Remnant 2 Status Effects And Their Cures

In Remnant 2, you can get affected by certain status effects when enemies hit you. What they are and how to cure them? We explain here.

In video games, a status effect is a condition that temporarily affects your character’s stats. And this effect occurs either when you hit an enemy or get hit by one. What it does is it decreases your stats for the time being. Being an RPG game, Remnant 2 also includes status effects in it.

This broadens the experiences while plain the game and makes fights more challenging and fun. You’ll need to find cures to remove these status effects and return to your healthy self in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Status Effects Explained

In the world of Remnant 2, there are 7 different status effects. Each one affects your stats temporarily. Each one is slightly different from another and will affect your characters in various ways. You can use certain items to counter these and “cure” yourself of these status effects.

Cures are especially handy when dealing with tough enemies or bosses that can inflict status effects. You can pop a cure and get back to fighting without much penalty. Otherwise, it can be a very bad day for your character.

BleedingDamages over time and cuts healing in half for 20 secsBandages
BurningDamages over time and can stack 3 times for 10 secsMudrubs
CorrodedDecreases armor and increases damage takenAntidote
OverloadedIncoming attacks cause an explosion and increases damage takenEtheral Orb
Root rotDecreases overall movement speedOilskin Balm
CursedReduces health over time by two unitsPurified salve
SuppressedDenied skill and perk usageTimeworm unguent
Statuses, effects, and their cures in Remnant 2

How to get status effect cures in Remnant 2

Status Effect cures are easily found items as you play the game. The best way to get them is at Ward 13, the hub you’ll find most of your merchants at. Talk to a vendor named Dr. Norah. She sells a variety of medicine and ointments for your adventure and travels. She will have many status-effect cures in her inventory for sale. Simply buy some and stock up.

Looting is the other way to get status effect cures in the game. You can find different status effect cures in chests. You may also receive drops from some enemies. Alternatively, you can break everything you see and hope to find some inside.


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