Best Gunslinger Build In Remnant 2

When it comes to the Gunslinger build, we are going to pair it with Challenger for that extra cowboy playstyle in Remnant 2.

The Gunslinger is an amazing offensive Archetype that Remnant 2 players can get their hands on early in the game if they pre-order it. If not, then there’s also another way you can unlock the Gunslinger Archetype easily.

This Archetype specializes in long-range combat and managing ammo effectively. However, since that playstyle is so diverse in nature, it becomes difficult to master.

That said, we’ve made a perfect build with everything that you need to make the Gunslinger Archetype easier to play, but also make it better than ever.

Remnant 2 Gunslinger / Challenger build

The Gunslinger Archetype is an amazing class to choose early on in Remnant 2 – especially if gunning down enemies quickly is your thing.

With this class equipped, you essentially play as a cowboy who is swift and yet deadly with any weapon in hand.

It also allows for a playstyle that is quick on weapons –  and that includes firing, switching, and reloading. However, all of this comes at the cost of relatively lower overall defense.


That said, when creating this build, we keep in mind the Gunslinger’s offense and defense as well, focusing on improving them both.


Our main priority in this build is to enhance the Gunslinger Archetype, which is why it would be our main Archetype selection. This Archetype has many different skills in its arsenal that make for an extremely precise and deadly DPS character.

Our primary skill for this build is the Gunslinger’s Bulletstorm skill, which increases your weapon’s fire rate and reload speed. Both of these go well together since you run out of ammunition often with a high rate of fire weapon.

This generally makes for fast-paced gameplay without any consequences, but if you combine this with the Nightfall’s Weapon Mod (discussed later) you will have the potential to tear through armies within seconds.

Moreover, this skill also works best with the Gunslinger’s Loaded Prime Perk that we are selecting in this build since it grants you an automatic reload and infinite ammo for a few seconds after a skill has been used.

The secondary Archetype we will be using in this build is the Challenger Archetype. The main idea behind this choice is to cover the Gunslinger’s weaknesses with the help of the Challenger’s skills and perks.

The Challenger is a tough character and covers the weak defenses and the close-quarter combat inefficiency of the Gunslinger Archetype.

In this build, we will be using the Challenger’s Die Hard Prime Perk since that is the only one we can, given that it’s a secondary Archetype. As for our secondary skill, the Juggernaut skill works best because it helps increase your defense and melee damage.


Since the Gunslinger Archetype is all about shooting your way through enemies and bosses, choosing the right guns for this build will be of paramount importance.

Long Gun: Nighfall

Considering that the Nightfall is one of the best weapons in Remnant 2, it should serve this Gunslinger build well. This is a highly precise weapon with a moderate damage output and a low fire rate and magazine capacity.

Though that may not seem great, wait till you hear about its unique weapon mod. The Nightfall long gun comes with the Dreadwalker mod, which not only grants you infinite ammunition but also increases your overall fire rate, making it fully automatic.

Using such a deadly weapon mod combined with other selections in this build, you will find yourself raining hell not only on minor enemies but also on bosses with ease.

Moreover, the Dreadwalker weapon mod also grants you Lifesteal as a percentage of the damage you deal, which is responsible for healing you whilst you are raining that hell.

Combine this weapon with the Momentum Mutator, and you have yourself an absolute beast of a weapon because it increases your critical hit damage if landed on a weak spot – what more can we even ask for?

Handgun: MP60-R

Yet again the MP60-R is also one of the best guns you can get your hands on in Remnant 2, which makes it a great addition to this build. The main purpose of the MP60-R is to compensate for the low fire rate that the Nightfall has – without the weapon mod active.

Moreover, the handgun also offers a great stagger modifier stat topped off with a huge bonus in weak spot damage and critical hit chance.

To make it spicier, you can use the Hotshot weapon mod with the MP60-R to inflict a burning effect on your enemies as you hit them.

Melee: Spectral Blade

Since the Gunslinger class lacks potential in close-quarter combat, it would make sense to choose a good melee weapon in this build. The Spectral Blade works best here because this is lightweight and doesn’t take out a lot of mobility from your general playstyle. The light weight also allows you to swing the weapon around faster.


Since the Gunslinger Archetype is all about long-range offense and munition management, the best Trait to choose would complement that playstyle.

This would be the Ammo Reserves Trait, which, as you may have guessed, grants you an extra ammo reserve – not only for your long gun but also for your handgun as well.


The best Relic to choose for this Gunslinger build in Remnant 2 is the Runed Heart Relic. This Relic not only heals your briefly, but also gives you a huge load of mod power.

You can use this to your advantage and keep activating the Nightfall’s weapon mod, keeping your offensive potential constantly at its peak.


For this Gunslinger build, your best Amulet choice would be the Gunslinger’s Amulet, which increases your weapon’s overall fire rate and reload speed.

As for your Rings, the best ones to choose would be the ones that amplify your offensive playstyle. These include:

  • Gunslinger’s Ring: Increases your weapon’s reload speed and weapon switch speed.
  • Probability Chord: Greatly increases your Critical Damage output.
  • Wax Sealed Ring: Improves your Ranged damage output.


Armor doesn’t play a huge role in this Gunslinger build since you almost cover every aspect of offense and defense with the rest of the selections mentioned above.

That said, you are completely free to choose any armor set that you wish – just make sure that it is lightweight, so you don’t sacrifice any mobility.

If you want a lightweight yet strong armor set, then you may try combining some parts of the Fae Royal Set with the High Noon Set.

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