Remnant 2 Best Weapons Tier List

We have ranked all of the best weapons from each category in tier lists so that you know which ones to get first in Remnant 2.

Featuring over eighty different weapons, Remnant 2 gives players an ever-increasing number of weapons. With such a huge showcase of weapons, choosing the best weapon that works for you often becomes difficult. If you add the best weapon mods and mutators to that equation, the choice becomes almost impossible.

By determining which weapon works better in a particular situation, we can establish a hierarchy and sort the weapons into tiers for Remnant 2. They are ranked into S, A, and B Tiers, with the efficacy of weapons decreasing down the letters.

If you’re struggling to find the best weapon in Remnant 2, look no further. All you have to do is look at our Remnant 2 Weapon Tier list to get a general idea of which weapons are the best in the game and which you should choose depending on your playstyle.

20. Stonebreaker (Melee)

The Stonebreaker kicks off our list of the best weapons in Remnant 2. It features a very high base damage and a +95% weak spot damage multiplier, making it highly effective against larger enemies.

Using its built-in weapon mod, the Faultline, you can strike the ground to deal massive bouts of damage in a large AOE. This mod makes this a good crowd-controlling weapon and an excellent weapon all around.

19. Crescent Moon (Long Gun)

The Crescent Moon is a bow that works best for medium encounters. While it has a respectable damage output, you’ll get the most utility from this weapon by using its unique weapon mod, Moonlight Barrage.

This mod automatically restores one arrow if you hit an enemy while it is active. It also heals you for 5% of your max health and increases your reload speed for a short period.

18. Starkiller (Long Gun)

The Starkiller is a slow-firing but hard-hitting Long Gun that is particularly adept at dealing damage to enemy weak spots, as it boasts a +105% weak spot damage multiplier. It also has a respectable critical damage chance at 5%.

This weapon comes with a unique mod known as Gravity Core that unleashes a large sphere that pulls enemies in closer and damages them for 50.

17. Enigma (Handgun)

The Enigma fires a chain of electric bolts that transfer strings from one enemy to another, dealing lasting damage to all foes close to you, making it an ideal crowd-control weapon. Its biggest strength, however, lies in its unique weapon mod.

The Chaos Driver weapon mod allows you to shoot electric rods that tether your enemies to nearby sources of electricity, damaging them immensely.

16. Gas Giant (Melee)

The Gas Giant is a very strong Melee weapon, which, as the name suggests, releases toxic gas to inflict damage. The weapon boasts a base damage of up to 148 once you max it out and apply corroding damage. Dying Breath, its weapon mod, releases a giant poison cloud that deals damage within a 3-meter radius.

15. Rupture Cannon (Handgun)

The Rupture Cannon handgun is a decent pistol that has the potential to replace your shotgun due to its high damage output and brisk fire rate. It is best suited for close-range combat. To truly make the most of this gun, you’ll need to master its rather high recoil, though it’s not egregious enough to detract from its effectiveness.

Additionally, it also boasts good stagger damage opportunities. Coupling this weapon with the Stasis Beam mutator allows you to control large crowds of enemies.

14. Spore Bloom (Long Gun)

The Spore Bloom boasts an impressive 200 damage per shot output, and since it fires in three-round bursts, the total damage potential is very high. Couple this with the weapon’s 100% damage bonus to weak spots, and you’ve got a killing machine.

Spore Bloom also comes with a unique weapon mod, Spore Shot, which allows you to deal damage through toxic clouds. This weapon comes with an empty mutator slot, further increasing its effectiveness.

13. Cube Gun (Handgun)

The biggest advantage of Cube Gun over all other weapons is its seemingly unlimited ammo, where the five bullets in its magazine come back to you once they’ve done their job. This weapon is mainly suited for close to mid-range combat because of this.

The Cube Gun also has a very high DPS, and its weapon mod allows you to summon a shield in front of you that absorbs up to 500 damage at a time.

12. Red Doe Staff (Melee)

The Red Doe Staff is an excellent melee weapon that rewards persistent damage output and accuracy through its mod, Lifeline. Once you’ve dealt over 250 damage, you can charge the staff to unleash the Spirit of the Red Doe which deals 160 damage.

The spirit of the red doe also heals you and your allies. The weapon also has two empty mutator slots which you can fill out to further increase its potency.

11. Nebula (Handgun)

The Nebula works extremely well in medium to short-range skirmishes. It is exceptionally good at crowd control as its weapon mod, Nano Swarm, unleashes Nanomachines in your immediate vicinity which deal 6 acid damage per hit.

However, this weapon lacks a critical hit chance and is completely devoid of weak spot damage, though its rather large magazine size of 55 balances out these shortcomings.

