Starfield Spaceship Combat Tips

Having a tough ship in Starfield will only get you so far if you haven't mastered spaceship combat. Let these tips guide you to victory.

A big chunk of combat in Starfield revolves around dogfights in space. While you may have gotten a fancy free ship at the start of the game, it won’t get you through every tough spot. That is why you have to be on your toes at all times when navigating space in Starfield as pirates and bandits can attack at any time. To help you survive, we have prepared some handy Starfield spaceship combat tips that should get you started.

Keep your ship upgraded at all times

Spaceships are part and parcel of Starfield and without a good one, you are nothing in the game. Your success in space combat is directly linked with the level and abilities of your Spaceship in the combat. To keep it running and effective you must upgrade and repair it with time. Spaceship Technicians are available at spaceports and you can hire them to modify and upgrade your space vehicle.

Allocating Power Resources

Spaceships are powered using a Reactor and you have full control over it. There are three main power-consuming parts which include engines, shields, and weapons. Controlling the correct amount of power to each of these parts will help you tackle your opponents in combat.

Providing more power to the engines will help you move faster. This can either be used to follow up on an enemy ship or to flee from getting into combat. Shields protect your spacecraft from getting significant damage and more power to it will result in healing the shield faster and making it more resistant. Coming up to the weapons, allocating more power resources will increase the effectiveness of the weapons along with improving the reloading pace as well.

Give chase and try to get behind enemies

Another useful tip while in spaceship combat in Starfield is to chase down your enemies or try to maneuver yourself behind enemy ships. Getting behind them will make it much easier to aim since your weapons have lock-on capabilities so enemies won’t be able to dodge your shots. This way you can easily target critical systems or weapons to disable enemy spaceships.

Destroying specific parts

As you progress into the game, you will be able to get your hands on a skill known as Targeting Control Systems. This skill will allow you to zoom in on the specific parts of a ship and target them. 


Depending on your combat scenario, you can choose which part to knock down first. Targeting the shields will result in making the opponent’s ships more vulnerable to the weapons. Similarly, you can also target the engines to diminish their mobility.

Taking control of enemy ships

In Starfield, you cannot only take down and loot the enemy ship debris, but you can also board and hijack their ship. During combat, use the Targeting Control System to disable enemy ships by focusing on their engines. This will allow you to dock with the ship and board it. Once on the enemy ship, kill all hostiles, and then you can steal the ship. If you wish you can take it to a spaceport and get it registered to add to your fleet.

Visit the Technician regularly

While returning from the battle where you engaged enemies in combat, an important tip is to visit the Ship Services Technician located at the spaceports. This will help you repair your ship timely before you take it on another adventure. This will cost you some credits but your ship will always be ready to go for another combat anytime.

The technician will also allow you to upgrade and even design your own crazy ships that not only look cool but also perform better than the default Frontier ship.

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