in Concealment, you can get Chameleon Armor Modifier, which is explained in detail below.

Chameleon Armor Modifier

Once you reach 3 ranks for Concealment Skill, you can unlock the Chameleon Armor Modifier in Starfield. It is an armor that will help you camouflage yourself into the surroundings using Stealth and Concealment skills.

Console command to avoid detection in Starfield

Another way you can use Starfield to avoid getting detected is by using tdetect on the Console Command. By doing so, you will remove the ability of virtually every NPC in the game to detect you. While in stealth mode, you will be able to perform a sneak attack in Starfield.

How to unlock Stealth Skill in Starfield

In Starfield, Stealth Skill will not be unlocked from the beginning of the story progression. That said, you need to open it just like any other skill. For that, you can head to the Starfield Skill menu and find Stealth from the list of skills. Once this is done, you can click on Stealth and pay a bit of Credit to unlock it.

On the other hand, if you do not want to spend money on the Stealth skill, you can also opt for the character with Stealth as the starting skill. These Starfield characters, however, are Ronin and Cyber Runner.

Stealth Meter Explained

After unlocking the Stealth skill in Starfield, you will see the meter of this skill and other skills at the top of the screen. Using Stealth Meter, you will be able to find out if the enemy is hostile and dangerous or not. This can be done by looking at the colors alongside the Stealth Bar.

You can use the help of certain items to boost the ability of Stealth skill in Starfield. One of the items that you can use is Reconstim. With this, you can decrease your movement noise, which will help you not get detected in Starfield.

Using this meter, you can find the status of the sneaking.

  • The status of sneaking will appear as “Hidden” if you have successfully camouflaged yourself from the enemies. This status will appear with a white background.
  • On the other hand, you can see “Detected” status on the Stealth meter if you unfortunately get detected by the enemies in Starfield. Similarly, this status will appear with a Green background.
  • The Stealth Meter in Starfield will also alert you with “Caution” status when you are about to be detected by the enemies. Just like the other two Stealth Meter statuses, it will also appear with a color in the background. With this status, you will get an orange color in the background.

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