Days Gone Drifter Bike Guide – Upgrades, Refuel, Nitrous, Repair And Tips

Days Gone give you different options to modify and upgrade your bike. These upgrades and changes will make your bike better.

While out on an adventure in Days Gone, Deacon can always rely on his trusty Drifter Bike to take him from one point to another. However, you need to take care of your bike to keep it going. Every now and then, you’ll require to refuel your bike or make some repairs. In addition to this, you can also customize your bike to your liking. In this Days Gone Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about Deacon’s Drifter Bike.

Days Gone Drifter Bike Guide

Before we begin, it’s important to learn about the controls that you’ll need to use to operate the bike:

  1. Move: Left Analog Stick
  2. Toggle Survival Wheel: Right Analog Stick
  3. Survival Wheel: Press and Hold L1
  4. Break/Reverse: Press and Hold L2
  5. Use Weapon: R1
  6. Axel: Press and Hold R2
  7. Drift: N/A
  8. Boost: N/A
  9. Get On / Get Off: N/A

Fuel Management and Refueling

Just because you’ve got a bike for transportation doesn’t mean that all your problems will be solved. Your bike runs on fuel and your fuel will run out.

When you’re stepping your foot forward to go on a journey, you’ve to make sure that you’ll face as fewer obstacles as you can.

Firstly, you need to check if your fuel tank is full or not. To check that, you’ve to go near your vehicle and you’ll see the fuel percentage that is left in your bike. If it’s less, seek for a nearby gas station.

If the gas station is near, take your motorbike to it and fill up your tank. You can always check how much fuel you’ve while you are driving. Near the world map, you should be able to see an icon of the Gas Station.


If the icon is yellow, it’s a danger sign since it means that you’re running low on gas and at any point, you’ll be left stranded with your bike.

You can always search for a red canister if you don’t have enough gas to take your bike to the gas station. You can take the canister when you find it to your motorbike and fill up your tank.

Sadly, we can’t carry the canister with us. If you’ve enough money, you can also buy fuel from the mechanic. Use this method if you can’t see any other way since this method requires money. The mechanic can also do the tuning of your bike.

If your Trust Level is above 1 or 2, then you can also use your credits to get a higher capacity tank that will store more fuel.

Drifter Bike Upgrades

As mentioned earlier, the Drifter Bike in Days Gone is customizable. When needed, some upgrades will help you in modifying the bike. The upgrades are to alter the capacity as well as the looks of your bike.

However, all these upgrades require a certain Trust Level that you’ve to achieve. Trust Level has nothing to do with your points and has everything to do towards your attitude with NPCs.

You’ve to provide the NPCs with supplies and Freaker Ears to gain your Trust Levels and only then will you be able to buy the upgrades. Drifter Bike Upgrades are done when you go to the mechanics.

The upgrades are divided into three categories. The categories with the upgrades in them are listed down below:

Performance Upgrades
The Performance Upgrades will make your bike faster, will add more capacity with space in it, and will make it more resistant to damage. For the above abilities, the upgrades you require are:

It will make your bike faster. Only one generation of the upgrade is available.

Fuel Tank
It’ll increase the capacity of your fuel tank so that it stores more fuel and takes you to far places without stopping and searching for a canister or a gas station. Two generations of the upgrade are available.

With a saddlebag, you’ll have more space for your ammo. Only one generation of the upgrade is available.

Frame increases the resistance to damage of your bike and makes it more durable. Two generations of the upgrade are available.

This upgrade adds speed to your bike so you can travel faster around the world. Two generations of the upgrade are available.

Increases the grip of your tires on the road. Two generations of the upgrade are available.

Buying exhaust proves out to be very effective in the places where enemies are hiding. Exhaust prevents your enemies from hearing your approach by decreasing the noise produced by your bike. Only one generation of the upgrade is available.

Visual Upgrades
The Visual Upgrades are only for the appearance of your bike and have nothing to do with the stats of it. They will make your bike look more rad. These upgrades are:

Two generations of the upgrade are available.

To be added soon.

Exhaust Tip
Two generations of the upgrade are available.

Two generations of the upgrade are available.

Paint Upgrades
You can paint your bike with different colors as well as put decals on it. You can also modify the skin of your bike. That’s really all about it! Paint is just basically there to give a new shine and look to your bike and nothing more.

How to Get Nitrous

Nitrous increases the speed of your bike by giving it a boost. Other than that, you can also jump while boosting up your bike with Nitrous. You need to make sure that you have reached the second level of Trust before thinking to buy it.

To earn the trust levels you have to provide the NPCs with supplies and Freaker Ears.

There’re two generations of Nitrous. The first one costs you about 900 Credits but it proves to be very useful in need so the credits are worth it.

You can purchase it from the mechanic’s offer at Copeland’s Camp. The second generation of the upgrade can be bought for 1,500 credits from a mechanic in Iron Mike’s Camp.

How to Use Other Bikes?

If you get attacked by zombies in the Parking Zone or if you see a very cool bike in the parking lot and you want to try it, you can always park your bike there and flee away from the enemies or with the bike.

As for your own Drifter Bike, you can always respawn at the position of your bike again. Do note that if the bike is damaged, you won’t be able to use it.

How to Repair Bike

Even though by using Frame upgrade, you can increase the durability of your bike but to reach that point where you can buy the Frame requires some work.

There are two generations of Frame. One requires the Trust Level 1 but the other requires Trust Level 3. You can check out our Trust Levels Guide attached above for more info.

This is the way of increasing the resistance of your bike to damage and that too after you have enough Credits and Trust Level. What to do if your bike completely stops and reaches the durability of 0 and you’re left stranded in the middle of nowhere?

Firstly, to save yourself from the situation, keep checking the durability of your bike every now and then. You can check it by looking at the “Tool” icon beside the map.

It turns red when your bike is really damaged and will even start to smoke if the damage is more severe.

You can also check the percentage of your bike’s durability by walking towards it when it’s parked and stand close. You’ll see the percentage of durability on the engine.

However, if somehow you’re attacked or hit with an animal or a rock enough times that your durability gets zero, you should get off the bike and sit beside the engine. Hold and press the repair button on the controller to start repairing your bike.

In order to repair the bike, you’ll need Scraps. But even if you don’t have a lot of them, you can start your bike well before it hits 100% repair rate. Just try to be careful while driving if it’s already damaged.

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