Starfield Missed The Mark Walkthrough

Missed the Mark sees you finding the real culprit in Starfield who stole Helena's package and left her courier for dead.

Missed the Mark is typical corporate work with a twist in Starfield. What started out as a simple investigation takes a turn for the worse after you find the corpse of the courier who was found dead in his office with Helena’s package missing.

The parcel was Reliant Medical’s property and the Manager, Helena, is not taking her chances with losing it. You will have to track the suspect down but things are definitely not what they seem like.

Each wrong choice will cost you heavily and even with the right ones, you can still miss out on some rewards. So let’s look into how you can get the best rewards from Missed the Mark mission in Starfield.

How to unlock the Missed the Mark mission

To unlock the Missed the Mark side mission you need to complete the Missed Connections quest in Starfield. Helena will then task you with another job and your Mission HUD will automatically update with the next quest under the MISC Tab.

How to complete Missed the Mark in Starfield

To complete Missed the Mark side quest in Starfield you need to head over to Gagarin Landing on Gagarin in Alpha Centauri Star System. You may remember visiting Gagarin during the UC Wants You! And the Media Sponge side quests.

Head straight from the landing pad, take the stairs on the left all the way up and enter the Reliant Medical building, the first one on your right.


Go upstairs and speak to Helena Strickland, the Office Manager for Reliant Medical Gagarin Landing Branch.

During the Missed Connections quest, her package containing confidential Reliant Medical data was stolen and she suspects her employee Bonifac Maksimov.

His recent disappearance raised her suspicions and as you have proven yourself with your previous assignment, she asks you to find him for her.

Once you accept the offer, she shares a lead on his whereabouts that he settled on Hawley within the same Star System.

Find Bonifac Maksimov

Get back into your ship and make the grav jump to Hawley, Moon of Olivas in the Alpha Centauri Star System.

Land on the Reclaimed Outpost, head towards the building on your right but be careful as there will be a few Ecliptics on the premises that you may need to take out.

Use the stairs to get to the first floor and use the door on your right to enter the Reclaimed Outpost. The hallway will lead you down to the cargo hold with a room in the back guarded by a few Ecliptic enemies.

Make your way through and you will find Bonifac on the floor with his hands tied behind his back. Speak to him after untying him and tell him Helena sent you to collect the data he ran away with.

He shares that he is not the real culprit but a victim as Maldonado killed the courier, hijacked his ship, and tied him up here. He teams up with you to find the real perpetrator and retrieve the data he stole.

Find Stephen Maldonado

Head back up the hallway and take the first left to reach the balcony of an open office. Take the stairs down and turn left to find Stephan Maldonado in the room.

He will immediately confess that the data is worth a lot on the market, so he offers you a lucrative deal. If you lie to Helena about Bonifac being the culprit, Stephan will pay you a good amount of credits.

Should you accept or decline Maldonado’s offer?

If you refuse Maldonado’s offer during Missed the Mark mission in Starfield, he will pull out a gun to fight you. Kill him and then collect the data slate from his body.

If you have lawful companions like Sarah Morgan with you, they will like and support your decision to kill Maldonado.

If you accept Maldonado’s offer, he will immediately hand over 4000 Credits. This will make Bonifac attack you so you will have to kill him instead.

Even if you don’t attack him, Maldonado will finish the job regardless. Your companions, especially Constellation members, will hate the choice and affect your affinity with them negatively.

Double Cross Maldonado and Bonifac

If you are just looking for more Credits, there is an alternative method that will prove to be most beneficial during the Missed the Mark side mission in Starfield.

To get the most money, accept Maldonado’s Offer, kill Bonifac, and then also turn around to kill Maksimov. This will allow you to loot both of their bodies, getting more Credits and also retrieve the data.

However, since you will be accepting Maldonado’s Offer, your Constellation companions like Sarah Morgan or Andreja will hate it and your affinity will drop.

Best choice for Maldonado’s offer

The way to deal with Maldonado’s offer during the Missed the Mark mission eventually depends on your own conscious as well as whether you have an active companion or just looking for Credits in Starfield.

Accepting his offer will only provide a little bit more profit at the cost of your integrity and honor in front of your companions. If Credits are your concern, double-crossing is a better bet especially if you are doing things solo.

We suggest refusing the offer because the gap between the choices is just some Credits which you can easily make up by using alternative Credit farming methods.

The choice also helps if you are looking to romance the companion as it has a positive effect on your affinity.

Report back to Helena

Irrespective of your decision, you will have to report back the situation to Helena in her office at Gagarin Landing to complete the Missed the Mark side mission in Starfield.

If you refuse Maldonado’s offer and retrieve the data, she will praise you for your work and reward you a little extra for your efforts. Do mention Maldonado’s offer as it will get you another handsome boost that you don’t want to miss out on.

If you accepted the offer instead, you will have to lie to her and she will reward you with a lot fewer Credits instead. There will be different versions of the story, choose the lie that fits you as it will have no effect on the outcome.

Lastly, if you double-crossed Maldonado instead, you will still have to lie to her about the situation but this time there will be an additional dialogue about retrieving the data. As you tell her that you got it back, she gives you the payment with an added bonus as well.

Starfield – Missed the Mark mission rewards

The rewards for the mission largely depend on what you choose during Maldonado’s offer.

  • Refusing the offer gets you 7600 Credits from Helena, 1300 for the job, 2400 for the data slate, and 3900 for being loyal. If you don’t push for more during your report, you will only receive 3700 Credits.
  • Accepting the offer gets you 5300 Credits in total, 4000 from Maldonado and 1300 from Helena.
  • Double-crossing Maldonado will get you a total of 8700 Credits, 4000 from accepting the offer, 3700 from Helena, and an additional 1000 by looting the dead bodies.

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