Remnant 2 Archetype Tier List: Best Classes 

Remnant 2 allows you to choose through a plethora of archetypes but it begs the question which are the best ones? This articles answers that.

As you start Remnant 2 for the first time, you’ll be given the choice to select an Archetype. These are the Remnant 2 version of character classes. Each brings something unique to the table and players can choose their Archetypes based on their individual playstyles.

Later on in the game, you’ll unlock additional Archetypes you can select and multiclass in a way. However, with so many archetypes to choose from, the question is which archetypes are the best ones?

Remnant 2 Archetype Tier list 

There are several classes or Archetypes in Remnant 2, some of which are accessible at the start. You’ll unlock some additional ones after you reach level 10 in the game and craft their Engrams. Once you have unlocked all the classes, you can choose which Archetype to equip in your sloth.  

To help you in your decision, we have ranked each class according to the abilities, skills, and perks.  

  • S-Tier: Handler, Engineer, Medic 
  • A-Tier: Gunslinger, Invader, Archon 
  • B-Tier: Hunter, Alchemist, Challenger 
  • C-Tier: Explorer, Summoner 

Best classes to pick in Remnant 2 

Starting your journey off right with the right archetype can make all the difference for your Remnant 2 experience. You need to pick the best class to use their perks and abilities so you can defeat whatever enemies the game throws at you.

You should also know their perks and skills so you can maximize their potential in battle. These are the very best archetypes you can pick in Remnant 2.



Handler class is among those which you can use from the start. The best part of this class is that it has a companion, a dog. This dog will prove beneficial when you are up against formidable opponents. The dog can divert their attention and buy you time so you can deal a deadly blow from a safe distance.  

The Handler archetype has an excellent perk called Bonded. This means that if you die, your dog can revive you, and you will gain 50% of your HP. 

Furthermore, you can also revive your allies with your dog if playing in co-op. In addition, you do not have to worry about your dog’s health because it can also heal itself. You will also have additional perks like Pack Hunter, Spirit of Wolf, and Teamwork.  

With Pack Hunter, you will have an increment in your skill damage. You will have a higher chance of performing critical attacks. Spirit of Wolf allows you to have wolf-like abilities, like higher movement speed with a lower cost of stamina. 

Lastly, Teamwork can increase your resistance, allowing you to lose less health when attacked. In addition to perks, you can also use skills like Guard Dog, Attack Dog, and Support Dog. Using the Guard Dog, you can use your companion to attack enemies at a distance.  

Support Dog is best if you lose health because, with this skill, you can use your companion to heal you within a distance. Support Dog skill will also increase your speed, thus making it best used defensively.  

Attack Dog skill is best suited if you are playing offensively. With this skill, your dog and your allies can deal more damage than usual.  


Another class that is worthy of being at the top is Engineer Archetype. Unfortunately, you must wait until you reach level 10 and unlock your second Archetype slot. Then, you need to look for the Alien Device in Eon Vault and take it to Wallace in Ward 13. You need to give him the device, 10 x Lumenite Crystals, and 1000 Scraps. You’ll get the Drzyr Caliper Engram using which you’ll get the Engineer Archetype.  

The Engineer archetype is a balanced one that is best at both Defense and Offense. With the ability to wear strong armor, you do not have to worry about taking damage from weak attacks. You can further strengthen your armor by using Fortify. Moreover, you can also further reduce the damage by using the team perk (Magnetic Field) by 15 %.

If you love weapons and enjoy shooting, you should definitely opt for this class. High Tech is one of the Engineer’s perks that allows you to overclock your weapon and gain infinite ammo with an increased fire rate with great damage. However, it only lasts for 15 seconds, but it can be upgraded to last until 25 seconds.

Further abilities include having Vulcan, Flamethrower, and Impact Canon skills. These skills are turrets that you can either carry or deploy somewhere. When the turrets are placed somewhere, you can choose two modes. One is the support mode, where you will do all the aiming. The second is autonomous mode, where the turret decides to target the enemy on its own and shoots at it.


The third and last Archetype in the S-tier class is Medic which you can unlock via Engram crafting. You will need a Medic Pin, 10 Lumenite Crystals, and 1000 Scraps. You can buy the Medic Pin from Dr. Norah and ask Wallace to craft you a Caduceus Idol (Engram) with the required items. With this Engram in your slot, you can use its abilities, skills, and perks. 

Medic seems like a support role and is best suited for group play. But with the right usage of its perks and skills, you can easily play solo as well. Its main role is that of a healer and as such, is perfect for a co-op experience.  

Medic has a total of five perks which are valuable if used effectively. These perks are Regenerator, Invigorated, Benevolence, Backbone, and Benefactor. The most usable and powerful Perk is Regenerator, which can even regain your lost Relic charge. The best part of this perk is you can also heal your allies.  

Invigorated perk is more on the offense side because it increases your damage. You will have a higher chance of performing a critical attack. Benevolence is another perk that heals your allies and increases your Relic usage. 

The Backbone perk can allow you to resist the damage taken until you lose your grey health. Finally, the Benefactor buffs your relic, which means you can heal and enjoy bonuses. The Medic also has some very useful skills that makes it an excellent class to play.

Wellspring is one of the skills mainly used for healing. With this skill, you can form a 3-meter healing radius, and any companion within the radius begins to heal. The healing shield skill produces a long barrier that blocks the attacks while you heal them. 

Lastly, Redemption acts like the Bonded Perk in the Handler class. It can produce a shockwave that will revive your allies who have downed and heals them. With Medic, you can use the XMG57 Bonesaw, one of the best machine guns. With a magazine of 300 bullets, you can shred through enemies easily

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