Best Starfield Companions Ranked

Every companion in Starfield has something unique to offer but there are some that can be ranked above others.

Having a huge roster of over 20 companions and crew members, it can be difficult to figure out which companions are the best in Starfield and should accompany you in the field. Luckily, the game makes the system a bit simpler for you. You can only choose from the 5 companions you meet as part of the main story to go places with you. Everyone else works on ships and outposts as crew members.

So, with the list narrowed down to 5 companions, we have decided to rank these Starfield companions from best to worst. Do keep in mind that this Starfield companions rank list is our own personal preference based on their skills. You might prefer someone else.

1. Andreja

Andreja is one of the four companions in Starfield you can actually romance. With the maxed-out stealth abilities, she can help in carrying out the silenced operations. Additionally, Andreja also has theft capabilities allowing her to pickpocket keys or other important stuff.

Having an enigmatic nature, it is difficult to understand her completely. She is morally flexible which allows you to make decisions involving evil actions with freedom.

2. Sam

Sam Coe is an old-fashioned cowboy companion in the Starfield. Having a plethora of skills including piloting expertise and rifle certification. This allows him to maneuver ships in tight dogfight situations along with more damage per shot. Pursuing Sam romantically will also benefit you with his resource-managing capabilities.

After recruiting Sam, you will also end up with another extra person on your ship, his daughter Cora. However, Cora will always stay on the ship and doesn’t accompany you both when going on adventures.


3. Sarah

Sarah Morgan is a character full of skillset but at the same time, she is boring as well. Having no flexibility against evil, she has a good moral character. Being the first companion you recruit, Sarah has versatile capabilities allowing you to extend drives by a significant percentage.

She is highly qualified for Laser Weapons and her military background makes her one of the best companions for combat even though Sarah is not the best romance option. Additionally, she also possesses some leadership qualities as well which help in team engagement and collaboration.

4. Vasco

Talking about the guy who doesn’t care at all! Yes, that’s Vasco. This giant robotic body companion is no less than a neutral companion having no feelings for your actions. Being skilled in the Electromagnetic Weapon System skills and the Shield Systems helps you in improving the ship’s performance.

Additionally, he also possesses some extra skill to handle heavy loads along with helping you side by side even at some complex and challenging landscapes. Vasco is also programmed to say your character’s name out loud from a list of possible names.

5. Barrett

Once recruited, Barrett can be considered the jack of all trades in Starfield. From cooking specialized food to fighting enemies along with some exceptional engineering skills makes him useful but perhaps not the best companion in the game. His technical assistance can help in accelerating the ship’s repairs.

Further, Barrett’s expertise in the Particle Beam weapon system is a nightmare for the enemies. He also possesses Gastronomy skills allowing him to make some special meals which can help you in many ways. His ship expertise does come in handy though so I guess Barrett isn’t too bad as a companion or a romance option.

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