All Starfield Religions Explained

Becoming a part of a religion in Starfield can offer some nice bonuses, but which one should you choose?

Considering the massive world and different cultures in Starfield, it makes sense that players will have the option to choose different religions for their characters. The choice to select your religion in Starfield happens during character creation as part of picking up your traits. But what does being part of a Starfield religion actually mean? Let us explain.

All Starfield religions

There are 3 major religions that players can be a part of in Starfield. While other religions do exist, they don’t impact your gameplay in any way. The main religions in the game are

  • The Enlightened Faith
  • Sanctum Universum
  • House of Va’Ruun

The Enlightened Faith

The game depicts the Enlightened Faith as a religion of Atheists who do not believe in God and believe that humans are perfectly capable of taking care of each other. They undergo many humanitarian and civil programs throughout the galaxy to help people propagate its teachings. This religion is an embodiment of science and has a scientific religious branch as well.

They tend to believe in the power of knowledge, new technology, humanity, and science. They also tend to believe that humanity has a far greater role to play in the future than it is playing now. By following this religion, you gain special access to a chest full of items in the House of Enlightened but at the same time lose access to the Sanctum Universum chest that is owned by their competitor religion. So it is up to you to decide if you want to follow Enlightened or Sanctum Universum.

Sanctum Universum

This religion is a fast-growing and relatively new religion as it was founded nearly 2 decades before the incidents shown in the game. They believe that God exists somewhere and is waiting and wanting to be found by His followers. The Sanctum Universum religion is a combined mixture of Christianity and Jewish religion in our real world. They have a base or so-called church in the city of New Atlantis.

The Sanctum Universum mainly focuses on trade and many vendors and merchants tend to join it. Because of that, if you join Sanctum Universum you can get discounts while purchasing stuff from the church stores throughout the game.

House of Va’Ruun

This is a vilified religion or so-called cult. The only information we have about this religion is based on rumors spread throughout the Galaxy. The founder of this religion explains that while they were on a Grav jump they met and spoke to a celestial being named The Great Serpent. They also say that the Grav jump lasted longer for them than the other passengers and the celestial being they met gave them a mandate “Worship me or get devoured when it encircles the universe.”

The followers of the House of Va’Ruun get a temporary health and endurance boost but this boost is removed if they don’t perform regular grav jumps. Considering how much you need to travel in the game, that however shouldn’t be a problem.

How to join a Religion in Starfield

As mentioned before, joining a religion in Starfield can only be done during character creation. During the last step, you have the option to select 3 traits for your character. You can pick one of the religions as your trait, locking out the other 2 religions.

The traits and which religion they make you a part of are mentioned below

  • House of Va’Ruun – Serpents Embrace trait
  • Sanctum Universum – Raised Universal trait
  • The Enlightened Faith – Raised Enlightened trait
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