Remnant 2: Best Lifesteal Build

Let us feast on the miseries of our enemies to heal the damage they have done to us using this Lifesteal Build in Remnant 2.

In Remnant 2, Lifesteal is an ability that regenerates your health every time you deal damage to an enemy. It sure is convenient but unless you have everything in order, it won’t work as well as you might think.

There would be nothing better if we could kill an enemy and heal ourselves at the same time. Killing two birds with one stone. This is where the Lifesteal Build comes into play.

To fill the gaps in your build, we are here with the best Lifesteal Build in Remnant 2. Now you can put holes in a monster while automatically healing yourself at the same time.

Remnant 2 Regenerator Specialist Lifesteal Build

The lifesteal build revolves around the Lifesteal ability that comes with the Siphoner Trait in Remnant 2. Your goal is to be able to gain your health back with impressive passive healing even when you don’t intend to.

That is why you need the best Archetype for healing. You need the best-supporting class as secondary. Your weapons should be in sync with your idea as well as everything else.

Let’s jump right into the multiverse of madness and build ourselves the best Lifesteal Build in Remnant 2.

Best Archetype Combo

The choice of the primary archetype is somewhat restricted in our case. Although if you can make it work in another then you do you. Otherwise, you can follow along and trust our judgment.

  • Primary Archetype: Medic – Regenerator (Prime Perk)
  • Secondary Archetype: Engineer

The whole idea behind a lifesteal build is that you never run out of health and what better archetype to do it with, other than the Medic? The healing capabilities of this archetype are better than any other in comparison. You are going to be running Regenerator as your prime perk.

Essentially if you are using this perk, along with a couple more items that we are going to mention later in this Remnant 2 Lifesteal build guide, you now have an infinite relic supply. It is not as much of a glitch but rather a well-thought-out combination of items.

As you know the Regenerator Perk gives your Relic back, that you spent to heal your allies. Pair it with the Benevolence Team Perk. It will increase the efficiency of the Relic in healing your allies. With this combination, every time you heal yourself, your nearby allies will also be healed and you will also get your relic back that you just spent.

We have paired it up with the all-rounder Engineer Archetype. There is a reason for it. In Remnant 2, your Turrets that come with Engineer are also considered allies. So if you consume a relic, not only your turret be healed, but you will also get your relic back.

Moreover, it is always nice to have something to divide the enemy aggro meanwhile dealing damage of its own. Also, the Magnetic Field perk on the Engineer Archetype is going to help with the damage reduction by toning down the damage by 15% by deploying your heavy gun.

You can also use the Summoner as your secondary archetype. The secondary option is debatable as long as you are getting the most out of your choice in terms of balancing the offense and defense at the same time.


Weapon choice is always a crucial part of the build, especially in a game like Remnant 2. The whole idea of combat revolves around guns so you have to pick the good ones that go well with your overall idea of the build.

A lot of the time, we are restricted by certain factors that dictate our weapon choices. In other cases, we are free to choose whatever we want.

For this Lifesteal Build in Remnant 2, the choice of weapon is not fully restricted but your need to adhere to certain rules. These rules make sure that your idea behind the build is not lost. Let us look at what we have to work with.

Long Gun

Coach Gun – Skewer 2.0 (Primary Mod)

The choice of guns for this build is reliant on your playstyle and how you like to deal with enemies. Since your build is so tanky and your lifesteal and health regen are so powerful that you are going to be healing faster than you are taking damage.

For the sake of simplicity and giving you a solid recommendation, we are jump into battle with our single shot Coach Gun.

The gun is going to be equipped with the Skewer 2.0 Mod. The mod upon activation, shoots out a spear that enters the enemy’s body, multiplies, and then explodes. The damage is inflicted three times.

Upon first contact, upon expansion, and finally on explosion. If this move hits the enemy at the right time and at the right place, it will remove a big chunk of their health within a single shot. This weapon is a solid choice for all ranged combat.

Melee Weapon

Smolder – Blaze (Primary Mod)

Now the melee weapon in this build is going to be helping you with the lifesteal ability a lot. Since you are going to be using the Smolder with the Blaze mod, it means every enemy you touch will be set on fire.

They are going to take damage over a period of time and during that time, you are constantly getting a health regen because they are hurting.

Hand Gun

Enigma – Chaos Driver (Primary Mod)

Last but not least, the Enigma is going to serve as our secondary. It is a solid choice for dealing with multiple enemies quickly and swiftly.

It is going to have the Chaos Driver mod. When activated you are going to spawn a pillar that will add to your damage dealt by serving as anchor points and boosters. Another reason for choosing this weapon is that it can hit multiple targets in a single blast.

The more targets you hit, the more your lifesteal will come into play and the more health you will get back. If anything else works for you, then it is good enough as well.


Since this is a Lifesteal Build, we absolutely cannot do it without our Siphoner Trait. If you want the build to truly be called the Lifesteal Build, you better buck up and upgrade your trait to max level 10.

You are going to need it if you want +3.0% Lifesteal. Other than that, there are a couple of traits you need to be focusing on to polish your rough diamond, aka, your Lifesteal Build in Remnant 2.

  • Triage: Fully upgraded trait gives you 50% more effective healing capabilities.
  • Fortify: Covers the shortcoming of your armor by boosting its effectiveness. It is specific to Engineer only.
  • Vigor: You need your build to work like a tank so better put some points towards Vigor to get that extra bit of max health.
  • Endurance: Even though you are built like a tank, you need to move around and that requires stamina. That is where this trait comes in.

These are the recommendation for the traits. Other than that, you can change things up according to your needs, on the go.


The Relic choice for this build is quite flexible. The only catch is that your relic should give you enough healing capabilities to pass that 250 healing mark so the ability can trigger and you can get your relic back after consuming it.

The Crystal Heart works best in this scenario. It doesn’t give you instant health but generates over a period of 10 seconds.

Incoming damage is reduced by a whopping 25%, which can further be increased by using the right Relic Fragments such as the Flawless Damage Reduction.


The Jewelry is the heart and soul of a build in Remnant 2. These are items you need to carefully pick. All of them need to fit with the idea of the build and should always synergize with each other as well.

Amulet: Indignant Fetish – If an enemy hurts you, the damage you receive will go down by 10% and your damage output will go up by a whole 25%.

Rings: You will need the following rings for your build to shine bright like a diamond.

  • Fae Shaman Ring: Improves your health regeneration capabilities and the speed of your relic consumption.
  • Hardened Coil: The more health you lose, the lesser damage you take over time. 3% less damage for every 10% of health lost.
  • Hardcore Metal Band: Applies Bulwark on enemies. The effect is stackable up to a total of 5.
  • Stone of Malevolence: Works with your melee weapon to enhance the elemental damage. You will receive 15% more mod power by dealing damage through some elemental effect.


Covering your body is an essential part of the build so to make sure that you are fully packed and ready to take a hit when it comes your way, we are going to need armor. Our armor of choice is going to be the Leto’s Mark II Armor set.

It provides top-notch protection against all sorts of enemy attacks including fire, lightning, toxins, and all of the other status effects. You name it, it has it. All of this comes at a cost. The cost of lugging around this armor is a bit heavy on the shoulders of our warrior.

The Armor is heavy and can slow you down but it is not that substantial that you have to worry about anything. You can also swap out the armor with something you already have in reserve.

Might we suggest the Best Armors in Remnant 2? You can go for anything for this build as long as it suits your need and isn’t overly heavy. As long as you do not flop during rolling, you are good to go.

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