Remnant 2 Best Weapons Tier List

We have ranked all of the best weapons from each category in tier lists so that you know which ones to get first in Remnant 2.

Featuring over eighty different weapons, Remnant 2 puts players in never-ending confusion about which weapons to choose. Each weapon in the game works differently and hence works better in only a specific manner.

This is because the weapons in Remnant 2 are sorted into three different categories – Long Guns, Handguns, and Melee weapons, each unique in playstyle.

Moreover, each category in itself has a boatload of unique weapons in it, adding to the overall diversity.

With such a huge showcase of different weapons, it often becomes difficult to choose the best weapon that works for you. If you add the best weapon mods and mutators to that equation, then the choice becomes almost impossible to make.

If you’re struggling because of the same reason, then look no further. All you have to do is take a look at our Remnant 2 Tier list to get a general idea of which weapons are the best among each category, and which should you choose depending on your playstyle.

The best weapons tier list in Remnant 2

By determining which weapon works better than the other in a particular situation, we can establish a hierarchy and sort the weapons into tiers for Remnant 2.


They are ranked into S, A, and B Tiers, with the efficacy of weapons decreasing down the letters.

Weapons sorted in the S tier are the best ones you can find in the game. These are top-notch weapons that prove to be resilient in almost every situation you get into, holding the potential to destroy armies in a matter of seconds.

The A-tier weapons are good weapons depending on how you use them, your builds, and your weapon mods. Some of these can work exceptionally well if you dedicate a build toward them, but they still don’t have the potential to dethrone S-tier weapons.

Lastly, the B-tier weapons are the worst of all – on a comparative scale, at least. Although you might find a good use for these weapons in a certain situation, S or A tiers will always take priority over weapons in this tier.

Since there are three categories of weapons in Remnant 2, i.e. Long Guns, Handguns, and Melee weapons, each working in a different manner, it would be best to separate them and rank them in their own tiers.

Long Guns Tier List

SWidowmaker, Sagittarius, Nightfall  
AAphelion, Deceit, Pulse Rifle, Sporebloom, Merciless
BXMG57 “Bonesaw”, Blackmaw AR-47, Starkiller, Crescent Moon, Crossbow

Hand Guns Tier List

SRune Pistol, MP60-R, Sorrow
ADouble Barrell, Hellfire, Enigma, Cube Gun, Rupture Cannon, Nebula
BService Pistol, Repeater Pistol, Sureshot,

Melee Weapons Tier List

SWorld’s Edge, Atom Smasher
AStonebreaker, Nightshade, Gas Giant, Red Doe Staff
BScrap Hammer, Scrap Staff, Dreamcatcher, Huntress Spear, Rebellion Spear

Best Long Guns to equip in Remnant 2


At the top of this list is the Widowmaker, a rusted-looking sniper rifle with only 1 bullet in its magazine. However, this one bullet holds the potential to tear through anything that comes in its path.

This particular Long Gun has one of the highest stats you can get, including critical chances, weapon damage, and stat modifiers. The benefits of these stats paired with the insane range and accuracy of the Widowmaker make you one-shot most enemies with deadly precision.

However, to witness the real glory of the Widowmaker, you have to make sure that you land a critical shot at a weak spot – but the added accuracy and range of the weapon can help you out with that.


By the mere looks of it, the Sagittarius just looks like a fancy bow, but it would be a mistake to underestimate this slick armament. Though the Sagittarius may fire a single arrow at a time with a relatively low rate of fire, the damage it can deal with a single hit is absolutely insane.

Moreover, the bow also comes with remarkable accuracy, which means you can land those piercing shots with ease. What’s most special about the Sagittarius though is its weapon mod – Starfall.

With the Starfall weapon mod, the overall damage per second you can deal with this weapon is significantly increased, allowing you to wipe out enemies with only a few shots.


Although the Nightfall has a significantly lower amount of damage output than the former two Long Guns, the reason it’s still sorted in the S tier is its extremely effective stagger modifier stat and its unique weapon mod – Deadwalker.

The Deadwalker is one of the most versatile weapon mods that you can find in Remnant 2. This mod not only allows the Nightfall to gain an infinite ammo reserve but also increases its rate of fire by a significant degree.

If this much isn’t enough to compensate for the low damage output, then know that the Deadwalker weapon mod also allows players to convert to full-auto, and a small chance to gain Lifesteal and evasion while they are moving.

All in all, though not so big itself, the Deadwalker weapon mod makes the Nightfall Long Gun a force to be reckoned with.

Best Handguns to equip in Remnant 2

Rune Pistol

At first look, the Rune Pistol’s overall damage output might not be impressive but know that its high stats in weak spot damage bonus, stagger modifier, and critical hit chance make this Handgun a beast of a weapon when used correctly.

Although you can’t really expect much from a mere handgun, if you combine all of the aforementioned factors with the large magazine size of the Rune Pistol, even a handgun can seem to be overwhelming.

Lastly, its weapon mod – Soul Brand – grants healing to nearby survivors by utilizing Echoes. Although heals may not be a top priority in most situations, it can mean life or death in a pinch.


Although the MP60-R deals slightly less damage than the Rune Pistol, there’s a good reason why this Handgun is still included in the S tier. Firstly, this particular handgun fires at a rate twice that of the former weapon, compensating for the decrease in damage.

Moreover, even though the magazine size may be the same, the MP60-R offers a great stagger modifier, as well as insanely effective stats in weapon spot damage bonus and critical hit chance, which allows it to tear through enemies at a fast pace – almost equal in efficiency as the Rune Pistol.


The Sorrow Handgun works in a completely opposite manner than the former two weapons. Instead of having a high rate of fire and magazine size, it focuses more on the sheer amount of damage with a single shot.

Top that off with an extremely high stat of weak spot damage bonus and you have yourself a weapon going head to head with a large caliber rifle, killing enemies within instants.

Moreover, the weapon mod that you get with this weapon – Eulogy – isn’t too shabby either. Not only does it allow you to deal additional damage for free, but also grants you a little bit of heal and an increased mag size.

Best Melee Weapons to equip in Remnant 2

World’s Edge

The World’s Edge greatsword that’s just as scary as it looks. With an insanely huge overall damage amounting to 101, this melee weapon can kill armies with a single slash.

Moreover, it’s also very proficient in staggering enemies as well. What’s most special about the World’s Edge, though, is its weapon mod called the Horizon Strike.

This weapon mod allows you to charge the greatsword to let it shoot a projectile in the direction of the attack, dealing more damage than the original attack itself. This allows you to play from a medium range as well, tearing through multiple targets with a single projectile.

Atom Smasher

The Atom Smasher is a Warhammer which, having lesser than the World’s Edge, holds great effectiveness in staggering enemies. Honestly, if that’s really what you want to do, then this weapon is definitely the one you should go for.

However, you can improve its base damage to a significant extent by upgrading it, completely negating its original drawback.

Lastly, unlike a regular Warhammer, the Atom Smasher’s weapon mod – Accelerator – compensates for its slow overall attack speed by making it significantly faster via charging it.

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