How To Get The Gas Giant In Remnant 2

The Gas Giant is a chargeable weapon in Remnant 2 that releases toxic fumes to poison enemies for corrosive damage per second.

The Gas Giant, also known as the Tal’Ratha Hammer, is a powerful melee weapon that forces enemies to take poison damage each second in Remnant 2.

For that purpose though, you need to first charge the weapon. Its base stats are nothing to smile about because the main use you get out of the Gas Giant is when it is fully charged.

You can then apply the corroded status effect on enemies for poison damage per second. That as well as the ability to release a toxic cloud that poisons all enemies inside.

Tal’Ratha Hammer is not an early-game weapon. You have to wait until you reach the second world and then make sure that you make the right choice, or else use Adventure mode for a second attempt.

How to get the Gas Giant in Remnant 2

Similar to the Red Doe Staff, you have to obtain a unique crafting material to be able to craft the Gas Giant melee weapon in Remnant 2.

Make your way to the world of N’erud and reach its world boss, Tal Ratha. If you are replaying N’erud, start from the Forgotten Prison and advance until you reach the boss arena.

Before the fight begins, this dreadful nasty monster will offer to eat you. After you accept this offer, you will be swallowed whole and teleported to a metaphysical version of this boss fight. Once defeated, you’ll receive the Acidic Jawbone Item.

After collecting this item, you must head back to Ward 13 and find Ava McCabe at the warehouse. Go ahead and converse with her.

You’ll need the following items to craft the Gas Giant:

Once you’ve provided these items, Ava will craft the Gas Giant melee weapon for you. Use this weapon to unleash deadly, toxic,and acidic fumes on your enemies.  

Is the Gas Giant good in Remnant 2?

The Gas Giant is a very cool heavy melee weapon in Remnant 2. The weapon is known for releasing toxic gases that spread to combatants. The poisonous gases will continue to cause damage for a long time. Performing Infused Basic Attacks will unleash Corroded for up to 5 seconds.

A weapon mod the Gas Giant comes loaded with is Dying Breath. This weapon mod is pre-equipped and cannot be removed. Dying Breath produces an explosive Acid cloud in a 3-meter AOE. This cloud lasts a long time and inflicts great damage on your enemies.

Mutators may also be added in empty slots. This weapon, however, lacks built-in mutators. The weapon deals 81.4 damage at level 1 and can be upgraded all the way to level 10. At this level, the damage reaches 148. This is a great weapon for personal use and works brilliantly in up-close combats.

Remnant 2 Gas Giant bug – toxic cloud does self damage

Players complain the Gas Giant is causing too much self-damage and ask whether it’s a bug. This is probably just a feature of the game, as the acidic clouds may also damage your characters.

Due to a lack of info, we cannot say for sure whether the damage is caused due to a bug or a game feature. Nevertheless, you can find rings that will provide buffs as you suffer from blight.

Now that you know everything related to the Gas Giant, go on and have fun suffocating enemies with those toxic fumes.

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