How To Get Monopropellant In Starfield

Get the Monopropellant and upgrade your Boostpacks.

The Monopropellant is an important component in Starfield for crafting. This component serves a greater purpose in crafting Mods for your weapon and armor and increasing their stats. There are multiple ways to acquire the Monopropellant, which will either involve buying this item or crafting it yourself.

I will assist you with all the required information if you want to learn how to get the Monopropellant.

Where to buy Monopropellant in Starfield

Multiple vendors will have the Monopropellant listed up for sale for 76 Credits. If you are unlucky in finding this particular item, you can rest for a while and revisit each vendor. This way, the vendors may have restocked the missing items, and you can acquire the Monopropellant relatively easily.

You can visit the following vendors to purchase the Monopropellant:

How to Craft Monopropellant Tanks

Crafting the Monopropellant in Starfield will be more expensive than purchasing this item. Nevertheless, if you are interested in crafting it, you can do so at an Industrial Workbench, which can be found either on your Outpost or Spaceship.

Then, you will require the following materials to craft a Monopropellant successfully.

Resource NameItem IdQuantityCredits
Mag Pressure Tank00246B701/125
Reactive Gauge00246B6F1/125

If you cannot purchase or craft the Monopropellant, you can use the console command to add this item to your inventory. For that, you can type the following command in the command window:

player.additem 00246B74 1

Once you enter this command, you will receive a notification on the top right side indicating that the Monopropellant has been added to your Inventory.

Starfield Monopropellant Uses

Like all essential components, Monopropellant can be used for Research Projects. You can essentially use it on these Equipment Mod projects:

  • Pack Mods 1
  • Pack Mods 2
  • Pack Mods 3

Regarding Weapon Mods, you can use the Monopropellant to craft two types of Mods: High Velocity and Bullet Hose in Starfield. Both weapon mods can be applied to different weapons and will boost the stats, allowing you to dominate your battles.

Similarly, if you have a lot of Monopropellants in your inventory, you can use them for crafting Armor Mods, which can aid you significantly. These will include the Boostpack Mods such as:

  • Balanced Boostpack
  • Basic Boostpack
  • Power Boostpack
  • Skip Capacity Boostpack 
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