How To Get To The Wolf Star System In Starfield

If you want to make credits by selling the illegal stuff like Contraband in Starfield then you should visit the Wolf Star System.

In Starfield, you will experience traveling to different Systems, and one of these might end up being the Wolf Star System. I chose this specific system over others because you can smuggle and sell Contraband here to make credits.

If you join factions like the Crimson Fleet, Xenofresh Corporation, etc., and indulge in illegal activities, the Wolf Star System is the right place to excel in your smuggling career. Most of the stuff you find during your playthrough will be deemed contraband. Selling it in different systems will not be that easy.

This is not the case for the Wolf Star System. You must be at Level 5 to access this specific system. You will discover that selling contraband here will be easier compared to the settled systems.

Starfield Wolf Star system location

You will find the Wolf Star System at an equal distance from the three systems. These are the Alpha Centauri System, which is on the southwestern side. The second one is the Narion System, towards the Northeastern side.

Between these two, you will find the Wolf Star System. It is on the east side of the SOL System in Starfield. If you reach either of these three Systems, you can quickly get the Wolf Star System with just one grav jump.

How to Sell Contraband at The Den

To sell Contraband at The Den, you must first identify it in Starfield. It will be an old, decommissioned UC space station that you can spot easily around one of the planets in the Wolf Star System.


This will be the Chthonia planet, which is easy to spot since it is the only planet without a moon. After finding The Den near it, you can set your course to reach it.

Once you board at The Den, you can explore it to find a small shop named Trade Authority. After spotting it, you can interact with the NPC vendor present at it and select the contraband you want to sell.

This stall will be valuable, allowing you to sell all the contraband items you salvaged during your campaign mission. You will earn a good amount of credit in Starfield for selling these.

Moreover, the Wolf Star System will be unlike the other systems, which have their security. You won’t face any security here that might check you for contraband. That means you are free to sell those illegal goods without any charges.

All Wolf Star System Planets

Once you enter the Wolf Star System, you will see that it is a small system compared to the others. This particular Star System in Starfield will have only two Planets.

The names of these two Planets will be Cythonia and Etherea. Only one will have a moon named Pontem orbiting it. Furthermore, you will discover that the Planet Etherea cannot be landed on as it is relatively closer to the Sun in Starfield.

This makes the planet’s atmosphere unsuitable so you can land on its Moon instead. Compared to the planet, it will be rich in elements such as:

  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Silver

You will also discover traces of Water on some parts of the moon. Similarly, if you land on the other planet, Cythonia, you will find some elements here. These will include elemental deposits of the following elements:

  • Beryllium
  • Helium (-3)
  • Aluminum

Lastly, you will find an old decommissioned space station, The Den, closer to this particular planet in the Wolf Star System in Starfield.

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