How To Get Nordic Carved Armor In Skyrim

The following guide highlights how to get Nordic Carved Armor in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and also mentions its stats in detail.

Nordic Carved Armor is a heavy armor set found in Skyrim. The Amor has an exquisite and unique design with impressive stats. The armor rating is further improved with a shield. The following guide highlights how to get Nordic Carved Armor in Skyrim.

Nordic Carved armor location in Skyrim

The player can get the Nordic Carved Armor from the Dragonborn DLC of Skyrim.

In a Carved Nordic vs Ebony Armor stat comparison, you’ll find that both armors are quite similar, with the Nordic Carved Armor providing great value compared to its harder-to-obtain counterpart.

This armor is worn by the bandit chiefs and if the player is lucky, they might drop it.

To acquire this armor early in the playthrough, players must approach the area known as the trainer’s post and clear out the area. Take down the bandit chief wearing the Nordic Carved Armor and he might drop the entire set. This armor can be found in chests or as a world item as well.


The following table shows the Stats of Nordic Carved Armor in Skyrim:

Piece Armor Weight Value ID
Nordic Carved Armor 43 37 1,600 XX01CD97
Nordic Carved Boots 15 6 220 XX01CD96
Nordic Carved Gauntlets 15 6 220 XX01CD98
Nordic Carved Helmet 20 7 550 XX01CD99
Nordic Carved Shield 26.5 10 335 XX026236

Smithing requirements

The Nordic Carved Armor can be forged by a Black Smith. Proceed to a Blacksmith’s forge with the right set of materials to get this advanced Armor. A player with a Smithing level of 50 and Advanced Armors perk can forge his/her own Nordic Carved Armor.

The only downfall to this approach is that a lot of building material is required to forge this armor, which takes a lot of time and effort. The following components are required to forge the Nordic Carved Armor:

  • 1 × Quicksilver Ingot
  • 1 × Ebony Ingot
  • 6 × Steel Ingot
  • 3 × Leather Strips

Nordic Carved Armor mods

Should players want a different aesthetic look to their Nordic Carved Armors they can use different mods to do so. These mods are easy to install and provide unique appearances for the armor set.

Project 7 – Nordic Carved Armor Remastered mod

This mod is a total retexture and rework, of the vanilla Nordic Armor and weapon set. Unlike other mods, this gives extra attention to detail to avoid blocky details and provide better, more fluid movements.

This is achieved by a complete rework and not a simple retexture, converting the entire model into a higher poly reskin.

The visuals do not receive a drastic change and the armor keeps its original essence being a heavy, bulky armor set for warriors to survive in a harsh climate, however with subtle tweaks.

AMIDIANBORN Nordic Carved mod

This is another high-quality, high-resolution, handmade texture mod that allows players unique visuals for their Nordic Carved Armor sets.

Like the previous mod, everything has been done from scratch to give a better visual experience.

When installing and activating the mod players will be given a choice between the Black Brown or White Fur texture pack. The choice will affect the visuals of the armor, you may try both and select the one that suits your taste.

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