How To Get Stone Of Malevolence In Remnant 2

Stone of Malevolence in Remnant 2 is a ring that is not very hard to get and can make you very powerful and dangerous to your foes.

Remnant 2 has a plethora of rings and amulets which serve the purpose of helping players out during battles. These improve health or damage and, if used correctly, can be the key to an overpowered build. Stone of Malevolence in Remnant 2 is one ring that can make you very powerful and dangerous to your foes.

The Stone of Malevolence, at a glance, does not look that powerful, and it isn’t if you have a gun-based raw damage build. This Ring is an ideal choice for elemental damage builds. We will see in detail where the ring is, what it does, and which build can get the most out of this ring in Remnant 2.

Stone of Malevolence location in Remnant 2

You can find this ring in the Losomn region. After getting there, you need to find this ring in three places. One of these locations will have the Stone of Malevolence: The Great Hall, Forsaken Quarter, and Gilded Chambers.

You can reroll and reset the progress if you haven’t found this ring in these places. You can also look for the chest and kill enemies with the Stone of Malevolence ring in the drops.

Stone of Malevolence effects

The Stone of Malevolence ring is a strong ring in terms of elemental power. This is because if you deal elemental damage to enemies, the ring will increase the Mod power of both your weapons by 15%.

This means that if you have the Merciless long gun, which has Bleed damage when you use it. If this ring is equipped, you can quickly recharge and reuse the Mod in Remnant 2. Similarly, if you have the Fire Storm mod on your gun, use it to damage enemies.


You will get enough Mod power to recharge it before the first one fizzles out. Thus giving you infinite Mod firing ability.

Stone of Malevolence builds

The Stone of Malevolence in Remnant 2 is a powerful ring if you know how it works and how to use it correctly. This ring will make you exceptionally powerful if you are an elemental damage dealer like Acid damage, Shock damage, Bleed damage or fire damage, etc.

It also helps if you deal elemental damage through the weapon mod because it will help to generate the Mod power more quickly. Now the build you can use with this weapon is the Strong Hunter build with high DPS.

This build uses the Pulse rifle with acid rounds to deal magical damage and Enigma, which deals elemental shock damage. The skills used are the Bullet Storm and Dead to Rights. Both these skills can be used infinite times without waiting when you have equipped the Stone of Malevolence.

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