Starfield Inventory Tips: How To Get Infinite Storage Space

Here are some important tips to manage your inventory space in Starfield, including getting infinite storage space.

Starfield offers multiple inventory storage options from keeping important things on your body suit to accessible slots in your ship. However, a time comes when you start running out of these spaces.

In the start, you will be able to take up an impressive-sounding 135 kg of weight but while playing the game you will realize that it is just not enough, even with the ship’s storage capacity. That is why inventory management becomes an important factor while playing Starfield.

We have compiled this guide with how you can manage your inventory and avoid getting encumbered in Starfield.

How encumbering works in Starfield

Similar to the Elder Scrolls games, Encumbering in Starfield occurs when you carry weight that exceeds your carrying capacity.

While in the state of Encumbrance, your movement speed drastically becomes slower whereas running will drain your Oxygen faster than normal, replacing it with CO2.

If there is no O2 left in your system, you start to take damage due to suffocation. To equalize Oxygen levels, you will have to stop and wait till they are restored making you even slower with constant breaks. Additionally, you won’t be able to Fast Travel while in this state.


To stop being Encumbered, it is paramount to manage your inventory regularly in Starfield. It can be done by simply increasing your inventory space to store more items, or using stuff you have been saving and if bad comes to worst, discarding items from your inventory.

Encumbering mechanics explained in Starfield.

How to increase inventory space in Starfield

The best way to tackle Encumbering in Starfield is to increase storage capacity. Here are a few ways you can use to increase your inventory space:

Unlocks different Skills and Mods

Weight-Lifting Skill in Starfield, as the name indicates, increases your personal maximum weight threshold. With only the first upgrade you can carry an additional 10kg with your default 135 kg, which can upgrade up to a whopping 100kg.

Mods like Resource Hauler in Starfield can lower all resource weight by 25% which can greatly increase what you can carry without increasing your storage slots.

Consume Food to temporarily boost carry capacity

If you are unable to try out different methods and looking for a quick fix, food like UC Battlemeal Multipack is the way to go. It adds an additional 8kg capacity for 8 minutes, giving you ample time to drop your stuff onto permanent storage.

Utilize your Companion’s inventory

Companions in Starfield are more than just your friends on the field. They can lift some weight off your shoulders by holding on to your excessive stuff.

To do this simply “Trade Gear” with them and choose what you can drop off. If you are looking for someone specific, you can use the Ship Menu to assign that companion to your ship who will be waiting there once you board it.

Utilize the Ship’s cargo hold

Whatever ship you may be right now in Starfield, it will have some form of storage that you can use. The Cargo Hold and Captain’s Locker can both hold on to your items and the best part is that it can be expanded even more from the Data Menu.

Increasing the ship’s size can also increase the storage capacity but doing so will require additional components to be added to the ship for it to function. Note that you don’t exceed the maximum weight your ship can hold so keep what you need in there.

Make your own Storage

Utilizing Starfield’s Outpost Function you will be able to establish your own base around the world on different planets. You can build your own Cargo Storage where you can just dump all your stuff.

Using a Cargo Link, you will be able to link different outpost inventories so visualizing and managing what you have will be even easier.

Access the infinite storage space box

Getting unlimited storage capacity in Starfield.

All of your inventory problems stem from limited storage space and maximum weight capacity, what if there is a way to remove these factors entirely?

There is an infinite storage method in Starfield where you can have unlimited storage space. To access this space you need to find The Lodge in New Atlantis.

In the basement, past the workbenches, you will find a storage box outside your room on the table. It has unlimited storage space so you can put whatever you want without worrying about other limiting factors.

Sell your unwanted items and junk

If you have accumulated junk that you are never going to use, well there is some use for them now. Take the items to different shops or Trade Authority kiosks that will take them off your hands in exchange for some credit. You can make a quick buck while clearing out your inventory in this way.

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