10. Deceit (Long Gun)

The Deceit Long Gun shoots two penetrating rails at great accuracy. It is highly critical, and stagger modifiers allow it to quickly defeat enemies. However, a little practice is required to master this weapon’s accuracy, which, while great, still fails compared to other guns higher on the list.

The biggest advantage of Deceit is its Weapon Mod Called Ouroboros, which summons three swords around you. If the swords get embedded into your enemies, they deal tons of critical damage, making a lethal melee and ranged combination.

9. Pulse Rifle (Long Gun)

The Pulse Rifle operates by firing bullets in three-shot bursts, couple this with its inherent accuracy and extremely high weak point damage and you’ve got yourself a devastating weapon that can easily demolish enemies.

It boasts a magazine capacity of 30 rounds, which allows you to get a significant number of hits in before you have to stop and reload. You can combine this weapon with an extended magazine mutator to increase its effectiveness.

8. Rune Pistol (Handgun)

At first glance, the Rune Pistol’s overall damage output might not be impressive, but its high stats in weak spot damage bonus, stagger modifier, and critical hit chance make this Handgun a beast when used correctly.

If you combine all of the aforementioned factors with the large magazine size of the Rune Pistol, even a handgun can seem overwhelming. Its weapon mod, Soul Brand – grants healing to nearby survivors by utilizing Echoes, which can mean life or death in tough situations.

7. MP60-R (Handgun)

This particular handgun fires at a rate twice that of other pistols, compensating for the decrease in damage. Moreover, even though the magazine size may be the same, the MP60-R offers a great stagger modifier, as well as insanely effective stats in weapon spot damage bonus and critical hit chance, which allows it to tear through enemies at a fast pace – almost equal in efficiency as the Rune Pistol

6. Atom Smasher (Melee)

The Atom Smasher is a Warhammer that holds great effectiveness in staggering enemies. If that’s really what you want to do, then this weapon is the one you should go for.

However, you can improve its base damage to a significant extent by upgrading it, completely negating its original drawback. Atom Smasher’s weapon mod – Accelerator – compensates for its slow overall attack speed by making it significantly faster via charging it.

5. Sorrow (Handgun)

The Sorrow handgun focuses more on the sheer damage with a single shot. Top that off with an extremely high stat of weak spot damage bonus, and you have yourself a weapon going head to head with a large caliber rifle, killing enemies within instants.

Moreover, the weapon mod that you get with this weapon – Eulogy – isn’t too shabby either. Not only does it allow you to deal additional damage for free, but it also grants you a little bit of heal and an increased mag size.

4. Nightfall (Long Gun)

Nightfall is high on our list because of its extremely effective stagger modifier stat and its unique weapon mod – Deadwalker. This mod not only allows the Nightfall to gain an infinite ammo reserve but also increases its rate of fire by a significant degree.

If this much isn’t enough to compensate for the low damage output, then know that the Deadwalker weapon mod also allows players to convert to full-auto, and a small chance to gain Lifesteal and evasion while moving.

3. Worlds Edge (Melee)

With an insanely huge overall damage amounting to 101, this melee weapon can kill armies with a single slash. Moreover, it’s also very proficient in staggering enemies as well. What’s most special about the World’s Edge is its weapon mod called the Horizon Strike.

This weapon mod allows you to charge the greatsword to let it shoot a projectile in the direction of the attack, dealing more damage than the original attack itself. This also allows you to play from a medium range, tearing through multiple targets with a single projectile.

2. Sagittarius (Long Gun)

Though the Sagittarius may fire a single arrow at a time with a relatively low rate of fire, the damage it can deal with a single hit is insane. Moreover, the bow also comes with remarkable accuracy, meaning you can easily land those piercing shots.

What’s most special about the Sagittarius, though, is its weapon mod – Starfall. With the Starfall weapon mod, the overall damage per second you can deal with this weapon is significantly increased, allowing you to wipe out enemies with only a few shots.

1. Widowmaker (Long Gun)

The Widowmaker is at the top of this list, a rusted-looking sniper rifle with only 1 bullet in its magazine. However, this one bullet holds the potential to tear through anything that comes in its path.

This particular Long Gun has one of the highest stats, including critical chances, weapon damage, and stat modifiers. The benefits of these stats, paired with the insane range and accuracy of the Widowmaker, make you one-shot most enemies with deadly precision.

Remnant 2 Weapons Tier List

Weapon NameWeapon Tier Ranking
WidowmakerS Tier
Worlds Edge
Atom Smasher
MP60-RA Tier
Rune Pistol
Pulse Rifle
Red Doe Staff
Cube Gun
Spore BloomB Tier
Rupture Cannon
Gas Giant
Crescent Moon
Remnant 2 Best Weapons Tier List
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