How To Get To The Den In Starfield

The best place to sell your illicit items in Starfield is at the Den Station

One of the best ways to earn credits in Starfield is by selling Contraband. However, due to the risk involved in this method, selecting the best places to sell this illicit item is required. Arguably, the best place to participate in this activity is at The Den. The Den in Starfield is a space station. This space station will not scan your ship and will not detect contraband. This paves the way for you to freely sell contraband without being tracked.

The Den location in Starfield

The Den in Starfield has recently skyrocketed in popularity. Its rise comes with freely selling the illicit Contraband without getting behind bars. Therefore, it has become a spot for vendors to make reasonable deals. You will find the Den in Starfield at the Wolf System.

The Den location starfield

Start by opening your Starfield Starmap and zoom out into the Stars. Track the Wolf system at the northeastern part of the Star Map. You will find it slightly east of Procyon A. Click on it to head over to the Wolf system in Starfield.

The Wolf System does not have much to offer. Therefore, locating the Den station in Starfield will be easier. You will find it in the western part of the Wolf system. So use fast-traveling to get there in a short time. This will save you fuel. However, after reaching the Den in Starfield, there is more to it than expected.

What to do in The Den in Starfield

There are a lot of things to do at the Den in Starfield. Although selling your illicit items for credits is considered easy, it has additional objectives. Below, we have arranged all the objectives required to sell your items at the Den station:

Find Marcel Duris

You must dock your ship after arriving at the Den Station. Now, you must find Marcel Duris, who is a vendor at the station. You will find this vendor in his office at the Trading Authority. However, to reach the area, you must head past Ship Service and move to the western part of the station.


You will find the Trading Authority to the corridor’s left, with Marcel inside, searching through his shelf. Start a conversation with him, and he will assist you. You can choose the “I’d like to see what you have for sale” option to sell your items.

Sell your items

Afterward, open your inventory and sell any desired item for a reasonable price. Marcel has a total of 11,000 credits in his inventory. You can sell contraband worth this amount in Starfield at the Den. However, you must wait in the lounge area outside the Trade Authority for 48 hours to reset your credits. In the meantime, you can sleep or wander around the station.

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