How To Get The Fae Royal Armor Set In Remnant 2

The Fae Royal Armor set is arguably one of the best-looking armor sets in Remnant 2 with great stats. You need to solve a puzzle to get it.

Remnant 2 has a wide variety of armor sets available in the game but none are as good-looking or useful as the Fae Royal Armor set.

This medium armor set is a treat for the eyes and provides great bonuses that can make this a must-have. It has decent protective power and great resistance against fire and bleeding damage.

However, getting is tricky since you need to solve a puzzle and gain entry to the place you can get the Fae Royal Armor set. As such, we’ll be telling you all about where you can find this armor set and what you need to do to get in Remnant 2.

The Fae Royal armor set location in Remnant 2

You can get the set after solving a not-so-simple tic-tac-toe puzzle in the Postulant’s Parlor located in the Losomn Region. You will notice an array of 9 rooms as you arrive. All of the rooms on your sides will be locked and you will be forced to go through the middle column of rooms.

You will find an AI in the furthest room in the middle. It will challenge you to a deadly game of tic-tac-toe where you’ll have to win or die. If you lose the game, the AI will put a debuff on you that will kill you. As the game begins, the board will look something like this.

postulant's parlor game starting position in remnant 2

The game board resembles the array of rooms you are currently in. The black pieces represent the rooms that will be locked. The Fae Royal Armor Set is in the farthest room on the right in Remnant 2. Your objective is to make the board look something like this:

postulant's parlor board solution in remnant 2 that gives us the Fae Royal Armor Set

It isn’t necessary to make the board look EXACTLY like this. The goal is to ensure that the top right position is either empty or has a white piece on it. When the pattern on your board matches the one in the image above, simply leave the board game and travel to the room.

The game will not count as a loss if you leave the game. So you will not be killed as the AI threatened. Travel to the end of the room where you will find the armor set waiting for you.  

Fae Royal Set stats and bonuses

The Fae Royal is a complete armor set consisting of different pieces, each providing its own stats and bonuses. The pieces include:

  • Fae Royal Headcover
  • Fae Royal Bodyplate
  • Fae Royal Vambraces
  • Fae Royal Greaves

The following are the stats of the Fae Royal Armor in Remnant 2 after equipping it with all of its parts:

  • Armor: 107
  • Weight: 55
  • Bleeding: 9
  • Fire: 24
  • Corrosion: 7

The Fae Royal Set in Remnant 2 mainly focuses on the looks of the Armor. The sleek metallic design gives a cool look to your character. However, this is a heavy armor that will decrease your movements’ fluidity. Due to this, you will experience Slow Dodge. Moreover, there will also be a 50% penalty on Stamina cost.

Regardless, this Armor does best what armor is supposed to do. It does a great job of protecting you against various attacks and provides you with the vital resistance you’ll require in battle.

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