Should You Tell Hadrian About Her Father In Starfield?

One major story choice that you will have to make is whether to tell Hadrian the truth about her father or not in Starfield.

While advancing the UC Vanguard faction questline in Starfield, you are going to get the chance to tell Hadrian the truth about her father.

Spoiler alert – he is actually alive and the one behind the Terramorph attacks of New Atlantis. You can choose to either keep this a secret from Hadrian or tell her the truth.

Opting for the former is of little use because Hadrian is going to eventually find out for herself. You are going to get a couple of opportunities to tell her the truth before that happens.

The first chance to tell Hadrian about her father will be during the War Relics faction mission where you head off to Mars to retrieve and restore Kaiser after completing The Devils You Know in Starfield.

The second chance will be presented while you’re exploring the Toliman Planet II with Hadrian in the Hostile Intelligence faction mission. Here, you have to find a creature known as the Aceles who can help wipe out the Terrormorphs under the speculated orders of Vae Victis.

Should you tell Hadrian about her father in Starfield?

If you decide to tell Hadrian the truth about her father in the War Relics faction mission, Hadrian will first think that you are joking with her in Starfield.

However, after exhausting further dialogues, Hadrian will become visibly upset as she comes to terms with what and why her father did.

Telling Hadrian about her father will not change the outcome of War Relics. You can keep it a secret if you want and still get the same mission ending.

Hostile Intelligence marks the second-last faction quest for the UC Vanguard where you head off with Hadrian to find a sample of the Aceles creatures who can take out the Terrormorphs.

During an objective of speaking with Hadrian, you’ll be provided with a prompt to tell Hadrian that her father is alive and is secretly working with the UC Vanguard. The dialogues will be very similar to the ones you’ll encounter if you tell Hadrian about Vae Victis in the War Relics mission.

Choosing to tell the truth about Vae Victis will not affect the Hostile Intelligence faction quest but will end the UC faction questline as a whole and you’ll be required to turn Vae Victis in for his crimes against the Terrormoprh attacks.

If you decide to keep it hidden, you’ll be able to play the final mission of the UC faction known as A Legacy Forged. If you put the blame on Dr. Orlasse, you’ll be able to take up a few more side missions working as an assassin for Vae Victis.

No matter what choice you make about telling or lying to Hadrian about her father, you’ll still be granted the Class One Citizen rewards from the United Colonies and will also get a penthouse after completion of the UC faction questline in Starfield.

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