Starfield Marriage Guide

The culmination of your romance in Starfield can result in marriage if you wish to do so, provided you play your cards right.

Nowadays, every RPG allows players to start romantic relationships with their companions and marry them later on in the game. The same holds true for Starfield with its marriage system. The vastness of space is lonely after all and what better way to make it bearable than with a romantic partner? If you are wondering how you can get married in Starfield after your relationship with a companion has bloomed, let us help you out.

Starfield marriage process explained

Before you can marry someone in Starfield, you need to recruit that person as a companion and build your relationship affinity with them. For a chance to have a romantic relationship, the companion must accompany you everywhere you go. This allows them to gain relationship points based on your actions.

After your relationship with your selected NPC has improved, the companion will start trusting you and tell you something that is making them worried, providing you with a side quest to help them.

Following up on this side quest and the corresponding questline, you will further improve your relationship with the companion and unlock the option to Flirt with them once the relationship has reached a certain point.

Even after you have started a romance, you still need to follow up on the companion’s questline until you get the option to commit to them. Selecting the YES option will complete your Starfield marriage with that companion.

How to marry Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is one of the first companions you meet in Starfield, so increasing your relationship with Sarah will be the easiest. Sarah has high morals, so picking evil and devious options won’t help you increase your friendship with Sarah.

Flirt with Sarah often to increase your chances of romancing her. After your relationship is high enough and Sarah is your ally, you will unlock the In Memoriam side quest for Sarah. After you have helped Sarah, you will get the “Commitment: Sarah Morgan’ side quest that has you visit Sarah’s mother and eventually marry Sarah.

How to marry Andreja

Andreja is the second female companion you can romance in Starfield. Andreja prefers people who are intimidating and crude but not cruel and cowardly, so that needs to be your go-to behavior if you want to romance Andreja. Other than that, you also need to flirt with Andreja as much as you can, obviously.

After your relationship with Andreja is high enough, she opens up about her past and wants your help tying loose ends from her past. You get the Divided Loyalty side quest that leads you to romance with Andreja.

After Andreja’s quest has been completed, you need to find and talk to Andreja again and during the talk, select the following dialogue options:

  • Whatever happens, we will face it together. 
  • You have a family in Constellation. 
  • [Romance] I love you

How to marry Sam Coe

Same Coe is the first of the two male companions you can romance in Starfield. Sam Coe is a huge advocate of Justice, and he loves his daughter, so you need to be a brave, just and gentle person who also needs to accept his daughter in your crew.

After your approval points with Sam are high enough, Sam’s daughter expresses her concern for her mother, Lillian Hart, and this leads to Sam Coe’s romance side quest Matters of the Hart.

After you save Lillian, you can talk to Sam again, and select the Romance option to marry the guy.

How to marry Barrett

The last companion you can romance and marry in Starfield, Barrett is a sweet and decent guy and loves order and discipline. Being a widower, Barrett enjoys fun-loving companionship, occasional dad jokes and going around with you on deadly missions.

Barrett is still plagued by the death of his husband Ervin, and wants your help investigate the circumstances of his death. Follow Barrett’s side quest, Breach of Contract, and help him find out what actually happened regarding Ervin.

After you are done with the quest, you need to talk to Barrett again and you can then select the Romance option to start a commitment with Barrett and marry him.

How to get divorced in Starfield

Now, you are married, but not happily so. As such, players need to just speak to their spouses and ask them what they feel about their relationship. No matter what reply they give, players will get the option to end the relationship/marriage. 

Whoever you have as a spouse will be hurt and sad, and they will throw a few emotional jabs at you, but they will respect your wishes and the marriage will eventually end. After the divorce, your now ex-spouse will refuse to be an active member of your missions for a while, and since you broke their heart, you won’t be able to romance or propose marriage to them in Starfield for that particular playthrough.

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