Remnant 2 Perks And Archetypes Explained

Remnant 2 features a total of 10 archetypes that are basically your character builds with perks and passive effects.

Similar to any other action role-playing game, Remnant 2 features various perks that grant bonuses to make your character more powerful.

You will not unlock all of them from the get-go. The best perks in the game are naturally going to become available late in your progression.

Depending on your build, you will have to choose which perks need to be paired with your other abilities, and which ones to ignore.

It is important to point out that the perks system of Remnant 2 is not as straightforward as you would normally prefer. There are multiple archetypes with unique passive effects, each tailored for a different playstyle.

How to unlock and upgrade perks in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 forces you to choose a starting archetype and a prime perk belonging to that archetype at the start of the game. It is important to think very carefully about which archetype build you are going for because improving your starting archetype is what you will be investing all of your time in.

Secondly, you will not have access to all of the perks at the start. You are going to unlock a new perk from your starting archetype every time your character levels up in Remnant 2. This system, though, is on a loop, meaning that you are going to unlock perks in a specific order.

  • Level 1: Damage Perk
  • Level 2: Team Perk
  • Level 3: Utility Perk
  • Level 4: Relic Perk

Reaching level 5 will unlock no new perk. You will instead start to upgrade the ones you already have in the same order.

If you have played Remnant: From the Ashes, the previous installment in the franchise, you will be fairly familiar with Traits. Remnant 2, while using a similar leveling system, deviates to make upgrading perks easier.

Remnant 2 perk types

Before listing down all of the various archetypes in Remnant 2, you need to first know about the five different perk types.

Prime Perk

Prime Perks, if the name was not already obvious enough, serve as a foundation of your build in Remnant 2. What that means is your Prime Perks are going to define your character.

Damage Perk

Yet another obvious type, Damage Perks determine the amount of total damage output your character can dish out in Remnant 2. The passive buffs you receive from these perks are going to improve the damage of one of your skills. You decide which skills you want to improve.

Team Perk

Going solo is an option, not a necessity. Hence, do not forget about your allies. Remnant 2 has a list of Team Perks that can buff your entire team in terms of both offense and defense. Do note that Team Perks will always buff you even if you are playing alone, but they are normally kept for co-op play.

Utility Perk

Compared to the rest of the perk types in Remnant 2, Utility Perks offer small but useful buffs. They are mostly used to improve your stamina, movement, mobility, and evasion.

Relic Perk

Relic Perks are the strongest perk types in Remnant 2. Their buffs are powerful but last for a short duration. Otherwise, they would be too overpowered in the game. Not all Relic Perks focus on damage though, there are some that improve support and utility as well.

Remnant 2 archetype perks and effects

With 10 archetypes to build around, you can expect to have a lot of freedom when it comes to tailoring your play style and the manner in which you will be dismantling enemies in Remnant 2.

Below is a list of all archetypes and what they do. Make sure to go through all of them before deciding on your starting prime archetype.

Alchemist Archetype

SpiritedPrimeAutomaticallyGain bonus active concoction buff
Liquid CourageDamage1Gain increase to all damage
PanaceaTeam2Gain bonus resistance and apple curative to allies
Gold to LeadUtility3Gain ammo when collecting scrap
ExperimentalistRelic4Gain random buff after using a relic.

Challenger Archetype

Die HardPrimeAutomaticallyMake Challenger invulnerable after taking fatal damage
Close QuartersDamage1Increase damage to all closeby enemies
Intimidating PresenceTeam2Enemies deal less damage when Challenger is active
PowerlifterUtility3Reduce the stamina cost per weight bracket
Face of DangeRelic4Using a Relic, receive a set of Bulwark.

Engineering Archetype

High TechPrimeAutomaticallyOverclock a weapon that deals increased damage, Fire Rate, and provides unlimited ammo.
MetalworkerDamage1Gain bonus Skill damage
Magnetic FieldTeam2Gain bonus damage reduction with heavy weapons
Heavy MobilityUtility3Increase movement speed after with an equipped heavy weapon
SurplusRelic4Gain bonus Heavy weapon ammo. 

Explorer Archetype

LuckyPrimeAutomaticallyGain bonus ammo, currencies, and metal drops.
ScavengerDamage1Gain bonus to all damage dealt per stack (using Pikcups)
Metal Detector:Team2Gain bonus ammo, currencies and metal drops.
ProspectorUtility3Gain bonus relic fragment drops
Self DiscoveryRelic4Increase Scavenger Stacks and prevent Stack from decaying

Gunslinger Archetype

LoadedPrimeAutomaticallyGain bonus ammo and reloads per weapon using Gunslinger.
Shift ShotDamage1 Increase Fire Rate and Ranged Damage. 
Pose UpTeam2Gain bonus ammo per player with ammo pickups.  
Quick HandsUtility3Increase reload speed of a Firearm. 
Sleight of HandsRelic4Gain bonus firearm reload

Handler Archetype

BondedPrimeAutomaticallyGain max health when a Handler is down.  
Pack HunterDamage1Gain bonus ranged and skill damage
Spirit of the WolfTeam2Gain increased movement speed
Team WorkUtility3Gain increased revive damage
Best FriendRelic4Gain bonus companion health

Hunter Archetype

Dead to RightsPrimeAutomaticallyDeals ranged weakspot damage while extending the duration of your active Hunter skills.
DeadeyeDamage1Gain bonus ranged and weakspot damage.
Return to SenderTeam2Killing enemies with weakspots and critical hits drops more ammo.
UrgencyUtility3Every kill increases the reload speed of your firearms.
IntuitionRelic4Increases the duration of your active Hunter skills by using a Relic.

Invader Archetype

ShadowPrimeAutomaticallyIncrease damage to enemies that are not targeting invaders. 
SharkDamage1Increase Ranged and Melee damage when spiriting or evading.  
LoopholeTeam2Increase team’s Listeal against enemies. 
CircumventUtility3Reduce Combat slide and Evade cost.
OverrideRelic4Reduce  threat generation

Medic Archetype

RegeneratorPrimeAutomaticallyRecover a spent Relic charge
InvigoratedDamage1Gain an increase to all damage.
BenevolenceTeam2Gain increased relic efficacy and companion health
BackboneUtility3Gain bonus hits taken by medic prior to losing Grey Health
BenefactorRelic4Gain bonus relic use speed

Summoner Archetype

RuthlessPrimeAutomaticallyIncrease damage dealt and Max HP of the Minions. 
DominatorDamage1Gain bonus Mod and Skill damage with an active Minion 
ResidueTeam2Generate an Aura near a dead Minion which heals you each second 
OutrageUtility3Gain bonus Lifesteal for each Minion Sacrificed.  
InciteRelic4Increase  damage dealt and Max HP of the Minions. 


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