Starfield Industrial Workbench Locations

You can use Industrial Workbenches in Starfield to craft essential components.

In Starfield, Industrial Workbench is one of the types of workbench that you can use for crafting different components. You will be exploring a lot of planets and setting up your Outpost on some of these. You can farm resources on these planets, including different types of minerals.

If you want to utilize these resources for creating items such as Adaptive Frames, etc., this process can be done using the Industrial Workbenches. You can find one of the Industrial Workbenches at some locations, such as the Lodge’s Basement. Similarly, you can create your own Industrial Workbench on your ship or Outpost. 

In this guide, I will review all these options to determine where you can find an Industrial Workbench and how to set it up in this Starfield.

Industrial Workbench locations in Starfield

Industrial Workbenches are mini-lab sections that you can use to craft useful objects. As such, you can find the Industrial Workbenches at the following locations:

1. Ship Modules on your Ship

You can add an Industrial Workbench to your ship through Ship modules. This process can be done by upgrading your ship with a Workshop Module.

It will cost you some credits, and you must remember the mass factor while upgrading your ship. However, it will pay off nicely in the end, as you will eventually get your workbench on your ship, which you can access anytime in Starfield.

2. The Lodge’s Basement

Travel to the Alpha Centauri System first, then select the Planet Jemison next in Starfield. You will get a lot of markers here, so choose the one with the Lodge option. In my case, it was Talk with Andreja at the Lodge.

After getting there, you can turn right towards the open doorway and proceed down the stairs to reach the Lodge’s Basement. After getting there, you will see the Starfield Workbench near the wall.

You can simply walk to it and then use it to craft different things like Adaptive Frame, Comm Relay, etc., in Starfield. Apart from this location, you will also come across the Industrial Workbench at the following three areas in Starfield.

PlanetArea – Industrial Workbench location
Volii AlphaNeon Mining League
LunaGalactic Staryard
VectraArgos Extractors Mining Outpost

3. Build One in Your Outpost

You also have the option to build a Starfield Workbench in any one of your outposts as well. Moreover,  you can install it from the outpost building view and proceed to place it at an easily accessible point in Starfield.

Remember that it won’t cost you any resources; after you build it, you won’t need to provide it with any power output. Once done, you can use it to craft outpost objects, which can be resourceful for your Outpost in Starfield. 

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