Best Challenger Build in Remnant 2

Hit them once but hit them hard. This is the saying we like to go by in our Challenger Build in Remnant 2.

The Die Hard Sentinel Build is one of the best Challenger Builds in Remnant 2. Calling it a tank would not be an exaggeration. With the amount of damage, it can take and how much damage it puts out, you are surely going to be a force to be reckoned with.

This builds works well for both solo and co-op. Especially if you are a lone warrior and like to roll separately from the rest of the pack, you will not a have problem surviving in the wild.

You will notice that a lot of the options have been left open-ended which means that this build is highly flexible and can be adapted to multiple playstyles with minor adjustments.

Let’s take a closer look at what are the items we are going to need to put together this beast of a build.

Remnant 2 Challenger / Engineer Die Hard Build

Since this is a Challenger build, we are going to put it as the primary archetype. Although it isn’t a hard-and-fast rule we found out that this build works best when the focus is the Challenger Archetype. With that in mind, let’s get to the nitty gritty of our Die Hard Sentinel Build.

Best Archetype Combo

To fulfill the requirement of the kind of build we are trying to put together, we are going to need the following two Archetypes.

  • Primary Archetype: Challenger – with Die Hard (Prime Perk)
  • Secondary Archetype: Engineer – With Vulcan Turret

Often times you are going to be in a do-or-die situation and that is where the Die Hard perk going to come in. If you are on the verge of death, you can activate the Die Hard perk and for 2 seconds, you will become completely immune to everything and you starting gaining a portion of your health back, 50%.

This kind of perk comes in handy when you are soloing world bosses or just in general when you are surrounded by enemies with no way out. This sliver of hope, this momentary help can become the difference between life and death.

Along with that, you have access to the turrets of the Engineer Class. In this case, we don’t need to have all of them unlocked. Just the first one – Vulcan Turret, is enough. You can set it up to assist you autonomously or you can turn on full commando mode and carry it like a mini-gun.


There is no restriction on weapons for this build. The general rule of thumb is that your Long Gun should be something loud and obnoxious. Something to really shock the enemy to its core within a single blast, like a shotgun.

For the secondary, it should be something versatile. An SMG that deals decent amounts of damage, has a high rate of fire, and is not a pea-shooter.

Remnant 2 has a pretty wide selection of weapons to choose from. You can pick from some of the best weapons or if you like to be sneaky then you can also pick one from secret weapons in Remnant 2.

Long Gun

AS-10 Bulldog – With Hotshot Mod

Hand Gun

Cube Gun

Melee Weapon

Iron Great Sword – With Vengeful Strike Mod

Coming to the weapons of our choice, for the primary, we are going to go with a bang and pick the Bulldog Shotgun. The gun in itself is a beast but then you slap the Hotshot mod on it. Now you have fire damage as well.

Activate the mod as soon as the battle starts and let the monster burn in the fire while you blast their faces with shells. This is going to deal massive amounts of damage and also has a possibility of a critical shot as well.

As for our secondary handgun, we have gone for Cube Gun. If you don’t know, the gun practically has infinite ammo although there is a cooldown timer. The damage output is pretty decent but the real star here is the weapon mod. The cube gun has the Cube Shield Mod, which soaks up around 500 damage when activated.

Activate it again and the same shield will turn into an AoE force field attack. Since you are built like a tank, you can also get up close and personal with your Iron Great Sword infused with the Vengeful Strike Mod.

If you drop down below 50% health, the mod will allow you to deal 20% more damage than normal. Overall the combination of weapons is lethal if you use them in the right order.

Weaken the enemy with your shotgun, get close, and rip them open with your melee attacks. Follow this pattern and you will find this Challenger build as one of the best in Remnant 2.


The best part about this Challenger build in Remnant 2 is that there is tons of room for customization according to your playstyle. If we talk about traits then as of this moment, we are going to be focusing on the core traits. Archetype traits are left up to the individual player and how they want to deal with them.

There are three core traits you need to focus on for this build; Vigor, Endurance, and Spirit. Since you are going to need lots of mobility and you can’t slack while carrying all of that heavy gear, invest time towards acquiring Endurance first.

Once you know that you can handle regular fights, move on toward Vigor because you are going to use your melee weapon a lot and close-range combat puts you at a risk of getting hit more often so you are going to need that extra health.

Last but not least, Spirit. We aren’t using tons and tons of mods in this build so you can put Spirit on the last. Generating more mod power with every attack never hurts anyone and it let you unleash your wrath more often during an interaction.


Runed Heart is the perfect choice of Relic for this build as it works in perfect sync with our selection of rings – Reserve Boosting Gem. It not only regenerates your health over time but gives you an instant boost of Mod Power – 500. This sudden rush of mod power can help you in sticky situations.

The effect of the Runed Heart is further enhanced by the Reserve Boosting Gem. It is going to speed up your health regeneration when you are dropped below 50%. The effect is enhanced further when you are closer to 50%.


This Remnant 2 Challenger Build is all about taking tons of hits and then hitting back even harder. There is tons of Amulet choice in Remnant 2 but for us, the choice was pretty clear. We have gone with the Vengence Idol. There are a number of reasons for it.

First of all, it will make your hit deal 30% more damage when you are below 50% health. Many other skills in our build work better when we have dropped down below half of our total health so this works out for the best. As for our choice of rings, we have gone with the following:

Restriction Cord: Only lets you heal up to 50% of your max health will dropping incoming damage by 15%.

Reserve Boosting Gem: Enhances the effects of health regen by a significant amount.

Heart of the Wolf: Give your stamina and movement speed a 25% and 10% jump respectively.


To complete our Tanky Die Hard Sentinel Build, we need to cover all of our bases. For this build, we need armor that is on the tankier side but also not so heavy as to restrict our movements entirely. The Technician Armor strikes that perfect balance between protection and weight saving.

It is specific to the Engineer Archetype and can be found in N’Erud. Not only this armor can take a hit and protect you against heavy attacks, but also give you protection against shock and toxin attacks as well. The cherry on top is that it also goes with the overall aesthetics of our Sentinel theme.

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