How To Get The Nightfall In Remnant 2

The Nightfall was one of the first weapons to be nerfed in Remnant 2, but is still pretty effective today.

The Nightfall long gun was one of the first weapons to be nerfed in Remnant 2. It was just too overpowered back then. Following the Nerfs, it may not be as powerful, but it is still an exceptional weapon in your lineup.

Designed for short to medium-range encounters, Nightfall features an incredibly powerful weapon mod that gives you infinite ammunition and lifesteal to shred enemies.

This guide will explain everything there is to make it easier for you to equip this Nightmare Long gun. So, let’s head right into it.

How to craft the Nightfall long gun in Remnant 2

You must craft the Nightfall weapon using a unique crafting material called Cursed Dream Silks in Remnant 2. Getting that requires you to defeat the Nightweaver world boss in Losomn.

If you are playing Adventure mode, reroll to Losomn and start from the Morrow Parish checkpoint. From here on, keep progressing until you encounter the Nightweaver.

You do not need to do an alternate kill here. The Cursed Dream Silks are a standard drop. Just make sure that you do not destroy the Nightweaver’s heart. That will be an alternate kill and lock you out of the Nightfall long gun in Remnant 2.


After claiming the Cursed Dream Silks, you must return to Ward 13. Near the World Stone, you’ll find Ava McCabe in her workshop. She’s a talented craftsman and a merchant.

You’ll need to provide the following items to McCabe:

  • Cursed Dream Silk x1
  • Scrap x1000
  • Lumenite Crystals x7

Once these items are provided, she’ll craft you your long gun, which you can use to shred your enemies apart. And that’s all; that’s how you can get the Nightfall weapon in Remnant 2.

Is the Nightfall good in Remnant 2?

The Nightfall in Remnant 2 is a spectacular weapon in your lineup. This weapon was hailed as one of the game’s most potent weapons. However, an early patch had its performance reduced.

Nevertheless, it is still brilliant for short/mid-range attacks and significantly damages your enemies. Its bonus Critical Hit Chance and Stagger Modifier add to the weapon’s brilliance.

The Nightfall comes equipped with a Weapon Mod called Dreadwalker. This Mod cannot be removed and adds a brilliant stat to your weapon. The Mod allows this semi-automated weapon to gain infinite ammo.

On top of that, this weapon becomes completely automatic, with a 10% Lifesteal and a 35% increase in Fire Rate. Upgrading the weapon to level 10 will increase the damage from 37.2 to 93.

As for the Mutators, the Nightfall doesn’t have any. However, empty slots are available, and you can equip mutators in these slots. This weapon is pure evil; you can feel it through your palms as you yield it.

Nightfall is also used in the Painbriger Build in Remnant 2, where the Dreadwalker downtime is lowered to make it last longer. The mod uses perks from the Summoner and Hunter, making it a deadly build.

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