Starfield Deep Cover Walkthrough

Thinking of joining the Crimson Fleet faction in Starfield? It begins with the Deep Cover mission where you become an informant for the UC.

Deep Cover is an important faction mission for the Crimson Fleet in Starfield that is also linked with the main campaign storyline in a few ways.

You, basically, get to become an informant for the UC Vanguard by committing a few petty crimes or getting caught smuggling contraband. That is your way into the Crimson Fleet.

This guide includes all the details necessary for you to embark on your journey on the Deep Cover faction mission in Starfield.

How to unlock the Deep Cover mission

There are several different ways through which you can unlock the Deep Cover mission in Starfield.

The easiest way is to complete the first main story quest where you head off in Captain Petrov’s Ship to retrieve the first artifact in Starfield.

When you come back to the Lodge in New Atlantis, you’ll not be able to enter it but instead will be hailed by the UC Vanguard for committing crimes.


If you spawn in an interrogation room with Commander Ikande, you’ve successfully activated the Deep Cover faction mission.

If you’ve moved past the first main story mission, don’t worry, just commit a bit of crime and enter any UC-owned territory such as Jemison or Mars.

You’ll immediately be stopped by a UC ship patrolling the Orbit, agree to come along with them, and wait till you’re spawned in an interrogation room with Commander Ikande asking you to become an Informant.

The last method to unlock the Deep Cover Faction quest is to join the UC Vanguard and complete the mission, Supra Et Ultra along with the Grunt Work mission.

Commander Tuala will call to brief you all about the ongoing War between the UC Vanguard and the Crimson Fleet. This will ultimately unlock the Deep Cover mission in Starfield.

How to complete Deep Cover in Starfield

As you spawn into the Holding Cell, Commander Ikande will enter and brief you on your background. He will then provide you with a choice to help the UC Sydef or rot in prison with your bail increased.

If you already joined UC Vanguard, you’ll be met with Commander Ikande at the operations center.

If you accept Commander Ikande’s proposal to become an informant for the UC Sydef, you’ll exit the interrogation room and will be asked to meet with Commander Ikande at the operations center where he will let you know about all the protocols to follow while you head into this faction mission.

The Deep Cover mission tasks you to infiltrate a group of Crimson Fleet members by gaining their trust so that they let you in their Headquarters.

Commander Ikande wants you to get into their headquarters and find as much incriminating evidence so that the UC can pursue them.

You can ask Commander Ikande questions related to the faction mission. When he’s done briefing you, speak with Lieutenant Toft nearby who’ll tell you about the Aurora contraband placed in your ship that you will use to gain the Crimson Fleet member’s trust. She will also let you know that whatever evidence you gather on the Crimson Fleet will be compensated.

Speak with Saoirse Bowden in Cydonia

After you’re done being briefed, make your way to the Trade Authority Shop located at the start of the City of Cydonia on Mars, where you’ll need to meet Saoirse.

She is an informant working for the UC Vanguard and plays a big role in connecting you to a Crimson Fleet member in the Deep Cover mission of Starfield.

Speak with Saoirse and pay her 1000 Credits as a finder’s fee so she can let you in on a Crimson Fleet member nearby known as Adler Kemp.

Adler Kemp is located at the Broken Spear bar at the entrance of Cydonia. If you’re having trouble finding him just follow the blue marker pointing at your next objective.

Once you’ve found Adler speak with him to tell him about the Aurora you want to sell. He’ll reply by taking a sample of the Aurora and telling you that he knows the Crimson Fleet.

Adler will help you sell this Aurora but only if you do a favor for him by collecting his debt from Karl Fielding who is a miner.

Collect Karl Fielding’s debts

Leave the Broken Spear Bar and make your way to the Residential Quarters in Cydonia using the blue marker on your screen.

You will find Karl sitting on the right side of the Residential Quarters. There are a few methods through which you can complete this task.

  • Persuade Him
  • Pay his Debt
  • Attack him

Adler advised you to not kill him, and if you try to attack him, the other people in the room will start attacking you.

It is best to persuade him as he gets out of it scratch-free and you can earn some points for your persuasion skills. If you’re in a hurry, you can pay his debt for 3000 Credits.

Return to Adler where he’ll ask you about selling your drugs and will agree to tell you the location of Crimson Fleet’s second-in-command, Naeva Mora.

Starfield – Deep Cover mission rewards

  • 7300 credits

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