Persona 5 Beginner’s Guide – Confidant Relationships, Managing Expenses, Multiple Personas

Persona 5 Beginner’s Guide to help you make the starting experience a tad easier with some of our starting tips and strategies.

Persona 5 Beginner’s Guide to help you make the starting experience a tad easier with some of our starting tips and strategies.

The player lives in the attic of Café Leblanc and explores the Greater Tokyo Area using the subway system. Persona 5 takes place over the course of a year with players juggling school life and saving the world.

During the course of the game, you’re required to partake in different activities including sports, minigames, jobs, hanging out with friends, etc. These activities also increase maximum HP and SP.

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Persona 5 Beginner’s Guide

In our Persona 5 Beginner’s Guide, we’ve detailed some of the things that should help you get started!

Persona 5 Guide – Beginner’s Tips and Strategies

Relationships with Confidants

Confidants in Persona 5 can essentially be considered as Social Link from Persona 3 and Persona 4. There are, however, a few changes. It’s a good idea to build relationships with Confidants as they provide social and battle bonuses.


Another reason why you should do it is because of Arcana ranks. Increasing Arcana unlocks abilities such as follow-up attacks, increased power, etc. Apart from this, it also unlocks romance options and new cutscenes.

Multiple Personas

Every captured Persona in the game belongs to a particular Arcana and has its unique strengths and weaknesses. Cycling through multiple Personas on the fly can help you deal with the toughest of enemies. So yes, never switch to a single Persona if you can and change them on the go!

Spending Money

Money isn’t terribly hard to come by in Persona 5 but if you get reckless with your spendings, you’ll soon find yourself running out of it.

You can spend money to purchase new weapons, armor, and a ton of items. You should, however, make sure that you’ve enough money to spend on summoning registering Personas, trips, and making progress with the Temperance Arcana bond.

Take it Slow!

It goes without saying that Persona 5 is a massive experience that can be overwhelming at times. Due to this, you shouldn’t aim at completing everything in a single playthrough.

As a general rule of thumb, try to take everything slow and play the game on your own pace. Focus on things like building relationships with Confidants, completing daily activities, etc.

Increase Five Traits

There are five key traits in the game i.e. Guts, Knowledge, Proficiency, Kindness, and Charm. Usually these traits increase you progress through the game naturally but not entirely.

For instance, you’re good at Google-ing things, you should be able to enhance the Knowledge trait in the shortest amount of time. During classroom sessions, make sure to answer everything correctly and gain a small boost.

This is all we’ve on our Persona 5 Beginner’s Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments below!

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